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Share Your Story on StageofLife.comListed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that teens have shared to help make the world a better place.  Some of these essays were submitted as a response to our national writing contest for high school students. Topics of these teen essays range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. You'll even find heart-felt poems. 

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It was the result day of English writing and reading test taken some days ago.Since morning,I was a bit afraid of the result as last time my performance was not that good.I got ready and left for the school.After attending all the classes,it was time to take the marksheet from result room(built specially for this!!!).I took mine and went outside in the ground.OH MY GOD! It is a 100 out of 100.I was on the seventh sky.All the practice and revision has shown its result.

Suddenly,a thou

Everyone, in their life feels at one point or another, feels inferior toward a crowd. However, it is how we look at that instance that will determine if we will stay inferior or if we outshine everyone else.
In the summer of 2013, I attended the Montecito International Music Festival. There, a deluge of wonderful orchestral musicians filled the campus with their amazing skills. On the first day, after passing by many of the student practice rooms, I could hear the mellifluous and me

Everyday I tried to paint my pain away
With the blood from my veins
I choked and cried
Tried to say goodbye
But my time never came
And those pretty little scars
Started to fade
My masterpiece is finally finished
But I wasn't pleased with my work
I wanted to start again
So started to draw how I felt
But people started to tell
That something wasnt right
They didnt like my drawings
They would whispered and shout
All abou

This happened last year.In morning assembly,we guys were talking what to do in our life.There was a girl of 9th grade and she was talking continuosly.Just came another girl and told me not to be with that girl as she always makes others laugh with silly things.I said,"oh,come on don't say her silly.It is her own personality".The second girl again said,"we can't tolerate her.She can't make her career good by doing these things".I said,"what is bad in it.Only people who talk silly become a RADIO

Hello people,
So my father and I were in the truck the other day and we were talking about the giant national debate on gun control. We were talking and I started thinking about ways this nation can resolve this problem. I came up with a 5 point solution(this is where I need your help as a reader I need your thoughts on this six point essay: tell me if my points are logical: if they are suitable for this problem: and if you agree. if you don't please comment below your thoughts or differe

life can be so harsh. The people out there may flatter but kindness is pretty much lacking.The ugly being made fun of, the downtrodden being ignored and handicapped being crushed.This bitterness of the world makes me feel,''What are we heading for'' If we are not careful the civilization that took billions of years to establish will start crumbling.

To save the world from a devasting era ,I believe as long there is one single person helping a needy out there, t

The greatest act of kindness ever done to me, was when God looked down from heaven and offered to take my sin. If I gave it up, and let him cleanse my soul from sin, I could live and love him forever when I died. Many years ago, he sent his beloved son to become a man, and was born in a filthy, smelly stable, so he could redeem me. As he grew up, he was perfect, and sinless, and when the time came, he gave up his life for mine. I accepted his offer by simply believing he would take my sin and c

I watched the beautiful mother and daughter moment as I also started to sob. Rose and I sat on the long wooden bench as Rose's mother Alice lit a candle. Rose and I enjoyed the cool breeze as Alice sat and said to Rose "My face got burnt when you were three months old. There was a fire disaster in the house and you were sleeping on the bed. I dashed into the fireplace despite the neighbours warnings. I wrapped you with a big blanket. I decided to tell you this because

Head down
No eye contact
Don't say a word
Walk past quick
Don't look back
Plug your ears
Close your mouth
Shut your eyes
Don’t cry, not now
They see me as an object
Me? An actual,living, breathing, human being?
Forget about it
I am nothing
The more they treat me this way
The more I believe it

Head up
Stare at that girl
Whisper to my friend
Follow her
Will she dare turn around?
I know she c

She stared. He stared. They all stared. I just knew they did. Their eyes roamed over my body. I knew what they thought of me. I knew they could barely hold in their judgmental opinions.
Worst of all was the person that seemed to follow me everywhere. I saw her wherever I went. Every window and mirror I looked into, she was there. The worst thing was she gave me this smirk every time she looked into my eyes. Her eyes twinkled with evil intentions like she was already planning my next tortur

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