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Media: TV is the one form of media that impacts my life the most

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Title: Media: TV is the one form of media that impacts my life the most.

Sunday night is a tough night, at least for me, a wife and mother of two kids living in Longmont, CO. I struggle with juggling everything; running after my kids to try to get them in the bath, in their pajamas and ready for bed, cleaning up the last of tonight’s dinner, and getting ready for my day tomorrow. Finally eight o’clock hits. I freeze, run upstairs, turn the TV on, and start my recordings. Sunday night a busy night, I have four shows to record Holly’s World, Courtney and Kim, Real housewives of OC, and Desperate Housewives. Why do they make them all at the same time? I have to use two DVRs to record all 4 shows since I can’t record all four shows at the same time. Ok, everything’s set. I’m sitting in the bathroom with my kids and I start to think, why am I so obsessed with these shows? Why do I let TV consume my life, my schedule and my kids? TV is the one form of media that impacts my life the most.

TV does not only consume my life, but it consumes the lives of many people. We walk around the mall and we see a TV in the window at the neighboring store, and we have to stop and see what games on. I can set my DVR to record my shows from my cell phone when I’m bored at work, and to top it off when I’m done with that I’m able to watch NFL network too. Other people prefer to watch their show straight from their laptops. According to Television Bureau of Advertising, Adults Spend Twice as Much Time on TV than Web. People age 18-plus watched 319 minutes of television a day, according to the Media Comparisons Study. I believe TV controls the way we relate to our everyday life. The drama is what we love the most, but at the same time I never realize how much of an affect these celebrities have on my everyday life.

Jersey Shore is another one of my favorites. When I think back about this show it reminds me of all the girls close to my age. How everyone is so open about sex. It’s almost like you’re not cool if you’re not out sleeping with every guy you see. If you actually wear clothes that cover your body up, and you have a steady boyfriend who you are committed too, then your friends make you feel like you have to give everything up. They don’t accept you anymore. Are these shows glorifying the image of sex? The proliferation of sexualized images of girls and young women in advertising, merchandising, and media is harming girls' self-image and healthy development. There are serious cognitive and emotional effects, as well as consequences for mental and physical health. [APA, 2007]
Women especially are made to think that if you walk outside with no makeup you’re not as put together as you should be. Women think if they’re not a size zero they are overweight and lazy. Women are in constant thought of what others think of them that they let it control their lives. It is ironic that a woman will look for a man to love her for who she is; yet when she is out looking for a man she piles her face with tons of makeup, puts 10 inch heels on, and does anything to look as fake as she can, and why, because society has made us believe that you can’t be pretty if you’re all natural. It takes a strong, independent and confident woman to bypass the negative thoughts that society has made us believe. A quote I found that supports this thought is from [Nielsen Media Research, 1998] “Girls are major consumers of media, and they receive and engage with these messages every day. The average child or teen watches 3 hours of television per day, and the numbers are higher for African-American and Latino youth. When various media (chat rooms, email, websites, music, etc.) are combined, children use media 6 hours and 32 minutes per day.

I have two stepdaughter’s ages eight and ten who always want to watch Teen Mom. In this case, what do I do? Do I let them watch, and be open with them about what’s going on, since that is what all the doctors say to do, or do I cut them off completely and hopefully they will understand when their older. After all they will just go to their mom’s house and watch them anyway. Shows like this I believe glorify the idea of being a teen mom. Do they watch it for the influence, or are they just brainwashed by the drama of TV. Nielsen: Kids watching TV at eight-year high. According to Nielsen Media Research, children aged 2-11 spend more hours in front of the tube than they have since at least 2001. Kids aged 2-5 average more than 32 hours a week in front of a TV. Kids 6-11 spend a little less, about 28 hours per week, presumably because they're spending more time in school. Both measures are the highest levels recorded by Nielsen during the study period. (source)

I am twenty five years old, a wife, a mother of four and a college student. Although my life can be overwhelming I still let the most entertaining part of the media control my life. I would like for young people to watch these shows and realize that this is not what they want to be. It really isn’t all that it’s cracked out to be. I have been there and done that, and would not want to go back. The world doesn’t have to be like this. We don’t need sex to sell. It’s up to us to be who we are and not care what other people think. I don’t think I could cut out TV from my life, but I can change the way it affects my life. Where perception is, there also are pain and pleasure, and where these are, there, of necessity, is desire. ARISTOTLE, Physica
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