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Questions and Stories about Grandparents

Listed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that grandparents have asked, shared, or submitted as a response to our national writing contest. Topics range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. Do you have a story to share about your experiences as a grandparent? Click the "Share Your Story" button to add your voice to!

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We all come into this world...In the same way...Naked...Kicking and screaming...Gasping for air...That breathes Life into us...That in itself is a miracle...We are passed into the hands of life...For a time...To be...To become...Whatever it is...Whoever it is...Hiding inside of us...We come with no handbook...No guarantee...Blank pages upon which to begin our story...A blank canvas...Upon which...Stroke upon stroke...Are brushed...Our parents...Our siblings...Our families...Our friends...And th

I used to look with disdain at celebrities that had plastic surgery, but now that I'm old it doesn't seem so bad. In my 20's people referred to me as miss, in my 30's it was ma'am. Now that I'm in my late 50's, it's "Hey, old lady!" Things really took a turn for the worse when I was hospitalized. I realize that no one looks good in the hospital because they won't let you get any sleep. They are constantly waking you up at all hours for vital signs, blood work, IV bag changes, medicine. So there

During the many discussions of the healthcare crisis I rarely hear mentioned the real causes of the massive budget shortfalls: too many people need healthcare too often and for too long a time. Tens of millions of people, starting in early or middle adulthood, have to visit their doctors every 6 months to get one or several expensive prescriptions for conditions (like high blood pressure and cholesterol) which could be more easily, cheaply and safely controlled/prevented by healthy diets and l

I'd love to hear ideas for fun summer outings or activites to do with my grandchildren - that are memorable in their simplicity. Any thoughts?

Today as I drove home from babysitting my granddaughter, the sun was shining so brightly and giving off a feeling of warmth and even better - a promise of Spring. After what seems like an endless winter here in southeastern Pennsylvania, this warmer weather is like a gift, and I unwrap it with great glee. I roll down my window, turn up the classic rock on the radio and drive home rocking out to Creedence - and yep, that includes singing too! Sure, the air is still a little nippy and there is st

As parents we were always recording "firsts" - first word, first step, first haircut, first solid food,first time they slept through the night, first day of school,first trip, etc. As a grandparent I am thrilled to hear about all the "firsts" of my grandchildren, but find I concentrate more on moments, rather than firsts.
I recently enjoyed some very special "moments"
with two of my grandchildren, Little 5 month old Amelia who is such a sweetie and snuggle bug and 21 month old Gar

The other day I went over to my grandmother's house to help her around the house. When I was done with the work we sat down and just talked. Time flew and I had to get home for dinner, so I kissed her goodbye and drove home. On the way home I was thinking about my other grandmother, who is in a nursing home because she had a stroke. My dad takes time out of his week to go see her on Fridays. Then the thought occurred me, what is the difference between the two.We tend to not think about one gran

Calling all fellow grandparents:

Name your favorite, free (or cheap) fall activity to do with your grandkids.

Mine is going to a local apple orchid. We pick apples, drink cidar, and check out pumpkins, etc. The one we go to here in York County, PA is Brown's Orchards & Farm Markets.

Many have fall festivals, free music, etc. on the weekends. Check your local paper.

What's your favorite fall activity with you

One would think that by the time the fourth grandchild is born that some of the thrill would be gone. But as the date approaches for this new little one to enter the world, I am still just as excited as I was for my first grandchild to be born. In fact, it's kind of like eating potato chips - once you eat one, you just want more - the more I get, the more I want!!
I now have a 4 1/2 year old granddaughter, 16 month old grandson and a 3 month old granddaughter and they are all so precious

I'm 36 years old. I'm not a grandparent. The reason I'm posting in this stage is that I think it's safe to say we've all picked up some life lessons from our grandparents at some point in our lives.

Please take a moment to share a life lesson you've learned from your grandmother or grandfather.

Here's mine: "Never give up."

Okay, so this seems a little cliche, I know, but it's a life lesson that is emphasized in my heart and mind everytime I think about m

People were her lifeline. She wanted them and likewise they too were attracted to her. Her charm and common sense, her piety and her calm, were there for all to imbibe and to emulate.
They say a woman is the back bone of the family; she can make it or break it.
This lady was the matriarch of our family. Her kind and gentle demeanor was only a facade for an assertive and stubborn personality.
She laid the rules, the values, the religious rituals to be followed. All laid down by

My husband and I are thinking about downsizing and moving into a condo. We have two big worries...1) regrets of selling our home and 2) moving out of town and away from our grandchildren. Does anyone have thoughts or experiences of their own share on this?

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