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I am afraid of competition

Joined: 10/29/2013
Posts: 1
I am afraid of competition. It is a strange fear considering competition is what drives us toward success but yet I still fear it. Competition has strange effects on humans, it can drive us to hate, cheat, and kill. Being a high school student I face competition daily for the best grade, achievements, and acceptance letters but throughout high school the scariest competition I had faced was displayed by my crew team. My friends and I decided to join crew freshmen year all of us great friends joining a sport not to win but for fun but that all quickly changed. Competition for the best seats had driven us to plot against each other purposely spreading lies and sickness in order to knock out the competition to get the best seat regardless of wether they were friends or foes. At some point some of my best friends tried to falsely vote worthy team members out of the boat for improper conduct. Such displays of deceit made me fear competition and its effects on humans as a whole. Competition drives people to kill for the win, knowing such a thing I fear in what all that I do. Whenever I do anything, it is a competition, and if I am so lucky to win I know that there is someone watching my victory planning on how to take me down. I greatly fear competition for its power to destroy ones morals such a thing can eventually lead to a world of anarchy, all of us are competing to reach the top without considering the effects on those we climb on to get there.
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