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My Hero is Walt Disney

Joined: 9/26/2010
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Does Snow White or Peter Pan sound familiar? Most likely it does. Though these stories are classics, most people think of the Disney characters and films when these names are mentioned. This is due to the numerous workings of Walt Disney, my hero. Disney is a name that everybody knows of and can think of one of his many projects. The superstar that he is is the same superstar that I wish to be someday. Due to his ambition and courage, Disney was able to innovate the animation and cinema worlds, turn his work into a worldwide empire, and create his own brand of culture.
To start with, Disney’s ambition drove him to the status he’s currently at. Since his teenage years, Disney desired to take his drawing ability to new heights. This dream gave him the strength to never give up and keep climbing the ranks to make his dream come true. Disney’s quest wasn’t an easy one, for he had multiple problems that dragged him down. However, they never kept him down for long, for he always searched for ways to get back to the head of the game. This ambition inspires me greatly, for this dream of becoming a famous and well-known animator provides company for me everyday. I know that the path will be more difficult than I can expect. But as long as I remain ambitious as Disney did, I am certain that I can get through the many obstacles which will stand in my way.
Now, courage is a key characteristic that most heroes have. Not fearing to do the unusual and new thing is how many earn their status as a hero. Walt Disney has proven that he also possesses this characteristic. In the animation field, Disney tried new ways to innovate this area of interest. Some of his ideas were criticized and thought to fail. But his courage remained with him and he continued with his ideas. Soon, he was thoroughly awarded for his innovations in animation. So, though people tried to convince him to forget his ideas, he had the courage to follow his own mind and heart and forget the criticism as well as the possibility that his plans would fail. I can only hope that I will possess this amazing power to tune everyone else out and follow what my heart tells me to. Only then will I be singled out of the crowd and risen to the highest rank possible.
Disney had always been a great influence to me, but now that I understand better of his ways that made him influential, I respect him even more. His courage and ambition are the factors that I try to keep with me. I can apply these not only to my career interests, but also to my everyday life. Someone who contains the ability to influence me and my decisions everyday is a hero to me. So that hero is definitely Walt Disney.

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