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Questions and Stories about Grandparents

Listed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that grandparents have asked, shared, or submitted as a response to our national writing contest. Topics range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. Do you have a story to share about your experiences as a grandparent? Click the "Share Your Story" button to add your voice to!

Read Grandparents Questions and Stories

I did not wish to invite my ex husband to my birthday party. My children expect their father to attend. Why are they upset I do nto want him to come to MY party?

Life can be complicated, with trials and tribulations from birth to death, and all the convoluted paths we travel in between. Having a sense of humor helps us smooth the rough edges of life.

When we are annoyed by the neighborhood sound of a loud automobile horn honking and ask at the dinner table, “Who could be doing that!” and the reply from our seven-year-old daughter is “Beeps me!”, all is right in the world again!

When we don’t take ourselves too seriously and

I am the mother of 2 biological sons and an adopted daughter ( adopted her when she was a teen). 1 son has no children yet. Other son has teenage stepchild and his wife is expecting their 1st child. Daughter has our 1st grandchild, then married and had her 2nd child (our 3rd grandchild) and now expecting her 3rd child. We have always helped all 3 of our children anyway we could. Our daughter we have helped more due to the majority of the time she had been a single parent.she even withholds me

I'm a step grandma and my husband is a grandpa that lives in same town as grand baby. The other grand parents live out of town. So when they come to see the grand child they get Friday , Saturday and Sunday. Either staying at grand baby's house therefore spending the whole weekend. Or some times mothers sisters house. We are the only grandparents living in the same town. We get squeezed in one hour every 4-6 weeks for a one hour dinner. Like us getting the meal and bringing it back

The Secret of Happiness: This Boy Brought Joy

The day my grandson started kindergarten was bittersweet. I had spent three of his preschool years with him after losing my job, but I found out that happiness isn’t necessarily related to a real job or payment in cash.
I can’t begin to enumerate the wonderful things I learned while sharing each day with him.
I got re-acquainted with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 20 years after we first met.
Turtle P

I always wanted to be a mother. When our first child was born in 1972, my husband and I agreed that I would stay home and spend full time with this much-loved little girl. I could always finish my teacher training later.

However, my husband, an amateur astronomer, wanted to travel to West Africa the following summer to view a solar eclipse. Now at home, it fell to me to plan that rather daunting trip. Spurred on by his wistful “Wouldn’t it be great to watch the eclipse from Timbu

Planning for Play – Keep it Simple

When I was a teacher, my lesson plan book went to school with me every day. During summer vacation I planned the year’s goals, objectives, and activities; and during short breaks and weekends I tweaked them to allow for the emergent curriculum that happily sneaks in when we allow it to do so.

When I began caring for my granddaughter nearly five years ago I planned ahead also. At first I simply made sure that the house was dusted and the

My son who is married but doesn't live with his wife or son isn't allowed in his mother in law's house to visit his son.
This is the question what are his rights?
My son is still married to his son's mother.Is there a legal paper he can get giving him permission to visit his son?

Our daughter in law has decided that her kids (our Grandkids) do not need to go to school, not even homeschooled. My wife and I disagree but do not want to cause trouble by doing anything about it. We feel that all kids need an education as well as the social aspect of going to school and mixing with other kids. They are both bright kids but have no social skills at all. They do not know how to have a conversation except with their mother. They have no set times for anything, no structure in th

In most marriage ceremonies a statement is made to the couple, "two shall become one".for the first 20 years of our marriage..My husband is no longer one with me. He is one but It is with our
Adult married children. Our first daughter is pregnant. Time came for her. 4D ultrasound. She invited her mother to in law and excluded me. My heart felt crushed. My daughtet stumbled around fabricating statements, how the ultrasound was Tuesday, but how she corrected herself
Before we left. I

Be The Change: One Person at a Time
Things have changed since I was young, some for the good, and some not so good. The new technology has made it possible for people to communicate with others around the world in real time, which has brought families together, who previously had not seen each other in years. In fact, this year I was able to attend a Christmas party at my daughter’s home over 500 miles away through Skype, and even watched the grandkids open their gifts.


Ever since I was a kid, I have always wanted to do something important. I wanted to be the childhood figures I’d seen in cartoons, like Pocahontas. I wanted to be as caring and understanding as Snow White. I wanted to change lives like Mulan. When you’re a kid, everything seems easy, the world is at your feet, and you have this mindset that when you get older you can do anything. Now that I am older, nothing is simple, the world seems out of reach, and I know life isn’t boundless but has many l

For months my young grandchild has been talking about her birthday and inviting me. I am in the depths of despair to learn I am not invited on the day. It is just six days before the birthday and I mentioned it as I was leaving, I want to ask why, was in shock.
I am invited later to a big bash but I already have plans. My son and his partner had an argument about another situation and I do not want to impact their partnership. I could move back east but I adore my sweet little granddaughte

Winning the lottery can be

a) a game akin to a childhood daydreaming;
b) a serious spiritual exploration of greed and generosity; or
c) a way to clarify one's values.
Or any combination of these.

I would ask myself the question: How would winning a lot of money change my life? Would it be mostly good or mostly complicated? How would it affect my relationships? My lifestyle? Will big money lead to greed or generosity?

Mission, vision and values:

Even More Lucky!
by Christine A. Holliday

I figure I win the lottery every day that I wake up with a place to work, a family to support me, a faith that inspires me, friends to share my life’s journey, pastimes to entertain and challenge me, and my health, which makes all of these “daily prizes” possible.
But, even at my happiest and most productive, I consider how much difference winning a large sum of money would make in my life. At my place of work, a private all-girls

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