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Second Chances: We All Need Them

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No one is perfect. That’s something, I believe, we should accept and appreciate. If everyone were perfect, then what could we strive toward bettering?
All of us have bad days. It’s another part of life: ups and downs. If we didn’t have those downs, then we wouldn’t appreciate the ups. And all of us make mistakes. In making mistakes we learn, grow, and mature. Otherwise, we’d only be stagnant creatures incapable of flexibility, changing, or inventing. People will make mistakes. They will accidentally lash out or say things they didn’t mean to. That doesn’t mean we should immediately label them as horrible human beings. If we are to be open-minded and thoughtful, we can’t jump to conclusions after the first mistake of a colleague.
However, there is the popular saying, “Fool me once,” which I believe applies to this. If someone is forgiven, and then commits the same misdemeanor over and over, then the initial forgiver is entitled to suspicion. If one keeps forgiving a person for something that person keeps committing, the committer will feel free to do whatever he/she pleases, knowing there are no repercussions.
Although, there is the question of how many times is too many? Fool me twice? Three times? Six? That may only be up to the victim to decide. But then that delves further into personal moral beliefs. Is shoplifting three times too many to let him/her off the hook? What about seven times? In some religions, it is a belief to always forgive those around oneself, which can affect whether a person will forgive another or not.
Personally, I do believe in second chances, because no one is perfect. Though, I believe that the severity of the case is a major factor in determining whether forgiveness can be achieved or not. People don’t forgive Hitler for what he did. But, that is a very extreme case. If I were forgiving a friend for accidentally breaking my pen, or showing up late, those would be mild cases in which I could easily forgive her for the wrongdoing because the wrongdoing didn’t harm anybody.
Consequently, if someone is harmed in the process, I think it would be much harder to forgive the committer. If the committer was fully aware of the wrongdoing and still did it, then I believe forgiveness could almost be unattainable. If forgiveness does occur, it would come gradually. Because, when trust is broken, it can be hard to regain.
Forgiveness is attainable in most cases, though it may take a long time. Only in very severe cases would forgiveness be out of the question—especially if the committer had been fully aware of what he/she was doing. Also, to be forgiven for constantly committing a misdeed is nonproductive and unhelpful for both parties—the misdoer continuing on his/her wrong path and the forgiver having to deal with the misdoer.
However, no one is perfect and, if we accept that and help the wrongdoer, we can create a constructive, positive environment.
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