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My song: “Welcome to My Life” by Simple Plan really strike home to me.

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I wasn’t really wanted when before I was born; my biological dad gave up his rights to me before he even knew what I was, and my biological mom had to give me up to protect me from him. My adopted dad committed suicide when I was two, and my adopted mom has horrible choice in what person she loves or lives with. I’ve always felt out of place and left out, constantly lied to, and it’s made me reclusive. I’m always in my room unless someone makes me come out. I’ve felt hurt and pushed to be someone I’m not because of what gender I am, or because I’m a certain age. I’ve been told I know nothing when all I really do is research, think, and debate. I’ve raised myself, yet I’ve also become a people-pleaser or rather I was up until a year or so ago. After I delved into music and English literature I’ve become even more aware of who I am and what I want to be. I know some of my choice will lead me down a longer road and drop me into a mistake or two, but I know this and I plan on always finding a way to make my life my life.

I’ve constantly felt kicked when I’m down and that I should be someone else, but listening to this song is aspiring me to be not feel that anymore. “Are you desperate to find something more?” I am. I am willing to use every rope I can and burn any bridges that don’t accept me because what I do with my life. I’ve been stuck in a world within a world because of people that control me and abuse me; I’ve been told lies and hearing two or three different stories from people leaves me wondering, “Who can I trust.” I’ve been lied to right in my face; promised something so many times have then be stabbed in the back.

I listened to “Welcome to My Life” when I’ve been told it’s not my life until I’m eighteen and thought “So you’re controlling my heart, my thoughts?” This song has kept from losing it when I’m pushed to the edge and no one’s there to tell me it’s okay and defend me. This song has helped me realize that though I’m not the only one in a bad situation and that there are worse situations than mine, my situation is still relevant and that you’re welcome to know it is my life.
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