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Questions and Stories about Empty Nest and Retirement

Listed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that retirees and those with an empty nest have asked, shared, or submitted as a response to our national writing contest. Topics range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. Do you have a story to share about your experiences being retired or adjusting to an empty nest? Click the "Share Your Story" button to add your voice to!

Read Empty Nest and Retirement Questions and Stories

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I moved a year ago from California to North Carolina to be near my only son who is 36 year old. He and his girlfriend have lived together for nine years now. His girlfriend has a daughter
14 and a son 10. I thought when I moved closer that I would be spending most major holidays
with them however that has not been the case. I have spent every holiday alone and most
times not even a phone call. I know they are busy and I understand how difficult it can be
raising yo

Second Chances, Wrap and Re-new

Empty Nester and House Projects…words that don’t go together, or at least they shouldn’t. I mean afterall, didn’t we raise two kids and make it to the finish line?!
There was just something about the word “foreclosure” and the price that went with it that we couldn’t resist. So Goodbye big house, and hello condo.

How many times through the years with all of our moves had we been faced with a few good “house projects”. Okay, this move wo

As I sit here in the soft glow of twinkle lights emanating from our Christmas tree and the pine boughs on the fireplace mantle above I reflect on a year gone by.
Mixed emotions fill my head as I rejoice in the birth of another Grandchild Jacob whose smile and demeanor even at his tender age brings me joy. A successful year with tours and the association of people from all over the world enlightened me. The loss of a close friend I grew up with saddened the year. It brings to the realizatio

The daily news torments me with a story of a violent, devastated world. Last week, after viewing the documentary film “This Changes Everything”, our audience debated. Is climate change real? How big an impact does human activity have on the coming crisis? Can individuals truly make a difference? Is life on earth, as we know it, -doomed – or is there hope?

When I was young, we caught frogs that leaped in abundance around our feet at the lake’s edge. Fish swarmed around the end of the

I hate to be the bearer of bad news folks but I'm afraid the term freedom of speech should probably be changed to the freedom of some speech. It is a little telling of my age but when I was growing up in the sixty's and seventies it was taken very seriously, however today I see a complete reversal. Our parents and teachers used to recite to us from an early age the old “sticks and stones” saying and it was for a reason, it is true. We used to say, “I don't agree with you but I defend your rig

Her name is Emily Moxey, and she inspired and transformed the lives of the children in her Life Skills Class. Her students were in the 5th – 8th grade, and all were diagnosed with severe intellectual disabilities. Often, students in her class also had serious physical disabilities. Ms. Moxey opened her classroom door – and the door to the outside world – wide for them.

She worked down the hall from me, and I tried to visit her classroom whenever I could. When the challenges in my job

About four years before my parents' friend, Bill, passed away, I began spending weekends helping him with his beloved herd of Paso Fino horses. Bill was nearly 80, getting more frail every year and struggling to care for the herd that kept growing each year. The market for them had declined as the economy struggled. One stallion ran with the herd and fathered a dozen colts a year. Bill was no longer able to feed them all with the hay produced on his place and money got tighter with each passing

After the children (all 6 of them) moved out, came back and moved out again with their children, I felt it was time for me to indulge myself with some specialized education that I had always wanted, but for which I had never had time.
We are blessed to have a 2-year college in town (Northwest College, Powell, WY), with a top rated photo communications program. After getting my feet wet with an online introduction to digital photography, I registered as a full time student last fall. For me

When people reach their Golden Years, have struggled to work to build their character and their reputation, does jealousy cause a barrage of lies, slander and cyberbulling? They have worked all of their lives, enjoyed many good life experiences, maybe been honored and now they are closer to the end of their life than they were 60 years ago, but, some person with jealousy wants to destroy everything they have worked for. Jealousy can cause the most horrible of made up lies from a known or unkno

We interrupt this boring travel log to bring you some “Late Breaking News.” The Blizzard of 2015 side stepped New York City, and New Yorkers are grumbling that the officials overreacted to the predictions of an historic weather event. Well, they are after all, New Yorkers. Yogi Berra said it best: “Predicting is hard, especially when it’s the future.”

I woke up this morning to find Norwich, CT on top of the leader board with 26 inches of snow already while the storm has stalled o

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