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Share Your Story on StageofLife.comListed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that teens have shared to help make the world a better place.  Some of these essays were submitted as a response to our national writing contest for high school students. Topics of these teen essays range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. You'll even find heart-felt poems. 

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Everyone makes mistakes. Their mistakes can vary from losing your favorite shirt to cheating on you.

But mistakes are mistakes.

"I'm sorry, I'll change if you give me another chance." They usually say after making a mistake.

Well, some people just say yes in hopes that the person does change. But some people, well, maybe not.

Personally, I find it a bit hard when i need to forgive someone, let alone give them another chance. And if I do, I will still

Second chances are not meant to wasted or it may make you feel like a waste at times.I know i am too young and still have a lot to experience,but my little heart still beats real fast on remembering a long happened incident.Remembering that day comes in flashbacks and echoes the burning flames gushing up along with its child like cries.

I and my friend,Justin, were enjoying the kisses of the sun in the open field when we heard a creepy sound.What we could see from a distance was a ol

Connor Barry
October 24, 2015

There are many environmental issues out in the world. Some are very impacting on our lives and some, not so much. One big problem that has come to my attention is littering and pollution. It is getting worse and worse as we speak. We need to put a stop to it before it affects our environment.

I have seen a lot of pollution occur. This previous summer, I went to New York over the Fourth Of July Weekend. During my time in the big apple, I

Have you ever felt as if you have felt like you were nothing that the people around you were just saying things just to hurt you or even to just be cruel.

I have. I feel as even though it happens it means nothing to me it means something to others. I advise you just ignore it because you are something and you always will have meaning no matter what they say, That maybe you don't believe me but yo should because I used to believe it and I even tried changing myself into something I'm

Actions in the 21st century doesn't matter as much as they did in past centuries. Now, it's all about words. People are starting to believe in music more than they believe in their own religion. They give more respect to an artist of music than they do to their own love ones. Society is ranting opinions on sexuality more than they are on war. It has been said that social media is connecting the world, but it is splitting us apart. Now that people can hide behind accounts to bully others and sha

Once I had this teacher that really impacted me. She would help me all the time. I could not read. she helped learn this invaluable skill and now I can read almost anything in English. i also could not do math. My parents were very abusive and thought math was the tool of the devil. However, my teacher showed me that math was very useful and a key to being successful in our world. I can now do calculus. Both math and reading are really cool, and I no one but my teachers to thanks for these skil

Due to a vastly populated world, it is oftentimes hard to represent and stand out among the crowd. In fact, it is oftentimes a struggle to feel important or valuable to the world. However, there are several guiders of this world who help young adults in pursuit of respect and gratitude achieve a stage of recognition. These guiders are teachers. Teachers are a large influence in a students life. They help progress the student, teach the student, and adapt the student to become great. A teacher t

This may seem abstract though so is poetry. And people like poetry so this may not be too frustrating to follow. But here are a few of my thoughts.
Abstract thought-
Sometimes I wonder if the grass is really green or if the sky is really blue. Everything seems to shift around me like the ever-changing canvas, consuming me and losing me within it. The best simile for how I feel; I feel like a colour-blind person in an art gallery. I see the way the pictures are drawn, with jagged or sm

****************************************************************************************************Simon had been on his way to WESTIES, the local coffee shop, which was often brimming with college kids, single mums and misfits. The snow had accumulated on his shoulders, giving him a lightly dusted effect as he traversed his way through the crowds of people, sidestepping discarded pieces of rubbish and dirty clumps of snow. His sneakers pounded against the pavement with a rhythmic beat that I

hey!yeah I'm talking to you,the one who opened the book.well by the time you read this title I'm pretty sure you are already saying i was a freshman or i am one. but that's not the case here. I'm telling you my perspective on becoming a freshman. now I know you're like no one wants to hear your life story, but i can surely promise that you are going to love this story as much as i do. now if not then you can stop reading because you have for sure wasted a good three minutes of your life than i

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