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Questions and Stories about Grandparents

Listed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that grandparents have asked, shared, or submitted as a response to our national writing contest. Topics range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. Do you have a story to share about your experiences as a grandparent? Click the "Share Your Story" button to add your voice to!

Read Grandparents Questions and Stories

I did not wish to invite my ex husband to my birthday party. My children expect their father to attend. Why are they upset I do nto want him to come to MY party?

Life can be complicated, with trials and tribulations from birth to death, and all the convoluted paths we travel in between. Having a sense of humor helps us smooth the rough edges of life.

When we are annoyed by the neighborhood sound of a loud automobile horn honking and ask at the dinner table, “Who could be doing that!” and the reply from our seven-year-old daughter is “Beeps me!”, all is right in the world again!

When we don’t take ourselves too seriously and

I am the mother of 2 biological sons and an adopted daughter ( adopted her when she was a teen). 1 son has no children yet. Other son has teenage stepchild and his wife is expecting their 1st child. Daughter has our 1st grandchild, then married and had her 2nd child (our 3rd grandchild) and now expecting her 3rd child. We have always helped all 3 of our children anyway we could. Our daughter we have helped more due to the majority of the time she had been a single parent.she even withholds me

I'm a step grandma and my husband is a grandpa that lives in same town as grand baby. The other grand parents live out of town. So when they come to see the grand child they get Friday , Saturday and Sunday. Either staying at grand baby's house therefore spending the whole weekend. Or some times mothers sisters house. We are the only grandparents living in the same town. We get squeezed in one hour every 4-6 weeks for a one hour dinner. Like us getting the meal and bringing it back

The Secret of Happiness: This Boy Brought Joy

The day my grandson started kindergarten was bittersweet. I had spent three of his preschool years with him after losing my job, but I found out that happiness isn’t necessarily related to a real job or payment in cash.
I can’t begin to enumerate the wonderful things I learned while sharing each day with him.
I got re-acquainted with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 20 years after we first met.
Turtle P

I always wanted to be a mother. When our first child was born in 1972, my husband and I agreed that I would stay home and spend full time with this much-loved little girl. I could always finish my teacher training later.

However, my husband, an amateur astronomer, wanted to travel to West Africa the following summer to view a solar eclipse. Now at home, it fell to me to plan that rather daunting trip. Spurred on by his wistful “Wouldn’t it be great to watch the eclipse from Timbu

Planning for Play – Keep it Simple

When I was a teacher, my lesson plan book went to school with me every day. During summer vacation I planned the year’s goals, objectives, and activities; and during short breaks and weekends I tweaked them to allow for the emergent curriculum that happily sneaks in when we allow it to do so.

When I began caring for my granddaughter nearly five years ago I planned ahead also. At first I simply made sure that the house was dusted and the

My son who is married but doesn't live with his wife or son isn't allowed in his mother in law's house to visit his son.
This is the question what are his rights?
My son is still married to his son's mother.Is there a legal paper he can get giving him permission to visit his son?

Our daughter in law has decided that her kids (our Grandkids) do not need to go to school, not even homeschooled. My wife and I disagree but do not want to cause trouble by doing anything about it. We feel that all kids need an education as well as the social aspect of going to school and mixing with other kids. They are both bright kids but have no social skills at all. They do not know how to have a conversation except with their mother. They have no set times for anything, no structure in th

In most marriage ceremonies a statement is made to the couple, "two shall become one".for the first 20 years of our marriage..My husband is no longer one with me. He is one but It is with our
Adult married children. Our first daughter is pregnant. Time came for her. 4D ultrasound. She invited her mother to in law and excluded me. My heart felt crushed. My daughtet stumbled around fabricating statements, how the ultrasound was Tuesday, but how she corrected herself
Before we left. I

Be The Change: One Person at a Time
Things have changed since I was young, some for the good, and some not so good. The new technology has made it possible for people to communicate with others around the world in real time, which has brought families together, who previously had not seen each other in years. In fact, this year I was able to attend a Christmas party at my daughter’s home over 500 miles away through Skype, and even watched the grandkids open their gifts.


Ever since I was a kid, I have always wanted to do something important. I wanted to be the childhood figures I’d seen in cartoons, like Pocahontas. I wanted to be as caring and understanding as Snow White. I wanted to change lives like Mulan. When you’re a kid, everything seems easy, the world is at your feet, and you have this mindset that when you get older you can do anything. Now that I am older, nothing is simple, the world seems out of reach, and I know life isn’t boundless but has many l

For months my young grandchild has been talking about her birthday and inviting me. I am in the depths of despair to learn I am not invited on the day. It is just six days before the birthday and I mentioned it as I was leaving, I want to ask why, was in shock.
I am invited later to a big bash but I already have plans. My son and his partner had an argument about another situation and I do not want to impact their partnership. I could move back east but I adore my sweet little granddaughte

Winning the lottery can be

a) a game akin to a childhood daydreaming;
b) a serious spiritual exploration of greed and generosity; or
c) a way to clarify one's values.
Or any combination of these.

I would ask myself the question: How would winning a lot of money change my life? Would it be mostly good or mostly complicated? How would it affect my relationships? My lifestyle? Will big money lead to greed or generosity?

Mission, vision and values:

Even More Lucky!
by Christine A. Holliday

I figure I win the lottery every day that I wake up with a place to work, a family to support me, a faith that inspires me, friends to share my life’s journey, pastimes to entertain and challenge me, and my health, which makes all of these “daily prizes” possible.
But, even at my happiest and most productive, I consider how much difference winning a large sum of money would make in my life. At my place of work, a private all-girls

My grandfather is dead,
these words put together should never be said.
They say he is still here within me,
but it is not the same as it used to be.
I miss his jokes, his voice, his laugh,
How did time go by so fast?
It has only been two months since he died
everyday since then I have cried.
Everyone tries to lend a hand,
but they did not know him like I did; so they cannot understand.
I am so lost, so broken, I am DONE!
Dear God, please kn

A family vacation that I will never forget was to visit my grandmother in south Mississippi, she lived just a few miles from the beach in the little town of Pass Christian. We were to be there for a week but we ended up staying only a couple of days, we arrived late on Friday August 15, 1969 and left to return back home to north Louisiana early Sunday morning August 17.
I had just turned six years old, but this time is very vivid in my mind. We toured around like we normally did when we we

My sons and daughter and I and a total of their four kids took a cruise to Baja California. It really is a perfect family vacation because it’s self-contained. All of the food, a state room, two swimming pools, entertainment, and a gym onboard made a fun-filled week for us all. There was a club for the kids with a secure registration policy offering games and fun, allowing the parents an hour or two by themselves.
My favorite part became our evening meals. We had the same wait-staff

The year was 1957.Sixty-one desks on wooden runners were occupied by at least as many third graders. Instead of the usual intimidating nun standing in the front of the room, the class focused their gaze on a petite young woman with dark-cropped hair and friendly blue eyes known as Miss Catherine.

From the start, I knew third grade would be memorable. Miss Catherine had the ability to generate excitement and infuse her lessons with novelty and fun. To be sure, I learned

How quickly the fingers point at teachers when the educational system has failed so many students; the same students that go out into our world as our leaders, job creators, and contributors of society. A reality check shows that teachers are only a part of the equation for the epidemic levels of illiteracy in the 21st Century. Understanding the subtleties of our educational system will lead to a resolution.

According to the Department of Education, the Office of Educational Research

My son-in-law and I got off to a very bad start, but once there were grandkids I love them very much, did my best to make repairs, and do my best to see the kids. They don't live very far, but I only get to see them maybe 4 times a year, last time on holiday without son-in-law. Now I was pleased to be invited to go on holiday with their whole family.

While we were discussing where over a week or two, I made a suggestion and my daughter replied no, they were going with the other gran

I am a 53 year old single woman . I have 2 sons one has a son and a daughter that is not his biological daughter . I moved here from the east coast when I knew my son and girlfriend were not being responsible with the kids. They are not drug addicts , but they were lazy , and let utilities get shut of and s forth . My ex husband who never paid child support for his own children, went to court in Ar, and got guardianship of the kids , they promised me that they would always let the parents be in

Our 20 year old grandson was allowed to move into our home by my husband. I disaproved but was told by my husband that he didnt care whether I liked it or not he was moving in. I am disabled and require help with many of my daily activities. The grandson dId not do any housework, paid no rent, paid for no groceries, I had to wash his clothes, used chewing tobacco in our home after he was told it would not be tolerated, he worked an my husband handled his money (he said he couldnt manage his mo

Only the Lord above can control the weather. Whatever we get, we have to work with.

2004 is remembered for its notorious hurricane season.
She was excited to be five years old on August 13th. My sweet granddaughter Maya’s birthday party was scheduled at Lowry Park Zoo. She had attended the preschool program which was set-up within the park. Would you believe, on just that weekend when all the families and her friends were looking forward to gather, there arose a hurrican

I am 55, single mom of two great adult children. My son and I seem to butte heads on several matters. Most recently, I wanted to go to VA to visit my son & daughter in law. I texted my son and "I am thinking of coming out end of March spring break". I said I didn't want them taking off work, just wanted to spend some time there and at the beach. That I wanted to get away and relax. It is their anniversary and my son's birthday that week. Well... I then realized he would flip out, so I

A New Normal

Think of a garden hose, lazily resting in concentric circles upon silent ground. The nozzle is off, no water is running. Someone turns the spigot, slowly, slowly, until reaching full pressure. The nozzle is still closed so no water bursts forth. But the pressure. It builds, and builds, until that hose wiggles, thrashes, and moves in an array of eccentric patterns. That's what Parkinson's does. The pressure starts slowly and builds until there is no option but to mo

Tackling religion with your children can be a challenge in any household. My husband is Christian, and I was raised with a mix of Native American and aging hippie views. We had agreed early on that when the time came we would expose our kids to a variety of religions and views to give them an idea of what was out there.

Before bed one night, our three-year old started asking questions. My husband saw an opportunity to teach her about his beliefs.

"Well," He began. "God liv

After being divorced for 3 plus years, my ex husband remarried a wonderful woman. She and I have not met, but we talk and confirm who wants to buy what for Christmas gifts for my kids. Like I said, she is wonderful. But recently I became a Grandma! My daughter had been married for 4 years and as she finished her graduate degree, she and her hubby decided they were ready. It did not take long for me and my son in laws mother to get on board. Nine and a half months later, we all fall head o

I haven't lived in the same state as my grandmother for years now, and the last time I saw her was about three years ago. However, no matter how long I’m away from my home town, I still remember going to her house every single day for dinner. She’s probably the best cook I’ve ever met, and she’s never been taught how to do any of it. She just knows. Maybe it’s because she’s a grandma, or maybe because she’s just amazing and knows how to make food on her own. I don’t really have a favorite food,

Recently I’ve experienced a milestone. I have been delighting in the fulfillment of a promise I made to myself. Often, people my age shelve their dreams and neglect to consider their possibilities. They have traded in what used to be important to them for what they have come to settle for, telling themselves that it is too late. I refuse to believe that it is ever too late.
When I was young, I wanted to be a writer. I had no idea what was in store for me then. The road that I was o

My grandma is the best. She takes care of me. I don't no what I would do with out her. I lived with her since I was 6 years old. My mom died Died on my birthday .I miss her so much. My grandmother and my grandfather take care of me now. That's why I love them so much. If I won I would take them to apple bees. Plus I'm only a little girl.

This is my first year in 22 years that I have not had to buy school clothes for a child's first day of school. It is also my first year as a grandmother. I sit and watch my beautiful new granddaughter sleeping and look over at her adoring mother. Tomorrow is her first day back to work. She is crying at the thought.
As I watch her, I think about the many "first days" she will experience. At the same time, a commercial comes on for "back to school discounts". This makes me think of some of t

I had a little pony,
His name was Dapple Grey,
I lent him to a lady,
To ride a mile away.

She whipped him, she slashed him,
She rode him through the mire;
I would not lend my pony now,
For all the lady's hire.

We sang this song as children, and I dreamed of being a bareback rider in the circus. You pretended you were a roping, riding cowboy. Your bicycle had just had the training wheels removed. I was setting


Growing up I know I inherited the shy gene. I now realize that my handicap wasn’t as detrimental as I thought at the time. Because I was reluctant to get into the thick of things, I became more of an observer, rather than a participant.

I didn’t smoke because I was so nervous that I feared people would look at me and think
I wasn’t doing it right. Saved myself from lung cancer right there!

I didn’t drink because

Are you old enough to remember the Art Linkletter Show and the segment, Kids Say the Darndest Things? When my daughters were little, they said so many funny things. I wish I had written them all down because now I can’t remember half of them. My grandchildren are the witty ones now, and I have vowed to record their sayings, not just for myself, but for my daughter to enjoy as well.
A few weeks ago Grampy and I were visiting our daughter and her family of three beautiful child

Being a teenager raised by a mother who was a teen when she gave birth to you can be a dangerous path to follow. Growing up in a home where the parent had to give up their teenage years to raise two babies can be a place where you feel so alone and scared to ask those important questions that you need answers to. I looked for those answers in the wrong places.
I wanted to feel loved no matter what. I craved attention from someone of the opposite sex. I thought if I had that a

You are not supposed to fall in love with your friends with benefits. It is the common rule in seduction, you fall in love- you lose. And nobody likes losing. But there are very few that do not fall. Because even though your mind knows it is all play-pretend, somehow you start to fall for all the acting. And when you fall in seduction, you get bruised and bumped and sometimes-most times- you bleed because somewhere in between the contract, in little print, it was written that no one would catch

I pulled my car into the garage, turned off the engine, and let out a big sigh. Good God, she'd be waiting! It had been a usual stressful day at work, and I wasn't ready for her. At the time, I worked as a chaplain in a nursing home where residents, family members, and staff alike face daily the more difficult realities of life. I steeled myself for what I knew was to come, went out the service door into the yard and there she was - all 3½ feet and 35 pounds.

Lily is my wife's and my

My first experience as a grandmother occurred on January 25, 1985 when my oldest granddaughter was born. I was present for her debut into the world and it was an intensely moving experience. But in hindsight, I really had no idea what experiences this would bring into my life.
She came home after her time in the hospital during a snowstorm which prevented driving up our country dirt lane. Her mother was already at home with me, so I brought this tiny little bundle, held firmly in my arm

My relationships with both my maternal and paternal grandparents have fluctuated as I’ve grown older and although I’m not exceptionally close to any of them, I deeply cherish the time that we have spent together and the memories that flood back when I think of them and talk to them now. They have all taught me wonderful things and are beautiful, dynamic people with huge hearts.

I have very vivid, specific memories of each of them spending time with me alone or with the r

This month I turned sixty. I have two adult daughters, three grandsons and two granddaughters. It is a milestone for me in many ways.

Ten years ago, at the age of fifty, and about to become a grandmother for the first time, I found myself, once again, in treatment for anorexia. I was fighting to remain alive, engaged in a thirty year battle with this complex and devastating disorder.

In researching the women of my family for an album I was working on for my daughters

"It's a pirate!" the little girl yelled.

All parents have experienced it. You know what I'm talking about. That time when the innocent child blurts out something that cannot be called back once it leaves those innocent lips. I was at the airport, trying to get on a flight in O'Hare with about 400 other people. Half were waiting for their flight to load, while my half waited for our plane, sitting at the gate, waiting to unload. Needless to say, we were all weary travelers.

By Margery Wakefield

My eyes are different from your eyes. No problem.
I weigh more than you do. No problem.
You are taller than I am. No problem.
My brain is different from your brain. BIG problem, especially if I happen to have schizophrenia, which I do. Because I am schizophrenic, I can be fired from my job, thought of as a deranged killer, called names like “nuts,” “psycho,” “fruitcake,” “wacko,” “crazy,” “weirdo,” loony,” and many

My stepdaughter to whom I have been very kind and loving.
Made quilts and clothing for just does not like me. She is coming to visit and refuses to tell us the exact date.
She tells us its the first week in the month she is coming.
I work so I would have to request time off but really am not sure what date she is coming. I can only take off 2 days so I really need to know what date she is coming. I think she doesn't want me taking any time off so she doesn't have to have me he

I am sad to say that of my family members, my grandparents are the two who I see and talk to the least right now. When I was younger I saw them all the time. In the spring, they would come up from Florida because of the warmer weather and stay up here at their own house until the middle of autumn when the weather began to turn cold again. Sorta like Mary Poppins, they stayed until the winds changed.

A few years back, they moved down to Florida permanently, after the trips back and

Our granddaughter is 7 and dealing with her father's third deployment. It's hard on the families of our military soldiers and sometimes we don't realize the impact it has on their children.

Our Granddaughter this past week was visiting and told me, ( mimi) that she loves to fly on the airplane but doesn't like having to say goodbye when the trip is over.

She has had a tough week for a little one. When she returned home last week she had to face losing her best friends th

When my kids were born my mother came to live with us to help take care of them while I worked. I am so thankful for her help and I know the kids loved her adventurous spirit. The kids are getting older but they have so many great memories of grandma and all the fun they have had.

Looking back over the years there were times she had a truck load of sand delivered and set up a small pool beside it and equipped it with shovels and buckets for a day at the beach when they could not tak

There is something quite romantic about Shoebox Memories, the thought of treasured keepsakes stored away for the future, love letters, lockets, jewellery, mementos of a forbidden liaison – very ‘Brief Encounter’. Not all shoeboxes have to be surrounded by a powder puff of romantic memories. They could be keepsakes that would act as a nice hand me down to your children or grandchildren.

Shoebox memories are often accompanied with a vintage feel to them, and things that remind you of p

It does not need to be a grand and flashy trip somewhere to make an impression on a child. Merely spending time doing small things like reading, cooking, playing, storytelling are all that is needed. Children are fascinated by the past and things that we did that when we were younger, even if we were not on covered wagons! It does not take a lot of money or energy to make an impact on a grandchild’s life.

My own mother has made a big impact on my children’s lives over the years. She

Many people say this line of their wedding vows without really giving much thought to what the “in sickness” part might look like. When you are healthy, the term “sickness” often means a cold or the flu or maybe bronchitis. But for many, sickness can take on a more sinister turn into the realm of chronic illness.

A chronic illness is, by definition, one that lasts more than either 3 or 6 months; then you have the illnesses and/or injuries from which you recover and those from whi

Cameras have been in cell phones for a while, but it hasn’t been until recently that they’ve taken center stage on the teen social scene. We teenagers take photos of everything, whether it be friends at a dance, or the beautiful hamburger that just appeared on our plate.

With Instragram, we can share the photos, complete with artsy effects, with anyone who “follows” our feed. Or we can make a video montage of cool ski tricks that our friends pulled off using Vine, a six second video-

This summer I will happily accompany my mom back to her hometown of Bucksport, Maine. We've visited there before but this year will be different, this year I'll be taking her, she won't be taking me. In many ways I'll be the adult, and the caretaker and she the child; a role that will be new for me and I will have to reinvent myself. I know I will have to be on high alert as I can be impatient and critical at times and there will be no place for these unfavorable traits of mine on this trip.

Recollect Grandma's sweet smiles. Never forget her
warm heart, beautiful face,her encouragement throughout
childhood, Laughter and tears all the problems vanish
with her real tender care. Grandma remains always
in the heart and I were comfortable with her hugging
and brought up. I always love and remember Grandma
whenever I go to bed.
Her affection remains in LIFE as Great, Greater and Greatest too

Saturday morning cartoons were a big deal to me and my three younger brothers in 1966. Each of us had an assigned Saturday for deciding whether we would watch Huckleberry Hound, Bugs Bunny, or the Jetsons. On one particular morning, I was unhappy with the choice one of my siblings had made. How a pipe wrench came to be in my eight-year-old hand, I do not remember. I do, however, very clearly remember striking the head of one of the characters of the offending cartoon. The result was a nick

After my husband’s passing, I wrote “thank yous“ for the wonderful condolence messages, and as was my habit, signed both our names. I soon heard from concerned friends that I wasn’t facing reality. “What reality?” I protested. “I am our secretary; he always left it to me.”

However, he did compose one note that I cherish. He wrote it on the day of our second daughter’s birth, and I have read the note at the naming of each of my great grandchildren.

“Thank you, dear G-d,”

My grandfather, like my grandfather's father and all the men before or after him in my family, is a fisherman. Not just any kind of fisherman, though. There's the fishermen who fish on the beach, off the dock, or off a boat, and then there's the fishermen who own party boats, capable of taking out crowds of 75-100 to go fishing during the summer and early fall. My grandfather was the latter.

When my grandfather's father was starting out in life (I'm saying his 30s)he bought a boat an

It has been seven years since my grandma passed away. Going into high school, I not only had to grow up but say goodbye to a really important person in my life as well. It was hard enough dealing with the upset, let alone going through the notions just to get through school. But I found a way to cope, knowing she’s happier where she is – no longer in pain from being sick. Ever since she left, I always thought of new ways to cherish her memory. But the things I made along the way got lost or rui

One of my favorite TV shows is about two decades older than I. The cast was on its second televised reunion by the time I was born. I posted these thoughts about Happy Days here because I know they will resonate far more with those who grew up with or had children that watched the series the first time around. This teenager saw her first episode while home sick in 8th grade; with the help of her DVR she was soon hooked.

Happy Days was an idealistic, altruistic show that aimed to be

My grandmother called today. I saw her this past Sunday. Prior to today and Sunday I hadn't seen her since Christmas Eve. I'm ashamed of that.

When I do visit Nanny, she talks constantly about dying. Not that she is afraid to die, but that she wishes death would hurry up and arrive. I understand she has lived over 80 years so I try to steer our conversations to stories of the past.

Nanny is a wealth of writing material. She brings back memories during our talks that

A soft, sweet summer breeze sweeps over the path, as her shimmering golden locks fly behind her and she toddles after a puppy.
With her bright, exquisite sundress blowing in the wind and her dainty little baby toes padding on the cold, hard packed earth, not even noticing how hard and cold it is, and only seeing the true beauty around her.
She stops long enough to smell an auspicious, boastful flower, when a bright, red, luminescent berry catches her eye. She plucks it off the vine an

A pall fell over our country just weeks before Christmas when twenty innocent victims, some no older than ten, lost their lives in yet another senseless shooting. Over the last few years, I’ve asked myself time and again, when did this violence begin…and more importantly, why? For me, growing up took place in a simpler, gentler time. School and safety were synonymous. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons I became a teacher. I always loved school!
Over the years, I witnessed our sc

Hello All,

Stage of Life is proud to announce its latest endeavor - the development of the first mobile storytelling game! For the last three months, we have been putting our creative efforts into drafting Writing Race, a multiplayer story writing game for Apple iPhone where friends will collaboratively (or competitively) write a story together using their mobile phone.

Our idea to expand Stage of Life’s literacy initiative to the mobile realm began as some scribbling on

I am a 45 year old grandmother I have a beautiful 6 year old grand daughter she is the light of my life. She lives with me full time and I am her legal guardian I never thought I would be raising another one I had children early in life, didn't want to be a older parent. I love my 2 children dearly but was looking forward to not having a little one underfoot. school PTA, parent teacher conferences, Dr visits etc, But now I wouldn't give it up for the world.
It is a lot of work right now h

Is that all there is? and then DIE?
I don't think so.....thats what I thought when I was a teen.....then HE TOUCHED ME! Yes, I was blown away when I was on drugs....I was 20 , a college drop out and making pizzas for something to do. I was drinking daily to escape the emptiness of my existence. Sure, it was a facade that I was "partying". I was miserable and God knew it. He was gracious enough to know when to intervene. I was busted a few weeks earlier for having a party with some pot at m

Hi there,

How may I be able to contribute articles to your blog? Do I paste the entire content here? Or do I email you the article in word file?

Looking forward to hear from you.


I have never been in favor of numbers, especially when it came to age. When kids joke about death, I immediately become sensitive unknowingly. But I'm aware aging is natural and inevitable, which is what scares me the most.

Luckily, I am surrounded by all these people that I love, like my grandparents. But whenever I am spending time with them, I can't help but noticing another wrinkle on their face or their momentary loss of memory. Time passes by so quickly and so do the numbers.

I remember growing up how every time you held me you held me super close. Ever time you would see me you would say how beautiful I was and spoil me rotten.
But when I started growing up you slowly changed.
What happened to the Nana who would eat chocolate chip cookies with me until our stomach hurt? Or the Nana who would watch hours of television with me when you had so many other things to do?
Nana what happened?
Why don't you remember me?
Why don't you remember wh

My grandmother recently had a heart attack. About six months ago, she was routinely doing chores and cooking food for my family in India, when she fell to the floor and started having heart pains. My aunt and uncle quickly took her to the clinical practitioner a few doors over and asked what had just happened. The doctor told them she had just had a heart attack! What was amazing was that even with the heart attack, she was able to walk to the doctor’s office. Nevertheless, my grandmother was t

Until I was three years old we lived with my grandparents on my mother’s side in their home south of Pittsburgh. Then my parents and grandparents bought two adjacent properties out in Nottingham Township, farther south, out in ‘the country”

My parents had one acre and built their home on top of a hill. The grandparents on my mother’s side had an acre next to that on a lower plot.

I remember running out of my ranch house kitchen door, down the steps to the driveway, whe

This is an adaption of a blog post on

“He must be the most documented baby on Facebook EVER! “ This was an observation by one of my son’s friends when my first grandchild, Brent, was going on a year old.
Well, I don’t know. Surely there are others like me? I did a quick Facebook check today. I have 73 photo albums…..not sure how many pictures are in each but probably about 30 or more per album would be a good average. I also have 287 videos there.
I uplo

Raised in Eastern Europe or possibly the Russian Empire, my grandmother could get by in a handful of languages. I don’t know about the other languages, but her English was heavily accented. That fit in just fine when and where I grew up in Upstate New York. Many grandparents and more than a few parents were first generation immigrants.

Our small city bore no resemblance to New York City. There were no neighborhood concentrations of immigrants from any one country or conversant in an

When I was young, we lived in the inner city. I had a great time growing up but it wasn’t without its challenges. I remember living in my neighbor as a youth, there was this street not too far from house that we weren’t allowed to cross. I never knew what was beyond that street but I always knew that there was more to life than just my neighborhood. Don’t ask me how, but I knew that there was so much more to life and so much more I needed to see.
I remember sitting and talking with my mot

Dear Grandbaby,

When you are born, you will be the last of a long line of grandchildren. Your oldest cousins will be your teenaged babysitters; the grade-schoolers will be your personal entertainers. The youngest of your cousins, always a few steps ahead of you, will be eager to show you everything they’ve learned in their own short lives.

As for me, I will coddle and snuggle you as I have all the rest. But I will hold you a little closer, knowing you will be the last. I w

Sloan Baby,

I know you are only nine months old and so you won’t be able to read this letter for a while. But I know this Mamie’s feelings will only deepen by then, so multiply all I am about to say times a hundred.

I love you so much I let you teethe on my chin; yes, even when real teeth started coming through.
You love me so much you show off by sticking out your tongue or clucking it and winking at me (with both eyes, mind you). All - simply to impress me with you

Hi, I am new to stages of life. I blog at The Empty Nest Express I'm a fairly new happily married empty nester with two little grandangels that I watch one day a week. At times I have guest bloggers and am looking for some single parents who are now empty nesters who might like to briefly - 3-4 paragraphs or so, share their challenges and/or new adventures. If you would be interested drop my a line on my blog - you can use the contact form. I look forward to get


As a senior citizen I began thinking about how I could pass on something of value to children and grandchildren before I pass on. Besides what I have experienced myself, the media often points out the decline of interest in church membership and attendance or the inclination to hop from one church to another, looking perhaps for more than dogmatic structures.

As a grandmother I began wondering where that turn of events leaves our sons and daughters and gr

The story is about a project I, as a grandparent am working on to help needy lonely abandoned children. It is about a little mouse nick-named Spacey because he was always looking out into space and wondering about things. So when he heard NASA was taking on animal volunteers for one of its first space trips, he signed up, hoping to find the way to God out there. But the spaceship lands by accident in Africa and now he must find his way home. Through his experiences with some African childre

There is a time for everything, and everything on Earth has its special season. There is a time to be born and a time to die... I said this over and over again after the death of my grandfather, trying to reassure myself that death was a natural process, and that he was in a better place, but losing Poppy was the hardest thing I ever went though.
My grandpa and I had a very close bond. We didn't get to see each other that often because of the distance, but when we did, we had the greatest

For a sun lover like myself, moving to a warmer climate is such a no-brainer. Unfortunately, my husband is one of those people who enjoys the changing seasons, likes cool weather, and really does not even mind the snow. My goal was clear from the start, his not so much! Many factors played into the decision, and we have talked them over time and again.

-Cost of Living: This is easy. The area where we are looking in Florida is much less expensive than our current area. Home prices ha

Sunday - November 6, 2011 - my grandfather on his bed - unwilling to eat, unmoved, must be staring at the ceiling trying to breath... trying to find that oxygen to inhale, for another pump of blood, for one more pulse... and when all the trying stops - he was gone.

I tried to make a call, hoping that maybe when he hear my voice he might find another reason to breath, to hold on, but it's too late. He must have been tired waiting, waiting for his children to visit and most probably t

We are all surrounded by a countless number of individuals who strongly influence our lives in many different ways. These individuals help determine our character and mold us into the individuals that we have and will become. However, for most, there is one person in our lives that holds greater influence above all. This person is one that we love, admire, respect and cherish because of the beauty, enjoyment, and blessings that they bring into our lives. For me, this person is my Grandma Crites

Recently, I have read the series of stories entitled "100 Days of Cancer." It seems that story after story emerges telling tales of heartbreaking deaths and diagnoses. Now, it's my turn. About a month ago or so my best friend's grandmother passed away of lung cancer. Originally, the doctors only gave her about six months to live. As time elapsed and disappeared into a a huge mass of anxiety, no one had prepared themselves for what came next. Then again how could any one have ever predicted thi

A couple of days ago my former writing partner, author and conservative comedian Al Sonja Schmidt, invited me to appear on her new radio program to discuss the topic "Aging Gracefully." Of course I agreed to help a sistah out, mainly because if it weren't for "Sonz" I would have never enjoyed a career as a professional television writer and, quite frankly, because I love the sound of my own voice. However as I began to think about the subject at hand I realized I was probably the most unqualifi

Now, what I'm about to tell you is a story that I remember like it happened yesterday. All i could feel was the tears running down my cheeks and my heart beating faster than normal. It was early in the weekend, and I had a usual basketball game. The whole game itself was very difficult, and ended in a loss. Although the loss was very hard. After the game we went back home, tired and exhausted from the game, so i did what most teenagers do now a . I went on the computer. Typical teenager thin

The nation has been rocked by the not guilty verdict for Casey Anthony! We watched, listened and then we came to our own verdicts, so when the not guilty verdicts were read, fury erupted everywhere.

Not only was the television filled with opinions and fury, but so was Facebook! I was just as surprised as everyone else when I heard the clerk read the verdicts. I just sat there, staring at the TV. It was unbelievable, yet it really happened. While many people voiced their rage and fury

I know everyone says that their family is the best; however, I haven't met anyone yet as good-hearted as my Yiayia. She cares about everyone and everything with the same equality. Yiayia was there to help my mom when I was born premature and she is always there for me still through school events and different activites. I don't know how I will ever live without her and I hope I will never have to. She is my world and she knows it. :) I love you Yiayia <3

When my son married 11 years ago, we had had a wonderful and unique relationship.

When he got married, things changed completely, my daughter in-law just didn't like anything or said at all, and although they live 3,000 miles from me, I manage to go there at least couple of times a year, it was very painful for me the things she said to me, but I never said anything to my son because I didn't want to cause any problems to him, I wasn't or am allowed to say anything to their 2 girls

Thinking of what helped me the most as a mother took me back 35 years. I was a first time mother of a baby boy- totally unprepared for the loss of independence- but completely in love with him and determined to keep him happy.He was awake alot, didn't seem to need much sleep, and was happiest in my arms.This worked for awhile until a) he became heavier and b)after a few months of getting very little done; life at hand needed attention.
My solution was a baby backpack which is what we

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As I watch the two youngest of my four grandchildren napping I consider how different life is now for parents compared to just 25 years ago when their own father was napping his afternoon away. The fact is that their father worries day after day about whether he'll have a job tomorrow, let alone until both he and his wife finish their degree's in another year and where they will end up after that if jobs don't open up in their chosen fields by then, here, in the metro area. Twenty-five years ag

There is a movement toward offering more choices in our K-12 education systems. Charter schools and online schools are increasing. Parochial schools and home-schooling programs are also expanding. More children are leaving the traditional public school systems, not only from low achieving schools but also from those who receive excellent ratings. Do you think this will improve our educational programs? If so why is it better to have so many choices?

My story is on my blog, you are invited to come and read.

I am a grandmother of eight soon to be nine this fall. Two of our grandsons we are raising. We have had them for two years. They are now ages five and six. The five year old has Aspergers Syndrome so that has added little more to our raising them since we now take him for therapy sessions and other doctor appointments whom also treat him for ADHD. While the older one is doing great he did have abandonment issues so he sees a psychologist along with his younger brother to deal with those issues.

We've all seen the ads on TV: "Hi. I'm a busy mother of five, a banking executive, and an amature spelunker. I don't have time for urinary incontinence. That's why I take Flowbrake. If you want to enjoy your life again, ask your doctor about Flowbrake."

After watching the commercial I thought to myself, "Maybe I should ask my doctor about Flowbrake. There was that recent embarrassing incident." I was at the super store when I had to go to the bathroom. Of course it was on the other s

I am a 43 year old grandmother raising her almost 5 year old grand daughter, I had children early in life 19 and 21 so I thought when I got older I would be settleing down at this age just me and my hubby, well...I was married to my childrens father for a little over 15 years then got divorced. He decoded he didnt want to play much of the "father" role after that so the children lived withe me. My daughter long long story isn't able to care for her daughter full time so I became her legal guard

As the doting grand parents of 4 grand children, 2 great grand children and 1 eight year old; our activity lists varies in times of cold. Weather permitting (snow) lends family time for us to ice skate or go snow boarding. We keep to the shorter and less steep hills or bumps to avoid massive injuries. Our 3 grandsons like walking in the rain with their grand dad. Our oldest grand daughter of 23 loves to shop and that can be done no matter the weather. Our family favorite is attending Dave

Remember when you were a child...And you had to make a decision about something?...Like who would be on your dodge ball team...Or who you would ask for a sleepover?...When your mind just couldn't be made-up in any other way?...

And promises were signed...Sealed and delivered...By linking pinkies...In the everlasting bond of a "pinkie swear"...Or a "pinkie promise?"....A secret shared between you and your newest...B.F.F...?...Whispered giggles about the little boy you had a crush on..

One of the activities I have enjoyed with my grandchildren...Are walks through the neighborhood...When my older granddaughters were much younger...We spent a lot of time together...The three of us...Always looked forward to warm weather...

We would put on our..."Walking hats..."...Which were actually...Little matching black deck hats...I picked up on sale for a dollar...A two year old and a four year old...And an "olde girl"...Off to see the world...Together...Usually a few times a d

Sometimes...It may appear...I forgot to look at a map...Left my compass at home...Didn't turn the GPS system on...Couldn't find the North Star...Failed to ask for detailed directions...Perhaps I stray from the beaten path now and then...

Don't laugh...But I am even a bit on the spontaneous side...I do crazee things...And if I happen to forget what I am doing...I just keep on doing what I'm doing...Until A.)...I remember what I was doing...Or...B.)...Decide it must not have been impor

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