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Share Your Story on StageofLife.comListed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that teens have shared to help make the world a better place.  Some of these essays were submitted as a response to our national writing contest for high school students. Topics of these teen essays range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. You'll even find heart-felt poems. 

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Happiness is simply a word but it has different meanings in different situations.
When you do well in exams you feel happy. Having a joint family with a tight bond of trust and respect is a happiness. Sleeping in the middle of your mom and dad is happiness. Being your dad's princess is a happiness. Meeting someone after a long time is a happiness. Having Ice Cream, Chocolates and Cupcakes is an ultimate bliss.
So basically happiness has no definition of its own. It can come to you any

Happiness comes easiest to a child.

Most of their desires are simple: an ice cream cone with chocolate sprinkles, a sheet of paper and an array of colors to draw with, or even a hug from their parents on a dim day.

But perhaps the reason children are more frequently happier than adults is because they’re young. Their minds are fresh, fragile, easily impressionable, and, most importantly, full of wonder.

A child is happy because they can find wonder in anything:

Days wherein you eat, listen to music, achieve something, spending time with others and in every little or big things, confess it or not, you experienced the thrill of walking on air. In times when we’re heart-broken, happiness doesn’t try and woo us, instead, it depends on the strength that lies in the greatest weakness we have in our frail selves.

Spending nights without sleep, I’m sure you’ve experienced that. Cramming for tests just before the day it happens sounds so bad that it

The word happiness itself describes it's previous value. Happiness is one kind of feeling but rather than a feeling it's a choice to one. Nothing will make one happy until one choose to be happy.

Life is a mixture of acids .The acids include the sorrows, pains, betrayal, broken heart. This acids are so strong that within a few days this acids makes the human soul black stained, leaves scars, make it rusted and it gets damaged. During the diffusion of acid in our soul we remain so bus

I know I am suppose to be ecstatic for the great adventures that will come during my high school years, but something in me just can't feel it. I'm scared all my friends and I will not be so much as friends anymore, but just acquaintances. Does that seem juvenile of me? All I want from high school is to have friends that will be through it with me. Anyways, that's just all high school seems to be to me. I try to read blogs, good ones, where they have good times in high school, but when they get

The secret to happiness is to find family. Family doesn't mean your relatives, and it isn't determined by genes, DNA, or any high school biology term. Blood and genetics determine your relatives, family is determined by love. As cheesy as it may sound, it’s the truth.

There is no correct answer to the question "what's the opposite of happiness?" However, I believe the opposite is loneliness. Some may say the opposite is sadness, anger, or negativity. Even though these things are defi

Inside all human hearts is a desire to worship something/someone. Back to the beginning of time humans have been searching for that right thing or someone. In ancient times, most would worship literal statues; these were made by human hands attempting to fill that emptiness in their heart. In present times, worshiping a statue seems foolish; although we are still stuck with that same desire: to worship something bigger than ourselves, something that will love us back unconditionally. Modern soc

When most people think of happiness; they think of optimism, love, altruism, and acceptance. Of course, these are all contributing factors to living a happy and generally good life. Giving and loving and being selfless are things that we all need; but the true key that unlocks happiness is not always doing everything you can for others; but doing everything you possibly can for yourself once in a while, too. If are not able to take care of yourself and ensure your happiness; in the end, you won

The secret to happiness is yourself. You can be happy only if you let yourself be happy. Yes, your happiness can be through sports, family, activities that you do, etc. but you have to enjoy those things.

We as human beings tend to hold on to the bad memories and that can result in unhappiness. You can't be forced to like something. Think about what makes you happy. Now take that and think about if you didn't have it anymore. Would you be happy? You are the only one that gets to d

Maybe it's the environment or perhaps society that restricts your happiness, maybe it's the people that surround you like your parents or friends. It could be the time slipping that limits your satisfaction in life, or just maybe, it's you.

Over the course of my life, I learned that In spite of myriad factors that contribute to affecting the contentedness of an individual, the most significant factor lies in the hands of that very own individual. Me. Though it may be the twen

 One day there was a girl. She was very demanding. Rather than being happy about what she got she demands more, she always followed what her friends had. One day when she went to the school she saw most of her friends got smart phones from their parents on the eve of new year and they all were showing off in front of their classmates, while watching this she got jealous and the next day she nagged before her parents for a smart phone because she was having only one old phone but her parents tol

Have you ever expected others to achieve something but they disappointed you? You may possibly get angry and frustrated because of this. But why are we upset about the what we do not have instead of appreciating what we have? I used to feel frustrated on which I didn’t achieve but something changed my point of view recently.
I used to think scoring high marks make me the happiest. To strike for the best, I do most of the things whenever there is group project as others’ work is not good

I wrote this when I was in 7th grade:
“Many Americans have misconceptions on the idea of happiness. They are influenced and driven by what other people think of being happy. This contradicts the idea of being merry, nevertheless, makes it darker. Instead of enjoying their life to fullest, they are constantly worried about “achieving the American dream”. Happiness should be something that comes from everyday activities; something that makes one happy even if he/she does not strive for

YOLO. You only live once. This statement has been very effective for me when I am stressing over my projects in school. There are times when I think of giving up already due to my incapability to achieve my goals. Yet I always have in mind the statement YOLO, to keep me going. I may be encountering a lot of struggles and problems in life but I never lose hope in believing that I can overcome them. That's the secret of happiness for me. It is all on treasuring every moment in my life and in maki

There is a flicker of something raw, so real and pure. The tiny flame is relentless, and it explodes into a shower of fireworks. It is difficult to conceal and is manifested in a smile, one that tugs at your lips like a child who pulls at your arm and asks to play. It is invincible, and suddenly you are invincible as well, under a blanket of happiness.

The secret of happiness is elusive; specialists have authored countless books dedicated to finding it, scientists have published mult

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