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Questions and Stories about Raising a Family

Listed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that parents have asked, shared, or submitted as a response to our national writing contest. Topics range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. Do you have a story to share about your experiences as a parent? Click the "Share Your Story" button to add your voice to!

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My fiance and I just relocated to a new state. We have a nice home with an extra room. We are pretty private people but on occasion we have people come over and have a good time. I was surprise when my fiance called me from the hair salon to tell me she extended an invitation to her hair stylist of 6 years to come and stay with us. She wants to open her own beauty shop where we live. I was okay with it at the time and said Okay! Then doubt started to creep in. I told my fiance a long time ago b

On a brisk New England day, I appear at first glance to be a typical teacher, an average mom, aunt, sister and wife. There is nothing initially distinguishable about me. I look like an ordinary thirty-something mom running errands with her sticky toddler; most people don’t give me a second look. Whether I am at the bank, doctor’s office, pharmacy, or P.T.O meeting I am treated as expected, with polite respect and it is always reciprocated.

On a humid New England day (if you kno

I know that the majority of Americans are jumping for joy at each and every penny that falls away from the gas prices, but for me, it is bittersweet and disheartening. Sure, I like paying lower gas prices, but I also really like my husband employed. It was just April that my husband received all sorts of special incentives for reaching his ten year mark on an oil exploritory drilling rig. Now, there is an iminent and impending doom lurking in the near future, most likely just before Christma

Midlife Mantra
Our lives are made up of highs, lows and in-betweens. We navigate our way through dark tunnels, jammed highways, shady neighbourhoods, winding roads, steep hills, slippery slopes, rough patches, confusing intersections, calm fields, vast valleys, spectacular summits and breathtaking landscapes. The path we travel in between, whether rugged or clear, forges an opening with a panoramic vista, allowing us to reflect back upon and to look forward toward the chromatic horizon, of

The moment the GOD has created this world and living being, he also created every comfort that is required for them.

But, Every comfort is being misused, distorted and made to work against us by us...

Why because from the stone age, especially the human being is revolving around certain things only, as per Gautama Buddha (Four noble truths)

we crave for the sensuality, we crave for the acquisition of Identity, We crave to prevail and dominate over others a w

I tore open the flesh of my dominant hand on the night I said goodbye to my childhood friend. It was the end of summer after high school. I was drunk. He, moving away. The first, great precipice of life, lay before us. I could feel the edge. Rough, uncertain. Dangling.

The warmth of the day fled as late August in Montana will do. The night crept in coldly, a gasoline campfire going at Black Sands, by the river. Many came to see him off; in a tourist town, bordering nothing but beau

This article doesn’t presume to rescue you by telling you how to make a momentous change in your life in a few hundred words. What it does aim to do is, to motivate you to make a change; to make a start towards regaining your life, regaining control over your own happiness and well being. At a time when you probably think the situation is hopeless, this is a small attempt to help you make a start towards beating your addiction and reclaiming your life which currently seems to be spinning out of

A Summer Place
There is a place we go every summer that has a long winding path covered with trees that hang low over the path and the blue water of the ocean shimmers in the distance; the ink-gold sun hangs heavy in the sky, puffs of high clouds dancing over us; and we walk this way every morning and every evening to and from the beach. The birds sing high and low a song of freedom and possibility. This song reaches out to us like the long winding path that we wa

Words to the Graduates: Tomorrow is promised to no one, but the choice to act is yours.

There are no guarantees in life…only choices.

Today marks a step in the path of your life. A place of no real answers. In fact, often more questions than answers. You have met expectations: some were your own, some were imposed upon you. What comes next is the real deal.

This graduation ceremony is dramatic to serve a purpose: that is to etch in your mind t

Growing up with a Mother who has bi-polar was difficult. The highs and lows are difficult to ride as a child who doesn’t even know what mental illness is. She loved us, she did some amazing things for us, but there was always a struggle, a strange swing between knitting our entire family sweaters (at least 30 sweaters), and being in bed for days and days on end. I didn’t understand. As I got older, and understood what was going on with my Mother, it took time to forgive those moments from my c

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