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Teacher Appreciation: My Most Beautiful Time

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I remember when I was in third grade, I was not good at math and I had very bad handwriting. My homeroom teacher was very stern but funny. My classmates and I called him Mr. Dinh. Once time, Mr. Dinh gave us a math problem. It looked simple and easy for me, so I did it and turned it in to him. After Mr. Dinh checked it, he just knocked my forehead and said, “You’re wrong. Do it again!”. I did that problem again three times but it was still wrong. I was mad and felt dumb; because that is the first time I got a knock on my forehead.
Another time, I was naught. I stood on the table and Mr. Dinh accidentally walked in, he saw it. Then he used a ruler hit my hand. He told me to remember the hurt and don’t do it again. To me, he was kind of mean, but I loved to be in his class, because over there, I could learn a lot of new things and was happy with my classmates. Mr. Dinh usually yelled at me when I did something wrong. However, I had improved in math. He taught me new skills, and told me to practice my handwriting every day.
Throughout the year, I gained lots of knowledge. I’m very grateful to Mr. Dinh. Sometimes, he was very strict but was also a very fun and interesting teacher. He was kind of a model teacher in all teachers that I had met before. I’m proud because of him. He has started my life. I never thought I would get things like today. Through, he made me to success, and turned my dreams into reality. That’s why Mr. Dinh is a teacher who has left a deep impression in my mind.
In all the school years of my life, third grade is the best time that I ever had. It was the favorite school year. If time could go back again, I hope I would be back in third grade. I would still choose Mr. Dinh as my teacher. I’d love to go back to that beautiful time period once again, and have fun at that place.
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