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Questions and Stories about Raising a Family

Listed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that parents have asked, shared, or submitted as a response to our national writing contest. Topics range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. Do you have a story to share about your experiences as a parent? Click the "Share Your Story" button to add your voice to!

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I’m happiest when I’m able to forget about myself and become completely immersed in an enjoyable or productive activity. I like to think of it as escaping myself. During this time I’m focused only on the present situation around me and am not worrying about anything to do with myself.

One way I know when I’ve escaped myself is when I zone out or lose track of time. I’m so wrapped up in the present experience that time goes by without me noticing. Another indication of escaping mysel

Have you noticed that (almost) every blog post includes a list? Undeniably, a popular creative and functional format for delivering succinct messages. Apparently, we can’t seem to focus our attention on more than a few simplified snippets presented in point form. The New Year is a perfect opportunity to generate some new lists, so here goes ‒ my personal manifesto for 2016.

• There is no limit to the amount of time and energy I can dedicate to social networking nonsense such as

I am 65 and my wife 55 we have been married 24 years. On xmas we hosted 30 family and friends at our home. It was fun and enjoyable but a lot of work,Just now the day before New years eve she informed me that we are having a dinner event with her mother, my sister, her brother and one of her our home New Years day. My problem was only that I requested being told before she started planning instead of after the planning and I am last to know. She took issue with this and said t

Something miraculous happened to me today.

I ran and enjoyed it.

For those of you who are runners out there, this post might seem pointless. For someone like me, a self-proclaimed runner phobic, it was a moment of zen for me this morning when I realized that even after I reached my stopping point that I could have kept going.

My running journey isn't a very inspiring one. In high school, I struggled to finish the mile during the President's Physical Fitne

Workouts Parents and Their Kids Can Do Together

Parents who need to work out every day can bring their kids along, but the workouts must be designed for kids to participate. Leaving the kids in the gym during a workout is not as helpful to the family as letting the kids enjoy the workout with their parents. parents can find crossover yoga tops and other workout outfits that will help them remain comfortable as they handle their

That morning I left my coffee on the counter as I rushed to drop off my daughter at school and to get to work. Thinking intently about the coffee I left at home, I drove past my exit. I wasn't upset or frustrated about it. I just decided that I might as well stop and get another. I didn’t really want to waste any more time but I felt I had to stop. Some force was pulling at me and this was not about a caffeine fix. I was supposed to be somewhere besides work that day.

As I got out of

I received the best advice in regards to parenthood the other day while attending a friend’s housewarming. It was suggested that I surround my daughter with all the things that I wanted her to have in her life as an adult. His point was that if I wanted her to learn a language I should play CDs overnight of that language mainly to give her a foundation to learn. Now, I have already begun to apply it to the game of chess, which I hope she learns at a young age. And I have applied it to many othe

My family has many traditions when it comes to food especially since I am a Jew. Each Saturday, which is our sabbath, we have three big meals with a lot of food. We usually have cholent, chicken, corned beef, and other foods. Jews also have many holidays in which we have a lot of food as well. Some holidays last for three days, so we have over six huge meals. However, I am not complaining because I love food, but each holiday I probably gain over three pounds give or take. My favorite holiday

When my son was two and a half years old, he had such perfectly smooth skin, free of scars. One ultrasound changed that forever. One ultrasound showed a tumor in his abdomen. He was diagnosed with high risk stage four neuroblastoma. His little body was cut open from one side to the other. And then it was cut open from one side to the other three more times after that during the next year. His little body had a central line in place for over a year. His little body went through six rounds of che

I tore open the flesh of my dominant hand on the night I said goodbye to my childhood friend. It was the end of summer after high school. I was drunk. He, moving away. The first, great precipice of life, lay before us. I could feel the edge. Rough, uncertain. Dangling.

The warmth of the day fled as late August in Montana will do. The night crept in coldly, a gasoline campfire going at Black Sands, by the river. Many came to see him off; in a tourist town, bordering nothing but beau

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