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Share Your Story on StageofLife.comListed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that teens have shared to help make the world a better place.  Some of these essays were submitted as a response to our national writing contest for high school students. Topics of these teen essays range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. You'll even find heart-felt poems. 

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I was a child of habit. Every day, I would repeatedly draw the same simple image: a door. They were no masterpieces--shakenly-drawn rectangles in blue ballpoint pen that were always accompanied with a fluorescent, highlighter-yellow doorknob--but I drew approximately fifteen of them daily nevertheless. I was obsessed not with individual doors, but with their progression. I always started with a tiny rectangle and expanded it gradually until the final door fit barely within the 8.5 by 11 inch sh

Happiness was in front of me but I didn’t see it. There are many things that can provide us with happiness but it’s difficult to know what they are exactly, at times it’s hard to see happiness when it’s in front of us. My mother always told me, “If you go outside, you’ll see so many ways that you will go some day. You have to see which way is better for you.” I had two paths, happiness and sadness. I didn’t know which way to go because it was too difficult to choose between my mother and father

Before my brother Eric was hit with depression, he was a 10th grader with a high GPA and overflowing confidence about the future. Gradually I saw his signature smile fading away and being replaced by reticence and resentment. Along with his nose-diving grades was his alienation from his friends and his hostility toward me. Within months he turned from a caring elder brother to a cold stranger. He built a wall around him that completely separated the two of us.

Things got worse when

Life is complicated. There are wars, conflicts, misfortune and all the other negative things that make up the world. In my view, the secret to happiness is what I deduce as ‘seeing in the dark.’ Think of life as a recipe. In this recipe, there would be two main ingredients. Good things and bad things.

The secret to happiness is being able to see through the bad things. Life isn’t simple – it’s not possible for someone to be happy all their life. There are obstacles of pain that a hu

As I laid on the dusty mattress in the private hotel I couldn’t get rid of a miserable headache. I looked around me not understanding how anybody could deal with such pain. I knew it wasn’t from stress or fatigue because my family and I were on a vacation in Peru 12,500 feet above the ground. I decided to join my parents on a short hike up a hill to try and rid myself of this feeling. I walked through the dirt trail as the cold, wispy wind cut through my hair effortlessly. Every step I took fel

The secret to happiness is being who you want to be. You won't have a happy life if you are being someone else so you can be liked by other people. You are made to be yourself not pretend to someone else who you really aren't. People will like you for who you really are. Everyone is different we are all meant to be different it won't be fun if we all were the same.
There are so many secrets to happiness we all have differents secrets to happines. There always someone different or somethin

For me, what makes me happy is doing what I love, and though doing what I love isn’t 100% happy all the time, they are still making me happy. A few things I love are, books, movies, tv shows, (collecting those things in print or on DVD,) music, my phone, (because it has websites where I can find really cool things like quotes from books, etc.,) I love writing about things I’m passionate about, and I love talking to people about things I love. Those things all make me happy, and even though ther

When I was ten, pretty was all I wanted to be, like one of those Vogue stars- tall, skinny and flawless, undeniably. When I was thirteen, I hated mirrors for it was a shame, what I grew up to be. As time passed by, I realized, the judgments weren't worth it, the stereotypes weren't worth it, I was.

In a world so huge, so vast, so wonderful as this, why is it that we forget to live, to laugh? Why is it that we try so hard despite knowing that we're all beautiful in the most unique and

The Secret of Happiness: Obeying God’s Commandment
The secret of happiness is obeying God’s commandment but I like to first give an insight to what may determine the happiness of people.
Happiness is a state of being happy and it is mostly triggered by an experience. Happiness cannot only be derived from things we can see. Happiness can also be as a result of things that we can imagine, for example, merely thinking about being in the best places of the world brings happi

For a good portion of my life, I have struggled with the most infamous of all illnesses: the stomach bug. After extensive research on this seemingly common, yet annoying sickness, I stumbled across an obscure article hidden in the depths of the Internet. The title read: “Gluten: A Harmless Monster.” Desperate for an answer, and quite tired of searching for one, I had convinced myself beyond a doubt that I had a gluten-allergy by the time I had finished reading the article. Much to my mother’s

The Secret of Happiness: Philanthropy

What is Happiness? If you look up the word 'happiness' in a dictionary, you will see that it refers to a state of pleasure. But if you ask different people what happiness means to them, you will probably get antithetical answers. For a farmer, happiness is having a good monsoon and harvesting season. For parents, happiness is seeing their child's triumph. But for me, happiness is something else entirely. For me, happiness is philanthropy.

The secret to happiness is you. Don’t roll your eyes, it’s true. Just as you control what you eat or what you wear, you control your feelings too. In other words, don’t be the “half-empty” person or the George R. R. Martin who kills all their characters. By being the person who sees everything as tragedy, are you even providing yourself with a positive option? Instead, be the one who is half-full, the John Green, if you will. One who can make you cry, yet more often, make you laugh, out loud. O

Keep eye contact. Listen. Sip. Laugh. Speak. Do a couple hand gestures. Laugh some more. Sip. Nod and continue this process for no less than 2 hours, usually 4, at most the whole day. What am I talking about? Balkan coffee, more specifically, Croatian coffee.

When starting my student exchange 10 months ago to Croatia, I quickly learned a key factor to the Croatian way of life: Coffee. My eyebrows shot up in surprise while my mouth caught several gnats when my host sister told me coff

Let me begin by asking the deep, age-old question often queried about in philosophy classes: what is happiness, exactly?
And let me parry that with my own question. Why does anybody still wonder about this? And let me continue further on with that: Why does anybody care? Because, if you think about it, it is pretty obvious that happiness comes in too many forms for us to count. Happiness is that feeling of pure, clean, utter joy, the stuff that toddlers enjoy on a daily basis and most adu

It was a bad day.
The screeching alarm clock shocked me from my sleep.
Still drowsy from staying up the night before, I threw the alarm clock across
the room. 
With mom yelling from downstairs, I cursed under my breath and dragged
myself out from the warm covers.
Like any other day, I woke up and readied myself.
As I slipped into a plain white t-shirt and a pair of jeans, I slammed
my foot against the bedroom closet.
I sank back in pain, but held bac

Happiness is simply a word but it has different meanings in different situations.
When you do well in exams you feel happy. Having a joint family with a tight bond of trust and respect is a happiness. Sleeping in the middle of your mom and dad is happiness. Being your dad's princess is a happiness. Meeting someone after a long time is a happiness. Having Ice Cream, Chocolates and Cupcakes is an ultimate bliss.
So basically happiness has no definition of its own. It can come to you any

Happiness comes easiest to a child.

Most of their desires are simple: an ice cream cone with chocolate sprinkles, a sheet of paper and an array of colors to draw with, or even a hug from their parents on a dim day.

But perhaps the reason children are more frequently happier than adults is because they’re young. Their minds are fresh, fragile, easily impressionable, and, most importantly, full of wonder.

A child is happy because they can find wonder in anything:

Days wherein you eat, listen to music, achieve something, spending time with others and in every little or big things, confess it or not, you experienced the thrill of walking on air. In times when we’re heart-broken, happiness doesn’t try and woo us, instead, it depends on the strength that lies in the greatest weakness we have in our frail selves.

Spending nights without sleep, I’m sure you’ve experienced that. Cramming for tests just before the day it happens sounds so bad that it

The word happiness itself describes it's previous value. Happiness is one kind of feeling but rather than a feeling it's a choice to one. Nothing will make one happy until one choose to be happy.

Life is a mixture of acids .The acids include the sorrows, pains, betrayal, broken heart. This acids are so strong that within a few days this acids makes the human soul black stained, leaves scars, make it rusted and it gets damaged. During the diffusion of acid in our soul we remain so bus

I know I am suppose to be ecstatic for the great adventures that will come during my high school years, but something in me just can't feel it. I'm scared all my friends and I will not be so much as friends anymore, but just acquaintances. Does that seem juvenile of me? All I want from high school is to have friends that will be through it with me. Anyways, that's just all high school seems to be to me. I try to read blogs, good ones, where they have good times in high school, but when they get

The secret to happiness is to find family. Family doesn't mean your relatives, and it isn't determined by genes, DNA, or any high school biology term. Blood and genetics determine your relatives, family is determined by love. As cheesy as it may sound, it’s the truth.

There is no correct answer to the question "what's the opposite of happiness?" However, I believe the opposite is loneliness. Some may say the opposite is sadness, anger, or negativity. Even though these things are defi

Inside all human hearts is a desire to worship something/someone. Back to the beginning of time humans have been searching for that right thing or someone. In ancient times, most would worship literal statues; these were made by human hands attempting to fill that emptiness in their heart. In present times, worshiping a statue seems foolish; although we are still stuck with that same desire: to worship something bigger than ourselves, something that will love us back unconditionally. Modern soc

When most people think of happiness; they think of optimism, love, altruism, and acceptance. Of course, these are all contributing factors to living a happy and generally good life. Giving and loving and being selfless are things that we all need; but the true key that unlocks happiness is not always doing everything you can for others; but doing everything you possibly can for yourself once in a while, too. If are not able to take care of yourself and ensure your happiness; in the end, you won

The secret to happiness is yourself. You can be happy only if you let yourself be happy. Yes, your happiness can be through sports, family, activities that you do, etc. but you have to enjoy those things.

We as human beings tend to hold on to the bad memories and that can result in unhappiness. You can't be forced to like something. Think about what makes you happy. Now take that and think about if you didn't have it anymore. Would you be happy? You are the only one that gets to d

Maybe it's the environment or perhaps society that restricts your happiness, maybe it's the people that surround you like your parents or friends. It could be the time slipping that limits your satisfaction in life, or just maybe, it's you.

Over the course of my life, I learned that In spite of myriad factors that contribute to affecting the contentedness of an individual, the most significant factor lies in the hands of that very own individual. Me. Though it may be the twen

 One day there was a girl. She was very demanding. Rather than being happy about what she got she demands more, she always followed what her friends had. One day when she went to the school she saw most of her friends got smart phones from their parents on the eve of new year and they all were showing off in front of their classmates, while watching this she got jealous and the next day she nagged before her parents for a smart phone because she was having only one old phone but her parents tol

Have you ever expected others to achieve something but they disappointed you? You may possibly get angry and frustrated because of this. But why are we upset about the what we do not have instead of appreciating what we have? I used to feel frustrated on which I didn’t achieve but something changed my point of view recently.
I used to think scoring high marks make me the happiest. To strike for the best, I do most of the things whenever there is group project as others’ work is not good

I wrote this when I was in 7th grade:
“Many Americans have misconceptions on the idea of happiness. They are influenced and driven by what other people think of being happy. This contradicts the idea of being merry, nevertheless, makes it darker. Instead of enjoying their life to fullest, they are constantly worried about “achieving the American dream”. Happiness should be something that comes from everyday activities; something that makes one happy even if he/she does not strive for

YOLO. You only live once. This statement has been very effective for me when I am stressing over my projects in school. There are times when I think of giving up already due to my incapability to achieve my goals. Yet I always have in mind the statement YOLO, to keep me going. I may be encountering a lot of struggles and problems in life but I never lose hope in believing that I can overcome them. That's the secret of happiness for me. It is all on treasuring every moment in my life and in maki

There is a flicker of something raw, so real and pure. The tiny flame is relentless, and it explodes into a shower of fireworks. It is difficult to conceal and is manifested in a smile, one that tugs at your lips like a child who pulls at your arm and asks to play. It is invincible, and suddenly you are invincible as well, under a blanket of happiness.

The secret of happiness is elusive; specialists have authored countless books dedicated to finding it, scientists have published mult

Happiness is something that everyone desires at some point in their life. Personally, I have always felt happy. But, what is the secret behind it? Is there some kind of a formula or checklist that you have to follow to gain joy? In my experience, there are two secrets.The first is to simply not be upset. Avoiding bitterness, anger, sadness, frustration, or any other negative emotion leaves you with two options. You can either be happy or be empty of any feelings. I would far rather be happy tha

“Happiness is a perfume. You cannot spray it unto others without getting a few drops on yourself”
Happy people usually have a crowd surrounding them and their company is usually preferred. We all like to be happy and feel good about ourselves and our life. But we also have to admit that usually things screw up and we end up feeling sad or remorseful.
Happiness isn’t difficult to find. Even small things can make us happy, if we appreciate them. Taking a break is the best way to learn t

The Secret to Happiness; Unknown
Audrey Hensley
Caverna High School
Cave City, KY

Happiness is something that almost all individuals in our world strive for. Happiness is not measurable, profitable, or tradeable. Happiness is simply intangible. What makes us happy can greatly vary. Some find happiness out of physical objects, some out of concepts. To be happy is a fleeting idea which we enjoy so much and often want to experience again as soon as possible. The sec

“Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness.” Happiness is a big part of our lives. Without happiness our world would be a very dull place. The key to all happiness is passion, self compassion, and gratitude.

One key to happiness is passion. According to Merriam Webster passion is “a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something of about doing something.” Almost everyone has something that he or she is passionate about; whether

Matthew Doyle
102 Wood Avenue, Horse Cave KY (42749)

May 16, 2016
Key to Happiness; Self Love
Imagine if there were a key to happiness; a cheat code to life, capable of bringing great joy to life. Over time, depression has risen within society and its age. Many are forgetting how to love themselves. Happiness, generally, has been fading because of this dilemma. Problems in life will diminish and will be easier to solve when one acts in loving their

It's difficult trying to become a published author as a teen. I'm sure others could vouch for me as well. You have to follow your parents rules and worry about copyright and publishers taking advantage of you.

There are many things that can make a person happy when you really think about it. Love, sex, money. Food even. God knows everyone loves a slice of rich chocolate cake, with thick creamy icing every now and then. However, the simple things in life are what really constitute happiness. Have you never walked outside, on a quiet, chilly, fog ridden morning, and just appreciated that you are alive? Have you looked down at your feet, and just gazed at your precious, beloved dog, Buster, and just smi

Six months ago, if you asked me what is the secret of happiness, I would say money. Money bought me everything in order for me to be happy. What happened 6 months ago that changed me?

I live in the Beverly Hills of Manitoba. Since I am the only child, my dad tends to spoil me. Every year I get expensive gifts. This year on my birthday, I sat impatiently on my bed waiting for my dad to walk in through the door any minute with a present in his hands. The door knob turned an

As we listen to music in my tiny speaker and the most natural smile pops in my face or as time slowly goes by when I cannot breathe of laughing so hard. It’s the little moments I spend with my family that have a way of putting a smile on my face and a memory deep within my heart.

As a teenage girl, or more even more general, human, I can’t say I don’t get excited when I am getting new things. Like the week that my current excitement and anticipation was the arrival of my n

What is the solution to happiness? For me, it’s letting go of my bitterness and hatred. Once I let go of my bitterness and am able to forgive what made me angry in the first place, I know that I am truly happy. There is a moment of peace where you realize, So this is what it’s like… and you can rest easy knowing that there’ll be no more bad thoughts or grudges pulling you everywhere.
This entire year of high school, my sophomore year, I have felt the full force of rejection. Walking

Throughout my life, I have abided by one very simple rule, one that we are taught in Preschool. Treat people how you want to be treated. Now of course one does not simply be nice to everyone, there are those out there that just grind on your nerves. They gossip about you behind your back or try to attack you physically or socially. Neither which is a very kind thing or a very mature thing to do. However, I have found that just simply smiling and being polite to those that mistreat you can do s

Every day, people search for ways to become happy. Some people turn to shopping, spend all their money on clothes that should make them happy, but wake up instead to find the sinking feeling that being broke leaves behind. Other people, attempting to strike it rich, turn to work.They bury their heads in piles of papers, trying to earn extra money, but all they receive is seclusion. After years of work, workaholics find themselves rich and friendless, as they discover that they have lost all

It is as Robert Morely once said, “To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.” In this day and age teens everywhere forget to love themselves in their busy, hectic lives. Loving themselves is the first step to loving others. Believe, know when to speak up and not be suppressed by some standard set by society, and don’t be afraid to look in a mirror and love the figure staring back.
It’s seen nowadays that people don’t believe in themselves as much as they used to as

The Secret of Happiness: Band is my Happy Place
Happiness is a common desire for many people, and for me, I tend to be a happy girl. Happiness is an emotion I strive to possess as well as emit. Just like most teenage girls, I have my good and bad days. Whenever I’m having one of those rough days, there’s always one thing I can look back to: music.
I play the alto saxophone and earned the privilege of participating in Iowa’s All-State High School Band the past two years. I cannot re

The heart is the key to everything. Suppose all of us were to have been made carbon copies at birth, where would happiness be? We all have our own stories, our findings, and our sentiments. I like dogs, you like iguanas; you like blue, I like red, that has been our own heart choices. If I was to tell you my happiness comes from a fence post down the road, you probably would have cracked up and rolled around on the floor. My happiness, in reality, does not com

The “Secret of Happiness” is different for everyone. I have so many things that are my secret to happiness, but there is one that is the main one. There are so many stories that could be told about my main “Secret of Happiness”, but I chose a funny one to tell. My “Secret of Happiness” is bass fishing.

I fish high school fishing tournaments and my dad is my boater. My partner Dalton and I were fishing the fall series that my parents put together. We were sitting i

“Dad, are we getting the bunny today?” I whined as I climbed into the car. My dad chuckled and fastened my seat belt.
“Maybe, but we have to run some errands.” I groaned and wiggled in my chair. It had been about 3 weeks since my father told me I would be getting a rabbit of my own to take care of. I had been patiently – okay, not very patiently – waiting for the day I got to get my bunny.
I would drag my feet through the stores and sometimes lose my dad because my mind was on my bu

Strolling through the Buckingham Palace grounds, tea and crumpet in hand, the last three weeks began to replay in my head. Before departing on my European excursion, I become fraught with the idea that the trip was too far out of my comfort zone. Worry set in that I would struggle to make friends with the other travelers, it is often difficult for me to make new acquaintances. Looking back at those transformative few weeks, I realized something. Life is about living without borders.

In order to find out the secret of happiness all you need to do is hone in on your idea of it for actively seeking happiness only suggests its lack thereof. That being said you are going to have to work for it because you need to make sure that you are sublimating your time and emotions into what suits you best. This is the base idea and precisely where most of us go astray. I can tell you from personal experience that happiness is all about clarity. We whine, fume and wallow about how we are s

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift and that’s why it’s called the present.”

One of our biggest problems, and the main reason why we are unable to find true happiness, is because we do not enjoy the treasure that is now. We are busy either missing the past or awaiting the future and do not pay attention to the present.

We don’t realize that by doing the things we do in the present, we are creating both our past and our future and that if we do

The true meaning of happiness is, simply, one being able to gladly accept what has been given to them in the certain circumstances that they are in. Being happy in life is a major issue. Many people in life have not found or achieved happiness because they have not accepted themselves. What makes me happy is me being able to wake up in the morning, knowing that I am blessed, and once I walk to the bathroom mirror, I get to look at myself and see how amazing I am as a person. I am happy because

Happiness alludes all. A lavish lifestyle, the job of your dreams, a happy family life behind a white picket fence- these are all commonly thought to be key factors to achieve true satisfaction. Nobody on Earth lives merely to exist. We’re all working towards the goal of achieving the illusion of “happiness.” The Declaration of Independence even lists “the pursuit of happiness” among the basic rights that humans are born with. So why does it seem that no one actually ends up in the place they w

Democritus once said, "Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul." And, "By desiring little, a poor man makes himself rich." I used to think that I could only be happy if I had all the money in the world but as I grew up I learned that there was more to it. Money does not make one happy but rather it makes one stressed. Having to worry about bill and taxes. When I discovered this I realized that you cannot buy happiness. Happiness cannot come from what

One size 5 foot in front of the other, rhythmic and soothing. A breeze blew, the sun peeked out, and the clouds looked extra fluffy today. A smile bloomed, and music blasted as her feet continued in their steady routine. An innocent walk outside, nothing less nothing more. The wind blew a little harder, the clouds grew slightly thicker, and the sun seemed to awkwardly inch away. Pulling out an ear bud, her eyebrows furrowed in question of the sudden change. In response, the cold wind smacked ag

Happiness is a strange thing to define. It is means different things to different people. The feeling of happiness is, as defined by Merriam-Webster’s collegiate dictionary, good fortune or as a state of wellbeing and contentment.
Having good fortune isn’t always true happiness. It is inbred in humans to always want more. We always want the newest iPhone, the most expensive car on the market, and we think that if we don’t get it, life isn’t worth living. We all have a wishlist con

Happiness is a tricky concept; it’s a meaningful constant in my life, but it’s impossible to define as a specific emotion because it can be approached in so many different ways. Happiness can be at once ever-present and maddeningly elusive. For me, transferring from a boarding school to a day school helped me to recognize that accepting both positive and negative fluctuations are part of finding happiness. When I attended boarding school, my happiness stemmed from my interactions with o

A few months ago I would have been in no position to write this essay, as happiness was a foreign concept to me. Why? Well, there are two reasons. One: I have depression and at that time it was undiagnosed. Two: my “happiness” was slightly better than fine, and I depended on others to get this feeling.
And then I opened a door to an entirely new world.
I don’t know how it happened. I don’t entirely know what happened, but what I do know is that I have found a side of myself I never

We all do know.In fact,being happy is essential.Limitless and infinite.The most precious emotion in this world.

"Smiles and Laughs",mark in our faces and as a sign that our hearts are full of joy, from any seconds of this living.

From the simple and the most little things to the great happenings that we delight.

But do you ever wonder why? What's the reason behind that smile?

The Secret of Happiness: Forgive and Forget
“The first to forgive is the bravest. The first to forget is the happiest.”
My heart is filled with anger and much sadness. It is 80% made of hatred and 20% made of pity for me. It is like a rose with lots of thorns – thorns of annoyance towards someone; however, it has petals – petals of fake smiles and hidden desires.
I do not forgive people easily. When someone makes a mistake, I want them to realize their wrongdoings and how they ma

The Secret to Happiness: Making Mistakes and Learning from Them
Mistakes? Being Happy? I know what you’re thinking. How could those concepts ever go hand-in-hand? I would have wondered the same thing. For a long time, I personally struggled with being completely happy with my life. As a matter of fact, after wrapping up junior year, it’s never been a happier year in my life, and I have made many mistakes as the year has progressed. As it turns out, I was a pretty selfish person. I wa


Everyday I wonder if I am suppose to be in this group of 'friends' that I hang with. I am almost opposite to them.

I like playing games, they don't. I hate selfies, they do. They like watching makeup tutorials and doing make up, I watch gamers and hate makeup.

I try and find people who are like me but no one in my school likes the same things as me. I am a nobody. People don't know my name. When I sit with my 'friends' they barely talk to me. I'm always there just reading

What is it which people are always after?
Even after having lots of money people are not happy but a poor person without having anything is happy!
So what is happiness that people always want?
Well for me happiness is living in the present without any fear or tension and thinking the positive way!
If you seek it you won't get it because happiness is contentment.
I still remember that last year I was suffering from Dengue during my board exams and I was r

“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness” – Charles Spurgeon
Various people have many theorems regarding the secret of happiness. All of these preach different messages. I personally believe the secret of happiness is a personal thing. I don’t believe it lies in things like; going to the beach, or surfing or some activity. I believe it is a personal thing from deep within involving the mind-set. Someone o

We, as humans, need food, water, shelter and of course, money. Sure they keep as alive but are they actually the secrets to happiness? I was raised in a peaceful environment surrounded by great family and friends. I was given all the things I needed and attended prestigious private schools. I was blessed with so much but sometimes I wonder what did I do to deserve all these when there are hardworking people who deserved it more than I do?

I took these blessings for granted by wasting

“I JUST ROLLED!” I sputter, wiping river water from my eyes. I am astonished to find myself sitting upright in my kayak. I’ve been practicing this for weeks, trying to roll, but never getting up, always needing a T-rescue. This time, though, it just… happened.
The rest of my paddling group claps and thumps on their boats, congratulating me. It’s a big deal, getting your role.
Sure, it was sloppy, my head wasn’t properly on my shoulder, and it will take a lot

When I reached high school-I was devastated. Most youth are excited to finally leave behind the perceived horror of childlike innocence, and graduate into the next step of near adulthood. I, however, was inconsolable. My father had retired from the military, and my family moved away from everything I knew and loved in Texas to start over in Kansas. I was forced to begin my freshman year in a completely foreign world to me. They might as well have been stabbing me in my view at the time. For a l

Yo Soy
By:Arianna Drunnamnio

Me Llamo Arianna. Tengo catorce años. Mi cumpleaños es el siete de Mayo. Mi color favorito es Rosa. Soy de Hartford Ct. Yo soy Baja ,Simpática y Timida. Me gusta las fiestas, el cine y la piscina. Mi clase preferida es el Ingles. En el verano me gusta voy a al parque. Mi mejor amiga es Jane Drunnamanio. Me gusta voy el cine con mi amiga.

One wouldn’t exactly turn to a convict for advice on how to stay out of jail. In the same way, one wouldn’t ask a Japanese person to teach them about Mexican culture. On that same train of thought, one wouldn’t ask a surgeon how to build a rocket. Given this pattern, you wouldn’t turn to a person suffering from chronic depression to tell you all about the secret to happiness.
But here I am. I can tell you all about happiness: what it’s like, what it’s made of, and most importantly, how to

My secret to happiness comes from my relationships with my family, friends and, of course, God. In my life, my family has always been there for me. My family has never turned their backs on me and they have never forsaken me. Whenever I am down for any reason at all, my family is always right there by my side. My friends are also always there for me. Like my family, my friends have never done anything to wrong me. My friends on the other hand, act as a different type of support for me. My frien

Share your thoughts, feelings, wishes through writing.
Writing offers an outlet not many take advantage of, despite its benefits. It’s a gateway to catharsis and more emotional freedom in the future.
It’s therapeutic, which is why professionals promote writing feelings down in a journal. Stress and anxiety are constant in the world we live in and writing offers a simple solutions to the major problems people face. Writing is a calming mechanism for myself. Whenever I have pent up em

Life is filled with events that nobody has the ability to control. The only aspect a person can control is his point of view on life. Happiness is not about what material he owns, or having other people contribute to a person's happiness. Happiness is found while they learn how please themselves independently.
I have personally learned that not everyone I meet in life has the same heart as I do. In my experiences I was a person with one crucial weakness - being dependent on others for

Throughout people's lives everyone's goal is to be happy as they live on, many are in search of happiness as happiness is one trait that makes us humans, but what is happiness? Is it money? Traveling? Love? Family? Or puppies? Happiness is defined as a feeling or showing pleasure as well as contentment, while many people view material objects as happiness there are many factors in life that are over looked such as the most important, well to me anyway, is that you're alive and well, by that I m

So, today I found out in having a baby! this is one of the most amazing days in my entire life, in all my 15 years of life nothing can compare to how full of joy I am. my wonderful partner and I have been patiently waiting for a month for this moment, after I had sexual intercourse with him for the first time, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, he makes me so happy, I’m so thankful that I am now able to carry his baby for the next eight months’ know that he may leave me

The secret of happiness for me is becoming involved in community service helping not only my community, but all of the people in it. For example, I shovel my Elders in my community out free of charge in the winter season to make sure that they have a clear path in case of an emergency or to move their vehicles and this brings a smile not just to their face, but my face as well because our Elders are our most important people. They are our foundation of who we are, and the lessons we learn. Volu

The Secret to Happiness: A Cynical Person’s Answer

What is the secret to happiness? What a funny question -- as if there is simply one answer only. The answer that the reader is probably looking for is somewhere along the lines of: “happiness is making light of the bad times” or “happiness is finding what makes you feel good” or some bullshit like that.
But there are a number of different answers to that quite common question. People can find happiness in all sorts of thing

Happiness is much more than just a feeling, it is a state of being. Happiness not only brings us good emotions, but also creates endless possibilities. What brings happiness is different for everyone, but most can agree on vacations, friends, and success.
Taking a vacation can bring even the saddest person happiness. Choosing the ideal location is important for the overall experience. Whether that location is Aruba, the Alps, or simply a visit to a national landmark, the vacation will prov

People tend to become too caught up in everyday life which, onlys supplies the stress formed by juggling work or school. Sometimes, it’s okay to take a step back, and breathe a little. There is a vast amount of people that actually care and we definitely take that for granted. As an alternative, people need to start admiring the significant individuals that respect who we are and have a mutual endearment with us. This is the key to appreciate life and fill it with contentment. Personally, there

Growing up, every individual is given a set of rules and values. How to look, act, speak, dress. But what about when our happiness depends on breaking these values that are engrained so deeply in who we are as people? Perhaps in order to answer this question we must first focus on what makes us unhappy. Dissatisfaction can stem from many aspects of our lives. In fact, the sad truth is that it is easier to be unhappy than it is to be happy. A very common cause of unhappiness happens to be our ev

Secret to happiness? Let’s first understand happiness, what is happiness? What is true happiness? Where can happiness be found? Is it love? Is it affluence? Is it sex? Is it drugs?
Maybe not to you, but maybe to others.
I want to give a philosophical perspective on happiness, An intellectual perspective. Everyone is envious of something they believed to be plausible in life, without certainty it could be love, affluence, drugs or sex. That is the reality we live in. This isn’

Happiness arrives to us in different forms. It may be the smile of a loved one, the affection of animals, a new book, a quiet and relaxing moment, sunlight dancing on your skin, igniting every pore, beating a video game you were struggling with, a promotion at work (or getting a job), etc.
Now, I am not here to question what fills you with joy. For me, it is seeing the labor of my effects and going on a journey with fictional characters. For you, it may be the same or completely differen

The secret of happiness, many look for the answer in his or her life. He or she may look into the answer through family and friends. The best possible way to find happiness involves the two familiar methods; however, knowing the rights given at birth will further increase how much happiness you can achieve in your life.
The rights given at birth helps protect individuals from tyrannical government actions. The United States of America stresses the idea of freedom and liberty through the D

The secret of happiness is surrounding yourself with others who will be there for you no matter what. From a scrape to a bruise they will be by your side the entire way. I found happiness at Target when I met my best friend; I was walking down aisle 4 when I spotted her to my right. Her boxy figure intrigued me, as her array of patterns and colors mesmerized others as well as myself. Not wanting to be rude I introduced myself. “I like your dress, I really love Cinderella too!.” She stared at me

Does he like me? Does he not? Does he even have feelings? Are we just friends? These are all of the questions that go through my mind with David. I turn 18 May 22nd 2016. David just turned 20 January 27th 2016. So this is my story with him. David is great he's like six foot brown hair and blue eyes. Legit. I am 5'9 weigh 128 and my hair is currently a gingerish light brown, and of course I have brown eyes. I love David. When I say love I act

I do not know if I've ever been truly happy in my life. I guess I must have been, at least once. I was probably happy when I was a little child. When worries didn't exist and eating dirt was normal. When laughing every day was easy and fights would happen on a daily basis but would be resolved the next day. When you didn't have to think about what would happen tomorrow and now was enough to make you happy. When having a piece of chocolate was like being in heaven (even though that aspect did no


my name is Never_Fail_Yourself and I come from Belgium. I go to an art school and I am lost at the moment. Never thought that that would happen to me someday. I am the kind that likes to plan everything for the future. That was before reality came crashing in and now I have no idea of what I want to be. I know who I am though, and I have to say that I'm doing my best not to stray from that person who I am.

As I sat on my bed on a Friday night, with my dog laying beside me, I anxiously searched through the web for a free writing contest to participate in. After countless, unsuccessful searches I stumbled upon a website called “Stage of Life.” You wouldn’t believe how happy I was to have found a writing contest, that wasn’t going to charge me in order to participate! I immediately began brainstorming on the secret of happiness and came to the conclusion that realization is the secret ingredient to

The dawn seemed weak and the chirping of birds was almost inaudible to me.
National French Spelling Bee Competition was organized the day before and I was really excited for it. I was the winner last year and knew that the competition was going to be easier this time. I had prepared myself well for it but had left the words I felt I could do quite easily. This was my worst assumption. I had qualified the first and second rounds easily but the third round made me realize my blunder. Nervous

It’s not easy playing a part that you’re not. Everyone in their life pretends to be something their not. This causes confusion about who you really are. One day you will break down and tell everyone. There is an amazing story to go with this.

I grew up into a family where you were taught being homosexual was not appropriate. This made me stray away from it. When I was about 10, I started to become interested in males and less in females. I was always taught that this was wrong,

What is my secret to happiness?
Julia Roberts!
…well not her exactly, but her movie: Eat. Pray. Love.

McDonald’s, Burger King, Five Guys, or any pizzeria with a killer pizza and cheesecake selection. That is my happiness. Eating a McDonald’s 20 piece chicken nugget combo with a large fry and tall strawberry milkshake. Ba dah buh buh bah… I’m lovin’ it. But of course this type of happiness has some problems. It’s all fine and dandy until your thighs turn int

Being happy is a something that come around and goes around. Somedays I feel great, other days I feel Horrible. Not even horrible but just not my best day out of the bunch. One of my happiest day is the day of my birthday. For example my 14th birthday. On that day my mom threw me a birthday party in the backyard of my house. Family member that don’t keep in in touch with me showed up. Everyone had a good time and actually didn't fight with each other. But on my previous birthday parties fights

The question at hand makes me have to think about me through sunny and rainy days and what keeps me smiling. For me that would be my family. Every family has arguments and fighting it’s inhuman if you don’t, but everyone also has laughter and cooperation within them too, otherwise you’ll be miserable as long as you live with them. Too be honest in my house nobody actually sees each other. We are all usually hiding behind closed doors and being the eldest daughter if someone is hungry you make t

Happiness to me is traveling. Everytime my family and I have travelled to a different state or country. I felt a feeling that I can’t explain just being around my family, exploring, eating, and doing different activities. All of those things are what makes me the happiest. Whenever I go to a different state or country just seeing how people live, their culture, or their daily festivities makes me happy. As well as the feeling of getting on the plane and being above the clouds. It feels like I’m

We, human beings, are inquisitive by nature. If there is something out there that has yet to be discovered, we will not only discover it, but become an expert on the matter. Still, there is one mystery that has alluded us for ages, and will for all of eternity; the secret to happiness. Why is it that so many people are willing to spend their entire lives searching for a single well kept secret? Because it is one that we all desire to know, of course. Everyone dreams of being happy, but no

When I listen to music, it takes me to another world. I love a lot of different kinds of music, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, etc and it makes me happy. Music especially helps me when I’m having a rough day. I can listen to a certain artist and get through the rest of my day easier. When I listen to music it makes me wanna dance and sing like I’m in a music video or at a concert. Music is very inspirational to me, a while back I was inspired to start writing music. I didn’t really get far wi

Acceptance, You have to learn how to accept things in life, the good and the bad. In order to be accepting you have to accept the fact that everything that you go through is bound to happen. Accept that everything isn’t always going to go your way and it’s gonna be okay. Most of all you have to accept yourself. Self-Acceptance can be hard but it’s one of the stages you must go through. Understand that some of your problems come from within and you have to work on yourself to better those inter

Secret of Happiness: Can We Find It?

Every day, hundreds of people give up on their lives; many of them because they convinced themselves that there is no such thing as happiness.
When my dad told my brothers and I we were leaving Brazil, I thought that I had finally found what it takes to have happiness. That day tears dropped from my eyes, tears of joy and sadness, for now I would be living in America, the country where everything is better for everyone. My excitemen

What makes you happy?This is a question that requires a lot of thought because anything can make you happy like family,music,hobbies,or just life in general can help bring a smile to your face.In order to become happy, you must first understand the meaning of happiness.Happiness is defined as “ the state of being happy”. Seems simple, but you can know the definition of happiness for the rest of your life,but it takes more than a definition to understand happiness. Sure putting a smile on your

There are many things in my life that make me happy all the time, Like my mother being happy, having money in my pocket or even the thought if being succesful. But the one thing that out shines all of that is me being able to play football day in and day out. When I am on the field i have so much respect for the game and and the people that have played this game before me. Being able to play this sport for many years is a blessing. Because there are people who have ended carrers, died playing t

things that makes me happy and how I feel when I am happy. The things that makes me happy is getting good grades, Doing all my work and staying away from things that are going to lead me down the wrong road. I like Doing postive things that’s leading me to postive things. Also another thing that makes me happy is seeing my parents happy and seeing them see me doing good things that they want me to do. But the most important thing that makes me happy is doing what I love doing and that’s playi

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