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Share Your Story on StageofLife.comListed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that teens have shared to help make the world a better place.  Some of these essays were submitted as a response to our national writing contest for high school students. Topics of these teen essays range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. You'll even find heart-felt poems. 

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Happiness was in front of me but I didn’t see it. There are many things that can provide us with happiness but it’s difficult to know what they are exactly, at times it’s hard to see happiness when it’s in front of us. My mother always told me, “If you go outside, you’ll see so many ways that you will go some day. You have to see which way is better for you.” I had two paths, happiness and sadness. I didn’t know which way to go because it was too difficult to choose between my mother and father

For me, what makes me happy is doing what I love, and though doing what I love isn’t 100% happy all the time, they are still making me happy. A few things I love are, books, movies, tv shows, (collecting those things in print or on DVD,) music, my phone, (because it has websites where I can find really cool things like quotes from books, etc.,) I love writing about things I’m passionate about, and I love talking to people about things I love. Those things all make me happy, and even though ther

The Secret of Happiness: Philanthropy

What is Happiness? If you look up the word 'happiness' in a dictionary, you will see that it refers to a state of pleasure. But if you ask different people what happiness means to them, you will probably get antithetical answers. For a farmer, happiness is having a good monsoon and harvesting season. For parents, happiness is seeing their child's triumph. But for me, happiness is something else entirely. For me, happiness is philanthropy.

Let me begin by asking the deep, age-old question often queried about in philosophy classes: what is happiness, exactly?
And let me parry that with my own question. Why does anybody still wonder about this? And let me continue further on with that: Why does anybody care? Because, if you think about it, it is pretty obvious that happiness comes in too many forms for us to count. Happiness is that feeling of pure, clean, utter joy, the stuff that toddlers enjoy on a daily basis and most adu

The secret to happiness is yourself. You can be happy only if you let yourself be happy. Yes, your happiness can be through sports, family, activities that you do, etc. but you have to enjoy those things.

We as human beings tend to hold on to the bad memories and that can result in unhappiness. You can't be forced to like something. Think about what makes you happy. Now take that and think about if you didn't have it anymore. Would you be happy? You are the only one that gets to d

Maybe it's the environment or perhaps society that restricts your happiness, maybe it's the people that surround you like your parents or friends. It could be the time slipping that limits your satisfaction in life, or just maybe, it's you.

Over the course of my life, I learned that In spite of myriad factors that contribute to affecting the contentedness of an individual, the most significant factor lies in the hands of that very own individual. Me. Though it may be the twen

I wrote this when I was in 7th grade:
“Many Americans have misconceptions on the idea of happiness. They are influenced and driven by what other people think of being happy. This contradicts the idea of being merry, nevertheless, makes it darker. Instead of enjoying their life to fullest, they are constantly worried about “achieving the American dream”. Happiness should be something that comes from everyday activities; something that makes one happy even if he/she does not strive for

The Secret to Happiness; Unknown
Audrey Hensley
Caverna High School
Cave City, KY

Happiness is something that almost all individuals in our world strive for. Happiness is not measurable, profitable, or tradeable. Happiness is simply intangible. What makes us happy can greatly vary. Some find happiness out of physical objects, some out of concepts. To be happy is a fleeting idea which we enjoy so much and often want to experience again as soon as possible. The sec

Matthew Doyle
102 Wood Avenue, Horse Cave KY (42749)

May 16, 2016
Key to Happiness; Self Love
Imagine if there were a key to happiness; a cheat code to life, capable of bringing great joy to life. Over time, depression has risen within society and its age. Many are forgetting how to love themselves. Happiness, generally, has been fading because of this dilemma. Problems in life will diminish and will be easier to solve when one acts in loving their

It's difficult trying to become a published author as a teen. I'm sure others could vouch for me as well. You have to follow your parents rules and worry about copyright and publishers taking advantage of you.

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