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Trust and Safety: Do you trust our institutions to keep us safe?

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Have you ever been bombarded with questions and lessons on the acts of cyberbullying? Have you heard the news ask about terrorism or watched Carrie by Stephen King? If so, then you must have heard about these threats. No one is safe from these threats, no matter how much you feel you are safe.No institution can help. There are many reasons as to why I feel this way, and I'll gladly explain.

The reason why I felt that these threats and the institution can never help and that we aren't safe at all, is that we are constantly closing out parents. Granted, we teens don't feel our parents are right at all. We deny this at any chance given, but is it really worth it? We do things we shouldn't ever do, such as go on networking sites we aren't supposed to go on and some even do drugs. No parent can keep us safe because we don't try keeping US safe. There are reports that say our brains don't fully work till 21. If that is true, then don't our actions have a section that never developed? Our decision side of our head? What will we ever know? The only way we can know is through wiser people, those with more expirence than us. But westill disregard them as trash even if we don't want to or mean to. Even if you are allowed a network profile and sort, you don't, or should I say won't, tell them everything. Humans tend to be secretive. This can lead to cyberbullying and predators. Did you know a thirteen year old actually killed herself because of an adult bullying her? We teens don't know betters so we will let this happen. We won't spot a fake as easily an adult will now can we? A twelve year old girl killed herself after getting molested repeatedly by a man she met on the internet. Her parents hadn't known she was going through this since she never told. This not only proves parents don't have a hold on the kids, but also proves we don't have a hold on ourselves.

Another reason why I felt that institutions are keeping us safe is because we been brainwashed to thinkabout lockdowns and shootings. Now, if you ever did read Carrie you'd know that the shooting sounds like the Columbine shootings does it not? How many shootings happened because of children like Carrie? In Columbine, the shooters were unpopular kids, bullied by students frequently. Every human has a breaking point, points that are broken and can kill. Carrie did to, and that's what she had broken. Haven't you noticed that some lockdowns are from the students? Have we not noticed that we teens are bad to one another? If we never were bad, maybe the rates will go down. These can be helped, but then again we don't have a handle even on ourselves. We have to realize what we do affects the future of us and others around us. If we had then this all wouldn't happen much.This also accounts for the schools who didn't protect the child from being treated like trash. The schools never protected Pheobe Prince, now she's gone. How many teens have to die for the schools to do a thing?

My last reason I felt we aren't safe are the terroism. Not everyone is a terrorist. People are so panicy over that. This causes injuctices. We are taught by people that certain ethnic groups were bad since the 9-1-1 bombings. This happened particularly in New York. Everyone hated some groups that looked like the terrorists. Is it needed to fear ALL the groups? Didn't America do the same to the Blacks in the Civil War time? Didn't Americans enslave them? Why don't they ever stand up for the groups that are accused of doing a crime a small group has created? No, instead they blamed countless people. If the government fully ever helped, how come the police never helped a single pesron who looked that particular race? If the government cared for us, we should know what they do. Is Osama Bin Laden REALLY dead or is the government lying? These will never be answered, no one can answer them. Secrets aren't told. Half the time we protray the government as bad anyways, considering in Zombie movies they do nothing to save people.

In conclusion, the teen him/her self, the parent, the terroism spreading rumors, and even the government has caused so many harms that no one can truly ever feel that they are safe. Out the words of the book, Thirteenth Child Patricia C. Wrede , told by the mother:"An angel straight from heaven can be turned bad because of abuse inflicted upon her." A line that's summarized, but it draws the point. Adults and parents, you people shape us, the teens and children. You make us who we are. We can learn negatives from you and positives. If you don't learn now that all this isn't helping, then your setting yourself and every child out there for disastor.
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