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Share Your Story on StageofLife.comListed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that teens have shared to help make the world a better place.  Some of these essays were submitted as a response to our national writing contest for high school students. Topics of these teen essays range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. You'll even find heart-felt poems. 

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I’ve seen it on TV before. So I just ask for a ‘redo’ and she says ‘fine’ and then I do the right thing and everyone’s happy in the end, right?

“Can I do it again, only say something different?” I pleaded from the kitchen table. At six years old, I was desperate for forgiveness and full of regret, but why? I told my mom ‘screw you’ just to see what she would do. I didn’t like what she did.

“I promise I’ll do the right thing and then no one has to feel bad.”


Although I am appreciative towards those who had granted me a second chance during a time where I had unintentionally made a mistake and I have done the same towards several others by forgiving them, in certain situations, however, such as one intentionally hurting me or others, one not admitting to their mistakes and if the individual continues to make the same mistakes then I tend to not give them a second chance.
Firstly, when some conduct action or behaviors to purposefully cause harm

Life is a series of second chances… and third chances, fourth chances and fifth chances. None of us get anything right the first time. And if we do (beginner’s luck) we generally don’t get it right the second time. But it is easy to forget this. Parents often forget it once their children become old enough to make their own decisions. ‘I would never have done that’, they say to themselves, and maybe they didn’t, but they almost certainly did something equally stupid. On the other hand, no one i

A crushing terror spread throughout my entire body. My first quarter as a dual-enrolled high school student at my local college and my first class begins with a failed essay. As a dual-enrolled student, I must pass each quarter with an A average to have a scholarship for subsequent quarters. I stared at the red corrections strewn throughout my essay while my stress level shot through the roof. Soon my essay pages became blurry as tears welled up against my wishes. I willed myself not to cry as

Maya Angelou certainly has experience when it comes to giving others a second chance and her statement is proof of the knowledge she possesses from these events. It is often excessively simple to accept the cards that are dealt and become bitter with the reading thereof. A second chances are not always a gift received, sometimes it is a price demanded. The forgiveness that a person awards to his fellow man is often the fee for a joyful heart and a peaceful soul. But is it not worth it in the en

Second Chances: A New Way to Think

I’ve always grown up with people telling me that being soft or too kind was a bad thing.It was instilled in me that I need to be strong no matter what.But during middle school I was the one giving out all the second chances.

I was used and manipulated, I gave out second chances like candy on halloween.I believe now that someone needs to truly to be sorry before you give them a second chance.If you don’t see any remorse in them ,then you'r

For a really long time, I would pass out second chances carelessly. In seventh grade, I only hung out with a handful of people while being bullied by a majority of my grade’s females. Considering myself lucky to have any friends at the time, I held onto those friends tightly, and forgave them whenever they did me wrong, regardless of the magnitude of their actions. Eventually, my small group of friends began to take advantage of me. One of them started to steal my food, another would constantly

A second chance comes rarely, and can’t be wasted in times like these. With the evolution of technology and social media in society, it’s easier for people to make mistakes and cause a rift, whether it be in a friendship, workplace, or family. In the end, most people are bound to make an error more than once, and sometimes it isn’t an accident.

Of course, there’s the classic situation of making excuses, where he or she who wants a second chance, reasons why they deserve it. Or, the i

When I think of second chances, I am reminded of two of my favorite stories – the story of the prodigal son in the Bible and the story of the stolen candlestick in Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. Both stories are extremely moving and personally inspiring because I can relate to each of the main characters.
Because I am human, and aware of my own shortcomings (moral and relational), I sympathize with the prodigal son and Jean Valjean. Like the prodigal who squandered his inheritance, I have

Some people believe in taking risks because they don’t believe they’ll get another crack at it. Others believe in only giving second chances, but never third, fourth or fifth chances. I believe in getting second chances every single day. If today I made a mistake – I procrastinated on homework, I was mean to a friend, I didn’t speak up when I should’ve – tomorrow, I face the world again. I have the opportunity to focus on my grades, mend broken bridges, lead by example. The number of second ch

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