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Share Your Story on StageofLife.comListed below is the compilation of the questions and stories that college students have shared to help make the world a better place.  Some of these essays were submitted as a response to our national writing contest for college students. Topics of these teen essays range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between.

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It can be hard to imagine that my childhood was a happy one despite not knowing who my parents were. My aunt, who would come visit me and take me out would teach me their names. I would recite their names back to her in monotone. She would make me sit away from her students and write out the alphabet in silence during her classroom sessions. My grandparents didn’t treat me like a child even though I was five years old. They were my guardians and despite what my aunt said I believed they were m

Have you ever thought how nature can take us out of grieves? Have you ever thought how nature is the biggest source of happiness? I was also ignorant of the fact till my preliminary senior secondary exams.
As a result of health issues I was just able to cross the passing marks. I was disheartened and resisted to speak to anyone. One fine day while heading towards home it started to drizzle which lasted for ten minutes. Then a thought knocked my mind. Why the rain stopped? Why it did not r

I think wanting happiness is perhaps the only common thing that all of the human beings share. As I have observed most of the people become happy when they get what they want. For instance I would be happy if there was no drought and hunger in my country. Now ten million people are stroked by draught, may be you think I should be the most depressed person in the world. But as a matter of fact I am very happy. As I have mentioned earlier we think we would be happy if we get what we want. Even th

I have always been told how to be. You, my girl, are a shy, quiet girl with a sweet demeanor and a secret fire, but you tend to have trouble saying no. Also, you are most certainly straight. You have feelings for a girl? Push them down, it is not who you are. It is just a phase, keep moving forward. Relationship after relationship failed through the years, I was hurt and broken and did not think love existed for me. And then she came along.
Her name rolled off my tongue like I had

Have we ever considered what makes us the most happiest person?
It's neither in winning any trophy nor being the topper of the class..It comes from the satisfaction of helping someone and bringing a smile on their face.
The household maid working in our house has three daughter's.. It was the marriage of the younger daughter and she invited our family but was was unsure whether we will visit her house to bless their daughter??
On the wedding day of her daughter when she sa

I am Water. Often unstable as steam, I fade away. Sometimes, I feel more dense, but do not forget when I was fog. Now, I go to those days when I let go. I feel more complete, more real, and I am finally a drop. But I also feel fear. Uncontrolled, there are times where I feel the impact against the cold pavement. And again I steam. The cycle is repeated. I am Wind. A blast, strong, quick that

Someone has rightly said that we are born to be real, not to be perfect. The secret of happiness is enclosed within this one line. Most of the people in the world try to become like others. They underestimate themselves. They forget that each and every human being is born with the same capacity. It depends on us how we use our capabilities and convert them into opportunities. Instead of improving ourselves, we compare our life with other people who are more successful than us, and try to become

We live in a chaotic world.One characterized by death of loved ones each sunrise and sunset,cries of men,women and children loosing their lifes in cold blood wars not to mention the numerous deaths caused by deadly diseases that are discovered each new day.

Amidst all these,one may wonder.What exactly is happiness?Where do I find happiness?What is there to smile about when the smell of death hangs so dangerously in the air?What is there to rejoice over when in some nations all that g

My name is Melodious Nyanchama currently a student at Kenyatta University going to my fourth year come september.That should tell you I am almost finishing school.

All my life I have lived as the typical determined girl next door especially in my school work.I would describe myself as the kind who wants to always get it right and has difficulties accepting anything less than perfect for results.

I used to be that person who beats themselves for not beating deadlines or fo

For 18 years, I had been searching for the secret of happiness. I looked for happiness in my grades, my musical career, my friendships, my family, and my relationship. These provided happiness, don’t get me wrong, but only temporary happiness.

I found the secret of happiness the last month of my freshman year when I accepted Jesus Christ into my life as my Lord and Savior. The moment I said yes to Jesus, the Holy Spirit entered into me, and he made me aware of areas of my life I n

Do you not have common-sense or you lag behind in making decisions? Why? Are you not knowledgeable about what is going on around you or you think of yourself as a child that does not think before doing things or to express his/her emotions and views without observing behaviors that encircle him/her…….
It is to be said as immaturity, if it is, so who is mature?...
This is the question mark which is raising in teens of this smart age..
Where is it enhancing?
The sentence is of

How are we so quick to take for granted the remarkable things going on in life?

Why is it so easy to complain?

Why do we focus on the negative?

Everything is amazing and nobody is happy.

However, happiness can easily be achieved even without the brilliant advances in the world.

Rather than being reactive to what’s going on around us, happy people take control of their lives and emotions. If you are unhappy with your life, who or what else c

As a society we have certain norms. We have expectations as far as wealth, and physical appearance, so when an individual doesn't meet those expectations they tend to feel like they're not good enough. This leads to unhappiness. The way to stop this is to realize you are not everyone else. You might not have the financial stability or the body for those new shorts you seen at the mall and that's okay. Stop comparing yourself to the societal norm because if that isn't you, it just isn't. If you

Often times while exploring outside places, our fears and insecurities ride along like dark shadows on our sides. And when it's time to set for a soul-searching, we back-off. 

I have always been a fan of Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI). This has helped me unravel my capabilities and guard my focus of honing my strengths in the past roads of my teenage journey. My mother has been a consistent, good reminder to be unafraid in leaping out from my comfort zone and

"Happiness depends on ourselves." -Aristotle

The secret of happiness is a question that many find difficult to answer, and that is because many people focus on all of the negativity in their lives. This is why not many people can say that they feel happy--They don't think about it because it's easier for them to focus on the bad things that happen to them since there is such an abundance of negativity in their lives. Why?

When you focus on negativity, you are only going to

Oftentimes optimists are known for being happy. I however associate optimism with disappointment. Realists on the other hand, are often pleasantly surprised when things go their way. I think those two approaches to expectations in life also correlate to our expectations on our happiness. We cannot go through life expecting to always be a constant sort of happiness that is unattainable, and therefore unrealistic. However if we take the point of view that happiness may or may not happen, we will

When I was a kid, I ran care free. There were bumps in the road, some of which I hurdled over, some I’d fall and scrape my knee. To me, those were no big deal; I just got up and kept running.

It wasn’t until high school that running became a race, and with the race came obstacles. Stress induced panic attacks and all the self-hate that came from not meeting my expectations pressed down on me like a 100 lb backpack. With this weight I worked with half the efficiency but twice as

In life, sometimes it’s hard to accept the reality that in this world everything does not happen on our accordance. Every one of us has a broken wing which symbolizes our courage in life. Life unfolds new challenges each day which may tend to lower our hopes or maybe in contrary. One should realize that no matter what happens never should they hide their broken wing.

When we were born at first everything was spoon fed. Then gradually we were given our own wings to soar th

I finished secondary school in 2013, I have been trying to get into the university but things doesn't seem to work out, last year I almost had an admission and I messed up the opportunity. You see I wrote an exam to get into the university last year and I passed the examination, everyone believed I would make the admission list except my parents, is like they were anticipating my failure because I have never done anything successfully without their help, so I was determined to get into school o

Dear Mom,

It’s weird writing about this because i’ve never felt the need to. I just want to say thank you. Thank you for leaving me. Thank you for choosing drugs, alcohol, and random men over me. You changed my life when I turned 7. I remember coming home from school and I was such a happy kid, but that day changed my whole entire life. I came home and you and dad were arguing, it wasn’t anything big because all parents argue, right? I remember seeing boxes and you yelling and sa

I honestly think that the term ‘second chances’ is pretty clichéd. But these couple of words hold a great deal of significance in our lives. Even in this age of technological advancement, people are prone to messing up and falling prey to the immoral ways of life. It is human nature, I guess. But then, as the proverb goes- to err is human; to forgive is divine. Obviously there are some things which simply cannot and perhaps should not be forgiven; nevertheless if a simple ‘sorry’ can brighten u

People's second chances take shape in various forms. While others enjoy theirs in the form of forgiveness, I had experienced mine in a very unusual method: a dream.

There he was. My healthy grandfather hanged in his favorite green shirt appeared very fine to me. I quickly snaffled the opportunity to sequel him a very tight hug as if it were years the last time I sensed his warm skin and mesmerized his smile that taught me how to hope for the best. But it became clear to me why the fe

We are human beings, we all make mistakes and I think we should certainly be punished for them, but we should be forgiven and given the opportunity for a second chance. What if we all get a second chance? We all will take it. Like everyone else in this world, I have had sufferings. There are disappointments and hindrances in everybody’s life. I feel like I am writing “Second Chances: Mere Life Changers” not just for myself, but also for all those people who have struggled.
Some three and a

"The first chance shows only the way for achievement but sometimes the second chance will make way for the achievement", That was what I believe. It happened in my life during my school days.
When I was studying seventh standard at the age of 11 years, my school usually make students to give their own speech during prayer session. It was compulsory for students from seventh to higher class. As my school life was going smoothly, a sudden inc

I have 6 sisters, none of which are biological. We argue, we fight, we yell, we kick, we scream, sometimes we even punch. We love, we shield, we hope, we stay steadfast, we pray. To have a group so tightly bonded, that pray for you at every chance, on every call to them; a blessing if there ever was one. God knows exactly who to put in your life, in combination with others. These 6 are a great combination.

Unfortunately, we aren't always the Brady Bunch. Sometimes we hurt each other,

It's easier to think, ah this was meant to be. Whatever will happen will happen. But...everything that we do, they're our choices. Whether it be the ones that we regret or the ones we're glad we made. For me, I had always been confused about what I wanted to do with my life. I wasn't sure. But, somehow nursing stuck out for me. In my 9th grade career orientation class I had chosen to interview a nurse, even though it didn't seem like something I was going to do. Then college rolled around and b

Hello, my name is Lori.

I am a baby boomer, living in Brisbane, Sunny Queensland, Australia.

Having recently semi retired from paid work , my latest desire is to share my life experiences within a blog, your blog, and would be very grateful if you would allow it.

I often think that Life is full of surprises and often mysterious!
How else can I explain how I have lived in three Continents within seven years, as a teenager?
I was eighte

Be the change: To change my society.
"I cannot change my past but I can change my future". This was what I believe to make a change in the society.
I have a dream of making some great change to my people and to my society. The first and foremost thing is that to change my people's mindset. Today, we can see many crimes across our country. This is mainly due to people's unawareness. The corruption is generated only by the people and not by the officers. This is because, if they give

I took a break after perusing a book; while I was wandering on Facebook, reading some boring new feeds, a post shared by my friend caught my attention. The article raises the issue of Vietnam having not developed within 40 years while China – our neighbour – though it had the same start which the country was poor and seemed to no future, now has been so prosperous and demonstrated its name to the whole world. After reading it, I smiled. Apparently, it was not a happy one at all; I am myself a V

A change is a difference in the state of a system. Man doesn't exist as a singular species. His existence isn't independent of the ones surrounding him. Everything a person does, affects the people around him, one way or another.
Contribution to change for the better is a big responsibility. It involves judging the current status of the society, deciding how good or bad it is and deciding that what you plan to do is good for it too.
To me, the root of all major problems in the world

The world is in our hands take the initiative to change it. We are living in a world faced with huge social challenges. Young people have the power to change the world. Most of the children are uneducated in our country. That is the reason why people don’t stand up for what they want. Human beings are social animals. They create problems and solve them. Nowadays people go after social status in the society. A man is unique in his own way. Our society is dynamic, it keeps on changing. We should

Nursing isn't what I thought it would be. It's paperwork; it's HIPAA; it's trying to not get caught up in a lawsuit...I thought nurses were heroes. When did that change? Everyone's so busy trying to cover up their own butt, there's no energy left to concentrate on anyone else. Healthcare is the foundation of the world. If you don't have your health, you're basically just a lump of meat waiting to die. Although, if you want to be cynical, we're all lumps of meat waiting to die. I don't know if I

Well, the world we are living in is getting worse and worse. I can tell by what I see in my surroundings. Several buildings so-called skyscrappers starts growing up, and lands starts decreasing. Nature loses its presence, I said.
People start worrying about their existence, but forget how to keep the balance between others.
I think, people nowadays become so self-oriented, and only few I see who care enough about others.

"I want to change the world. I want to make the wo

We live in a world filled with innovations. May be in few years we will reach the pinnacle in all the fields.But this is only one side of the story, when we look at the other side it is full of burdens.
People living in this side even fight for their basic needs and most of their children are deprived of education. Being deprived of education leave them linked to a chain of poverty. They also have an ocean full of wishes and they also wish to be a great contributor of world’s economy.

My name is Kristina and I am 20 years old. I am from Lithuania and I was born hearing impaired, profoundly deaf. I wear a device which helps me to hear everything as possible. And yes, I can talk and I started learning the Lithuanian and American sign languages a little while ago. The idea to write an essay came by a wish to share good things.

When I was younger, I always suspected people being bad. I had a fear about what they were thinking ab

  Each and everyone of us are distinguished by our characters. We are never a replica and there can never be an exact match for us. However, when time passes we gradually progress and replace our bad attitudes but this is not done by all. A change in a positive way will lead to a new world which will not despise any human being. However, we seldom choose that path since we are already comfortable with our current attitude.
  A little goes a long way. Most importantly, when people o

If we look around us,we would find that every generation wants a change. Today world is dealing with a lot of issues like Environment, Poverty, Increasing Sexual crimes, AIDS etc..
As an individual everyone expects from government to look after these issue, but in reality its a question to think about " Is it only government responsibility regarding the above issues"? Lets talk about the issues mentioned above..
We all wish to see that the environment in which we are living


Today, it’s Mother’s Day. The day where mothers of the world get recognized for all they do for their children. Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.

She has helped me become an adult. Ever since I started college, I've felt lost and scared. But my mom was always there for support. I always go all out for my mom on Mother’s Day. Chocolates, flowers, perfume, everything my mom loved, she got. I actually spoiled her more on Mother’s Day than her

I knew and struggled.

As we came about conquering the years that served as marks of our ages, our vision about life definitely changed. When I was a daring kid, I would recall myself saying that I would probably do my best at high school, admit myself to a prestigious college, and enroll in a difficult course so that I will most likely land on a very high-paying occupation to buy all the toys I would see at the mall. This, has, never been new to me as my grade school friends envision

The internet has become a preferred platform for communication and meeting people because it is fast and convenient. Online dating can provide many with favorable results when you are looking for a lifelong partner, a short romance or simply a friendship; however a failure to take the appropriate precautionary measures can lead to disaster. There are a number of tips that can be followed to produce the best results.

Dating on the web makes it simple and easy to connect with others an

1. Just wear it.
-No one will remember the gorgeous outfit you had on last week, the same as no one will remember the time you wore your favorite heels to school and completely wiped out on the stairs. If you want to wear it, wear it.

2. The college you have been dreaming of since fifth grade might be a school you don't even end up applying to.
-We all change our minds.Sometimes that's just not the way the dice roll.

3. Annotate your homework
-I know it sou

We can bring out change in this world by not thinking as other people think..As nowadays,before doing anything people think about society's reaction our attitude ,nature and thinking will bring out the change in life people are not wrong or right .There way of thinking make them right or wrong so, don't change your way of living for others or because of society .Just be "YOURSELVES" and keep a right kind of attitude so when people see or talk to you they also make change .In today's life people

When questioning myself about obstacles humanity faces at a local and global scale, I am confronted with a seemingly endless list. When living in a modern country like the United States, we often fail to remember that in some less developed parts of the world, hunger, human trafficking, and religious segregation still persist. Not one day in recent memory has gone by without a mass murder in the Middle East and Africa. It is my belief that before humankind can indeed advance it must first tackl

We are told from a young age that money cannot buy happiness. To you, it doesn’t mean much. You know you will have dinner tonight. There was a hole in your backpack, but you bought a new one when it’s time had come. Your shoes have sturdy, rubber soles. Your t-shirt was retouched with bleach many a time. And you look forward to a trip out of town with your family and friends the following weekend. You’re safe. You are taken care of. You’re a comfortable, content kid.

You notice a cla

For most people, winning the lottery would be a dream come true. They could buy whatever their heart desired, and every monetary wish could become their reality. For me, winning the lottery would give me the opportunity to change the world for the better; because I believe that no amount of money in your possession, no matter how much, could buy you happiness.
When people win the lottery it opens up so many doors. They now have the chance to travel to places they have never been to before

First thing that popped up in my mind when I hear a question "What will you do if you win the lottery?" I quickly answer it: Doing more porjects to saving our environment.

You know, our environment is getting worse and worse from time to time eventhough what we hope for is the other way.
Especially when it comes to speak of plastic waste.
We all know that plastic can be harmful for our environment. But the fact is, the use of plastic in today life is getting bigger.

Winning a lottery is never easy. At some point of our lives we all wish to win a lottery and makes many plans what would have after that. But in reality is it so easy? Well, we don't know the answer until unless we don't try playing it once.
For playing a lottery all you need is the hope that you would be successful one day, if not today then maybe tomorrow or day after tomorrow.
Sometime people thinks that playing a lottery is waste of time as it is just a waste of money. But amon

A $40 tip placed in a glass jar at a coffee bar.
A $10 bill hidden to discover within the cover
Of “Anne of Green Gables” and a booklet of fables.
A chicken salad croissant or whatever they want
Behind me in the drive thru in the Chevy Malibu.
Coins left at the bottom of vending machines.
Dollars tucked in the pockets of donated jeans.
Rolled up bills in the cup holder at the movie theater.
For a moviegoer or the guy who has to sweep it up later.

From my childhood I hear many times about college that college life is so interesting, enjoyable life .but in this stage when i come in college I think that school life is best life..where no tention very carefree life I life is not so enjoyable as compare to school life but we reaxh in the stage of college life we understand and many things our knowledge increase new life start ..but in school these,thing are not...but we had great time in school..and not my many others stud end

In the hypothetical situation, where I were to strike the jackpot and win a lottery, I will be left with a rather handsome sum of money. Rather than let it go to waste, I think that a better option would be to invest in something that would not only help people, but will also assure them of a better standard of living.
In that vein, I will use the money to set up a start-up enterprise of my own, where the objective will not be plain old-fashioned money making, but a more pure version of raw kin

  An enormous gift is laid in front of us yet we think before unwrapping it since we don’t have any idea on the level of fragility nor the level of pressure it can withstand. That is how I received a special gift in my life exactly matching the terms I mentioned above but it was more than something special. It was a lifetime present for me to cherish and that was a person to call as my brother.

  Why is he so special? Because he is not my blood-brother but both of us don’t give a dam

This is a continuation story which I wrote for the university publication. The story is about the a girl who lost his brother which i emphasized in the part 1 of this story. It tells about the situation in the country that touches the life of a Filipino.

  As humans sometimes at some parts in our life we would come to a conclusion that it is better to be alone since we won’t need to have unnecessary confrontations. In addition to it, let’s face the reality! When we meet new people they will always have their package of problems. Thus, it depends on how we are going to solve it together or just leave it unattended. For a girl who thought seeking solace is the best option, an angel made me think it was an entirely wrong step.

  Money is not an essential element to survive on earth. However, the importance of money should not be neglected since in order to purchase the items we need to live we need money! Money makes life miserable due to selfishness and possessiveness yet it gives the best to those who use it in accordance to their necessity.

  The rule and policy of money are as such to me. Therefore, if I hit the lottery I’ll separate it into five portions. Firstly I would donate a fair amount to those

My family began life in America with 50 dollars. The first ten were spent at the airport buying a bag of potato chips and two bottles of water. I was five at the time. Naturally, the expense was for me. Everything has always been for me.

For years, my father worked two jobs and my mother worked seven days a week. They never complained, though. But I did: about having to eat when I wanted to play, about waking up too late on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons, about forced trips to t

Money-One simplest words or so it seems. The question that society debates is can money buy happiness? But maybe, that is not the question we should be asking. Perhaps, the question is can your money buy other people’s happiness? Can our actions with our finances determine the outcome of someone else’s happiness? Yes, it can. Life is all about choices and if we make the right ones we can change someone’s life.
Just like every college student I think of what it would be like to win the

Winning the lottery would be a life changing experience for me. I always fantasize and think about what it would be like to win the lottery because I’ll get to do the things I never could do and just have a new life and new experience in my life. I would travel to many places, go on many relaxing vacations and just see a part of the world that I never got to see. All my life I would always wonder what it’ll be like to win the lottery and what type of new things I could do and experience. Like

Christina N.
19 November 2015

Winning the Lottery: How to Help Others
Although we have our differences, we all have one thing that is common, and that is the desire of winning the lottery! If I were to win a sizable amount of money from a lottery ticket, I would feel as if I was on top of the world, and I would automatically think of all the things I would spend this money on. In reality, it is exciting to win money; some people enjoy buying lottery tickets on rare occasio

What would I do if I won the lottery? When I was younger I dreamed of being rich and famous, I still wouldn’t mind being rich and famous (who wouldn’t), but I would want it to be by my own hard work and effort, not a one in a million, got lucky chance in a game. I don’t play the lottery, my parents don’t, and I never will, because the odds of me winning the lottery are 1 in 292,201,338 according to the Powerball website themselves. I know people who play the lottery and I think people play i

People flocked to the nearest convenience. One man smiled his breath steaming in the morning air. As he walked past me he murmured luck like sweet nothings to the small paper in his hands. As if singing a lullaby to a small child. Soothing it. I catch some of the lyrics of his song as Walks Past "you're the winner I can feel it" I stared at him entranced by his lullaby he stared at me with eyes like steel quickly pulling the paper closer to his person as if fearing I will pluck the paper from h

I am a future mariner. And few years from now, I will be setting off my sail to traverse the seven seas of the world. I will be treading water to reach the line where the sea meets the sky.

As I learn the ropes of seafaring, the thought of the responsibilities of a mariner somehow challenges me. The care and delivery of cargo, and the safety of the ship itself and the life onboard are just few of the hundred items I need to tick on the checklist. With knowledge, understanding and pro

"How bad?"

I asked myself amidst the warm breeze of a Friday afternoon last summer during our Ecology Camp for Philosophy 101. It was a foolish attempt knowing that the answer radiates from the severe heat accompanied by the air-murdering stains of smog that day. As our guest speaker played an informative video about the present shape of our planet, suddenly the answer became clearer. Our mother planet wasn't in a bad condition—she's dying!

On the video were various motio

As first,we all need to get to understood by the term environment.It is a beautiful gift given by god,not to waste it is a most precious gift.we cannot imagine this beautiful world without trees,flowers and the greenery which is around can be a happiness for someones sadness.why people cut trees??
for their selfish needs as there is no value of time in today's world their's no value for cutting one we all no saving one tree can save one ton of paper,someone's life but no one

I am soaked with regret
and wealth of pain
I am drowning in my fears
and lose the grandeur of the human grave
I am tasting the black depth of my shadow
and drop the rain from the void
I am crawling in a white pool of maze
and claim the ends of the shallow plague
I am guessing the flare burns sway
and hold contempt over those that obey
I am relegating the hammer to the mourning grace
and reign the frames of the masquerade
I am craving t

A hero to me is someone who you look up to, someone that you can model yourself after. Someone who sets an example for you and someone with a good set of morals and values. My mom is this person to me. She has always been there for me, always tried to provide the best for me even in hard times. My mom as shown me right from wrong and has provided me with everything I need to succeed. She is the strongest person that I know and exhibits all the qualities of a leader and a hero. She is my role mo

Live in Indonesia where freedom of speech is legal is a good idea. Governments, private companies and individual. But even legal, if done in the wrong way or too far from the customs of the society, there are consequences.

Freedom of speech is necessary for people to channel their aspirations as a whole and not under pressure from any party. Freedom of speech in Indonesia was limited even not allowed in the "Orde Baru" or "New Order"

At that time the authoritarian leadersh

A time I was very stressed was trying out for my AAU team. well I play basketball and I didn't have a team to play with this summer so I got told by a few people to play for a certain team and that I had to contact them to get a time to tryout. I ended up going but I didn't know any kids on the team but two I had played a few kids on the team over he summer before. but when I got there I was so nervous I had no clue I would end up being the leading scorer averaging 25 points a game. my palms we

Imagine you open your Facebook account, and post something about your "friend" who spread false stories about you. You are so fueled with anger and hatred that you become unconscious to what you write. Then, the next morning, a knock at your door will break your reverie. The unexpected visitors will be a couple of policemen, and they'll invite you to join them in their headquarters. Your mind will be clouded by questions. And in just a spur of seconds, you'll be jailed. Wondering why? It's sim

I have the freedom to speak my mind.
I have the freedom to write what I want.
I have the freedom to talk about the world.
I have the freedom to talk about the government.
I have the freedom to talk about the president.

I have the freedom to talk about my life.
I have the freedom to talk about my dreams.
I have the freedom to talk about what is bad.
I have the freedom to talk about what is good.
I have the freedom to talk about what I like.

Vacations are a big part of anybody’s life, and I know that they have shaped and defined much of my character. A vacation’s purpose is to relax one’s mind and body, as well as learn and educate oneself through visiting and experiencing. However, the quality of any vacation is not only determined by the place and experiences, but also by the attitude that one approaches the vacation with.

As a child, having somewhat fortunate parents, I traveled regularly and got to visit many loca

Among the ruins I found your beginnings. The pastel hues of your life- hues that have now darkened to blacks and whites. There in that square so foreign lurked gargoyles and saints: subtle hints of beauty within ancient walls. On this pavement marched Caesar, Augustus, and you. Now I stand in the mismatch of relics and modern architecture poised on the Spanish steps, licking gelato a la fragola (your favorite and quickly becoming mine). Briefly, I feel you around me in the hum of foreign voice

Family vacation gives every individual much needed break from their boring and monotonous life..It brings the family together and gives everyone the much needed time to spent with each other and bring back the long forgotten journey, down the memory lane of the previous vacation.
well,last year I had a chance to visit Delhi with my family. The trip was no doubt great and we enjoyed a lot. Apart from visiting many places like India Gate, Red fort, Qutab Minar and many other places,we als

Lost within the roman children of pain,
the blue bus is calling us
It is the astronaut,
not the voyage
Slicing lines of heroin on a mirror
super-8 footage of their travels
in the desert of the mystics
with a lantern on a cactus
steered towards a drape
where a mural had been removed
through rolled up money
In between reels
clashing potens shreds, opiate the electric sheep
Dying on the vine
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As a wise friend of mine once said, “You need to start thinking about your child’s education the moment he or she is born.” This statement is very true especially if you decide to give your kid private education, which, as we all know, is much more expensive than the public one. The question many parents ask these days is: what schools are better - public or private? At the first thought, most people would say: “Private, of course.” But is it really so? Let’s try to figure out by looking at the

“There’s An App For That: Health and Wellness”
Sometimes we need some guidance when it comes to making the best decisions for our health. It is nearly impossible to keep track of your health without the help of modern-day technology. How many calories do you consume in a day? How many calories did you burn, during your workout? Did I gain or lose weight since last month? Well, there’s an app for that!
I use three different apps that easily synchronize, in order to keep track of my h

I am not a professional psychologist, trained to conduct research, perform and evaluate the emotional and psychological challenges of individuals. I am writing this article due to my personal experience and what I’ve seen in families, individuals, groups, and society as a whole.

When we were young, we did many things which we never thought were bad. We were in the ages of no regret, so we feel good and great over our bad attitudes and the wrong things we were doing, thinking that mak

Of course, like any other person I have been obsessed with some mobile game or some incredible new app that just came out, but I am starting to believe that that’s not important. The concept of life isn’t to beat a record for example in a car racing game, it’s not that. If you are thinking that I am talking about some editing photo app but I’m not… I’m not talking about the camera app either.
Coming back to what I said earlier on, about what life is about. In fact before I got this app, I

Gmail: the five letter word which names a Gmail mobile app used by over two million people. I indeed am one of those Gmail users who is particularly grateful of its significance and purpose, for the Gmail mobile app has profoundly influenced my life in a multitude of ways. The Gmail mobile app has linked me into a vast communication infrastructure which has allowed me to learn and prosper as I have sought new connections, and it has fostered my development into a healthy individual well-at

My spiritual journey began with one very simple, yet extremely powerful app: the Holy Bible. Over the past 18 years of my life, I had listened to hundreds of sermons out of the mouths of several different people. Every once in a while, something would stick out to me; a phrase, a verse, a quote, but nothing worth noting. But last August, as I sat and listened to the last sermon in the same pew at that same church before I went off to college, everything changed.
I was always a Christian,

App store is a home for 1.5 million apps and confirms residency of 1 thousand new ones applying for it every day. Apps provide their users with a variety of solutions ranging from instantly talking to friends and family to spotting skin cancer symptoms.
With so many apps competing to get attention, it's becoming more and more difficult for developers to get their ideas discovered and make headlines of app sold for millions while for users it's becoming more tedious to find what they're se

  Old is gold ; but how long can it last? I gave up my old mobile phone after my father emphasized the importance of being in touch with the latest technology. I got myself a new smart phone at a reasonable price and struggled in utilizing it’s function. It only took me a short while to overcome the tough phase. However, I was still naive since I was keeping in touch with people via messaging and calling. I did not know by downloading specific apps life will be much easier until my best friend

I'm feeling compelled to write about the grief that I am experiencing as I prepare to become an empty nester. I have read about the Empty Nest Syndrome, and the research indicates that for most it really isn't a time of sadness, but rather a time to look forward to the future and becoming your true self once again. I can see that as part of the experience for me, and I look forward to that time, however right now, the truth of the matter is that I'm experiencing real pain around the reality tha

When I graduated high school, my brother hired me to manage customer service for his app Hours. Although the app was designed to help freelancers track their billable time, our customers found unbelievably creative ways to use its simple time tracking interface, from tracking breastfeeding schedules to exercise routines. My favorite part of the job was receiving emails in which our customers gushed about how Hours was helping them to change habits and get more out of their time.


One sunny afternoon, when I felt the usual sinking feeling in my stomach, the tiny spark of teenage instinct left in me, buried deep within me, told me: “There is an app for everything!” And though I didn’t expect to find too many search results for a depression-curing application on an android device, six beautiful megabytes of electronic data awaited me. Moments later, the line “Successfully installed: Depression CBT Self Help Guide” appeared in my notifications panel.

‘CBT’ stands

According to the survey there are almost 1.3million app available for downloading..There are app including from Map to Candy crush game,from Opera mini to Antivirus app..All the mobile app has made our life more easy and comfortable.
Mobile app like Watsapp and Line helps us to connect to one other in various part of the country. Same way app like Opera mini and User browser helps us in collecting information about anything.
Opera mini app has been very useful for me..Be it

Historically speaking, brunch has gone through three phases— it began in Britain as a privilege for the wealthy, moved to the US as a way for Hollywood stars to eat glamorously after early morning plane rides in the 1930’s, and was known as the “varsity” meal for its association with hung-over college students. All of this is according to sociologist Farha Ternikar, author of Brunch: A History.

However, the most contemporary form of brunch is a glamorized social gathering, a midday m

Distance has a way of defining people. It can restrict the accumulation of new experiences and perspectives, and at the same time it can cause one to realize how fortunate they are with what they have. To many, distance from a loved one translates to travel, Skype or frequent texts and phone calls. But it’s not hard to realize that there’s nothing like experiencing something or someone first hand.

A NYC girl myself, I was both excited and nervous to hear that my best friend Jenna had

Isn’t it surprising that just a reminder from your childhood could have such a fabulous impact on your day? Today I started my morning as usual, getting on the crowded NJ Transit and then the even more crowded Uptown 1 subway. I woke up at 6:45, but for some reason I felt lighter and happier than I had in weeks. I had finally been able to check off the biggest item of my to-do list, last night I finished the final edits of my novel manuscript and sent it to an agent in Paris for rev

Freshman college year for many of us was a shot at a new start. I for one wanted to improve for the better: become more organized, less stressed, more accomplished, the usual. I bought a whole slew of objects to achieve this end, like desk planners, sticky wall calendars, dry erase boards, and a lot of sticky notes.
But as distracting as I believed cell phones were, I secretly subscribed to the idea that mobile devices and other technologies were… efficient. Yes, my parents should never

“OMG! This really cute guy just matched with me on Tinder!” I walk past a group of girls who start to squeal after their friend excitedly looks at her phone. A question arises in my mind, “What is Tinder? What does it mean to be matched?” I decide to do some research on Tinder and found that this app is a means for people to look for potential partners. If a person wants to be matched with someone, that person has to do is swipe to the right on his or her phone. However, on what basis are peopl

You know someone is intelligent when their presence intimidates you. And, boy did Professor Kim Cameron-Dominguez scare the crap out of me! I remember my first time seeing her, adorning her customary pair of four-inch, high-heeled shoes, she was walking up the three flights of stairs to her office. Most people would have just took the elevator, especially in those shoes, but Kim Cam is too good for that. Another time she was giving a speech, her style and diction had my eardrums following

In high school, I signed up to be a volunteer tutor for the non-English speaking staff in my community. Bertha, an old lovely lady with a black Aramark apron, was my English student for the term. At first, I thought it was slightly odd to teach someone who was much older than my own mother. Regardless, I started with a basic, “Hi, where are you from?”

She replied, “I am originally from Mexico.”

“Describe your hometown for me.”

She could not explain her hometow

TEACHER APPRECIATION: -“Success Shadowed Under”

Being a student is the best phase of life. We experience lot during this time. We are taught the meaning of useful terms like discipline, time managing, respecting the ideologies, being obedient and many more. These basic concepts are gifted by our own hard working teachers so that we may succeed throughout the life and able to face hurdles with great strength. For me, the teacher is a shadow of god to all knowledge seekers. Teachers ar

There are 2 wardrobes in everyone's "Life's Home",where faculties of FAILURE &SUCCESS are battling for winning "A TUG OF WAR".We ,generally,succumb to failure at an ease for it has a laxative effect,provocative our subconscious mind to reside in its "COMFORT ZONE".
Well,Yeah!I'm "COMFORT ZONE" lover,but,despite the fact ,like you ,I,too,love achievements,such achievements,which can empower my RACE,my,forthcoming generations
I believe Teachers and Achievements are proportional to each

Ms Sonia Álvarez, was our history teacher for 3 years and our form teacher for 2 years, and because of that I realize that she is my favourite teacher because I shared lots of good moments with her that I will never forget.

Ms Álvarez, is very affectionate with me and with my classmates, she is always asking us if we are okey, if we studied well the exam and if we had a problem she would try to help us by making us forget any problem and keep going on.

Her classes were ve

Everyone has a person who admires or appreciates for a reason. According to me, mine was Mr. Peraza, my music teacher. He was honest, kind, simpathetic, cheerful, hopeful,..
Mr. Peraza had all the qualities that make a teacher great. He taught us in a different way in comparison with other teachers; instead of talking about the same topic during the whole class he put us same films related to the unit and by the time we watched, he explained to us the theme. When we were overwhelmed with l

A teacher can be compared to a diver. Just as a diver dives deep into the ocean and takes out precious jewels from the ocean, similarly a good teacher is the one who can extract the best out of his students and can channelize their potential. With no second thoughts in mind, I can say that Mr. C.J. Dueman is my favourite teacher. In today’s materialistic world such a noble profession as teaching has become a bussiness for most of the people but this does not stands true in case of Mr. Dueman. H

Yes, you heard me. How to take over the world. The confusion and the sense of “is this person crazy” I imagine you are feeling is the same as mine when I was a freshman at Cass Technical High School. I miss one day of school with my new English Language Arts teacher, and come back to learn our goal of global domination. A goal that makes it seem like we were being taught to be evil masterminds. However, it was more a philosophy that instilled in my class that we are the current innovator

My initial college advisor and co-facilitator of my introductory class, Dr. Kenyon was the first professor I met on campus. My family and I had just arrived at school for moving day when a man in a Residential Life shirt made his way towards us. I thought he was one of the RAs until he introduced himself. I felt stunned: never would I have imagined a faculty member casually coming to welcome me and help bring my things to my room. Immediately, I had enormous respect for the doctor who wanted so

  Teachers play a significant role in our life. Their dedication in teaching, patience in dealing our tantrums, guidance towards success has made us this far and they will never expect anything in return. Their continuous support and faith on us will never diminish making us thank them till the end of life. In such way, my mom who is my lifelong teacher has been my backbone until now.
  From the day I born, my mother catered all my needs and ensured I had a fruitful life. I was an

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