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Marriage: Why Are Rights Restricted?

Joined: 2/8/2011
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Kristy Davis
Gay marriage causes nothing short of complete controversy, but for what reasons? Devout Christians and Catholics say gay marriages go against religion; in the theocracy that America has, one religons values are not imposed over the entire country, we have more than one religion in America. Others are worried that gay marriage will change the foundation of society, that we won't be able to adapt to new social norms, just like we weren't able to adapt to cars as a form of transportation, or longer life spans, or even women being treated as equals and not as property. But perhaps the best argument out there is that a child needs to be raised by both a male and female role model, so gay marriages would hinder the full growth of a child. However, the United States has over 12.9 million families that are headed by single parents. If gay marriage is illegal for the reason of no female figure, shouldn't single parenting be illegal too?
People out there will come up with all sorts of ideas as to why gay marriages shouldn't be allowed. Religion, immorality, social standards, unnaturalness. If being gay is not natural, neither is having contacts, having technology, or even having clothes is unnatural. As dramatic as it may sound, this is an emotional genocide. We are stripping the opportunities they were guaranteed to have at birth away from them for the simple non-existant crime of loving someone. This is a destruction of the emotional feelings someone has towards another person, and it is being degraded every day by people that are scared of change, scared of being wrong, scared of something new. The Ku Klux Klan was scared of a new race and religion coming around, so they murdered African Americans. The KKK is looked down upon; so why aren't the people that run anti-gay marriage riots looked down upon, why aren't they scorned?
My simple viewpoint is this: Marriages are failing all over the country, divorce rates are raising between men and women every single day. However, society is so convinced that gay marriage is unexcusable, that it isn't love, that it is completely immoral, but we haven't even given it a chance to survive. At this point in time, I don't think that we have the room to judge whether gay people should be given the rights of marriage; it's not like our current ideals are working out. Marriage rights should be rights of everyone, marriage is a chance to bond two people that love eachother eternally. I know I would not be okay with someone telling me who I can and cannot love, and I'm almost positive most people wouldn't be either; so why do we get to tell these people who they can and can't love and strip them of the ability to marry?
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Comment by sullysolipsism

Joined: 11/3/2010
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I’m committing social suicide right here.

First of all, I thought your blog was EXCELLENT. You have a great argument going here. However, I do disagree with you. But let me provide a little background information here:

1) I am a Christian.
2) My uncle is gay.

My uncle is probably my favorite person in the entire family (oops! Not supposed to pick faves!). He is SO much fun. I love love love him to death and my mom and I bought him a purple “Wicked” shirt for his birthday because he loves that play or Broadway show or whatever you call it and his favorite color is purple. He lives with his partner, Hal, in Hawaii, and every once and a while this guy from who immigrated from Colombia, South America, lives with them too. I love ALL of them. They’re like my three uncles.

But that doesn’t mean gay sex is right. Kids know that their parents screw up sometimes and make mistakes, but that doesn’t stop us from loving dear Marmee and Daddio. Same goes for me. I love my uncle to death, but I still know that the lifestyle he is living is wrong.

Why? People may FEEL like they want to do something, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right. For example, (this is entirely hypothetical, but . . .) say my dad sees a really sexy chick in a revealing outfit on the street. My dad is married to my mom (wow, that’s a “ no duh” statement right there!), but right now, he’s seriously turned on by this hot chick, and his body is telling him, “Hey . . . it’d be pretty fun to go have sex with that chick over there . . .” He FEELS like doing this, but that doesn’t mean it’s right.

Or maybe a fifty year old man sees a thirteen-year-old girl in a swimsuit and he’s turned on too. But it would be COMPLETELY WRONG if he kidnapped and raped her, both by biblical and modern social standards. Pedophilia is simply unacceptable in most parts of the world. I mean, come on, that’s another “no duh” statement.

Or let’s say that a man finds out that this pedophile went and raped his daughter. He is furious. He goes and gets an axe from the shed and brutally murders said pedophile. Was he in the wrong?

Hollywood’s version of this story would make it some overglorified vengeance tale of the loving father bearing an axe murdering the evil pedophile. But despite the fact that the man DID have reason to be angry, he is STILL a murderer.

He may have FELT like killing the pedophile, but it doesn’t meaning murder is right.

So now you know what I’m getting at.

I know (I’ve read loads of articles on this and talked to my uncle about it) that homosexuals, transvestites, etc., are genuinely attracted to the same sex because of the signals their brains are sending their bodies. A gay man is 100% attracted to another gay man the same way a straight man is attracted to a straight woman.

HOWEVER, in the hypothetical situation above, my father was also 100% attracted to the hot chick he saw on the street. But that wouldn’t make it right if he went and screwed her behind my mom’s back.

Just because someone FEELS like doing something DOES NOT make it right.

Finally, the fact is, straight and simple, the human anus was NOT made for sex. There is a reason gay sex can be extremely painful and cause bleeding if not done carefully while using a lubricant. Men and women were made to fit together. Men and men? Not so much.

Once again, I think you wrote a great article with great points. I’m not sure I touched on all of them yet (I just speed-read it just now and typed this thing up, so sorry if there’s any typos or confusing bits!) but I’d love to hear your opinion on this.

All in all, I will ALWAYS love and respect my uncle, the same way I love and respect my parents, warts and all. The fact that he is gay does affect my opinion of him, but it doesn’t convince me that being gay is “right,” per se.

I’m still struggling with whether we should all out outlaw gay marriage since we don’t outlaw extramarital relationships, etc. Personally, I don't feel the government has the right to say who can get married and who can't (unless it's a sixty year old man marrying a toddler). But once again, that doesn't make homosexuality right.

Thanks for reading this huge book I wrote cha. Sorry . . . I can be a tad wordy at times! ;) Curse of a writer.
Posted: Wednesday, February 9, 2011 5:48:49 PM
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