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Questions and Stories about Raising a Family

Listed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that parents have asked, shared, or submitted as a response to our national writing contest. Topics range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. Do you have a story to share about your experiences as a parent? Click the "Share Your Story" button to add your voice to!

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The moment the GOD has created this world and living being, he also created every comfort that is required for them.

But, Every comfort is being misused, distorted and made to work against us by us...

Why because from the stone age, especially the human being is revolving around certain things only, as per Gautama Buddha (Four noble truths)

we crave for the sensuality, we crave for the acquisition of Identity, We crave to prevail and dominate over others a w

Every spring, when the days become warmer, and the nights are still cold, I am reminded of our years of making maple syrup. The memories, sweet and comforting, fill me with peace.
The April sun shines through the window in front of me. I feel the warmth of its rays as I sit at my desk in my drafty office. I can see the stainless steel bulk tank, salvaged from a closing dairy plant over twenty years ago, sitting up in the woods. A cocoon of overgrown thorn bushes encases it, and

Northern England (UK) is blessed with a national park of epic proportions, the Lake district. Craggy mountains jut skyward, rolling fells taper into lush green valleys and still cool lakes and tarns. Villages and towns nestle away in every corner bulging to the onslaught of visitors from far and wide every Summer. Indeed, the Lake District’s very own Scafell Pike holds the record of being the tallest mountain in England. The Lake District also holds claim to the largest and deepest fresh water

The holidays are upon us. Early October seems to be the kickoff of the holiday season. From October through January is a hustle and bustle time of planning, fun, and gifts. We start the season trying to scare people and “Boo!” them out of their wits, then we feel thankful that they are still our friends and spend a month expressing gratitude and end the year with over-the-top extravagance that completely wears us out until we start to feel like the zombie we dressed up as only a couple of month

There is a certain pride and joy that diamonds can give. These collections comprise of the Speedmaster Assortment, the Seamaster Selection plus the Deville Collection. Idolwr commits to holding A40035 Replica the highest quality inside the replica at lowest expense. They were recommended to replica panerai luminor Marina my pregnant wife by her doctor. This summer, don't just stay sulking at home. For heavy tran

What's your opinion on cloth diapers? I have a few and have been trying to use 3 a day on my 11 week old baby. She seems to like them and they hold up quite well. I crunched some numbers and I have figured that if we diaper part time in cloth, we can start to save money after 2 month. Does anyone have a particular brand they like?

Hello to all! This is my first post with Stage of Life - what a great concept - thanks to the creators!

I recently signed up with a company called 'It Works! Global' (hence the word 'detox' in the title). I LOVE it. But I'm BAD AT IT!!! I jumped in head first, completely unaware that in order to swim in the sea, you have to know how to swim!!!! An at-home business market, while dependant upon your own drive, is also dependant on start up capital, marketing ploys, networking, and

All-Purpose Household Cleaner

Harsh Chemicals are not only bad for the environment, they are bad for your family. Many cleaners contain chemicals that can cause allergic reactions, aggravate conditions like asthma; and if mixed improperly, can cause toxic fumes. This is not to mention many the suspected carcinogens that are in various cleaners.

Some people believe that making your own cleaner is a difficult process that will be too tim

My wife attended a bridal shower for her cousin down in Baltimore today. I was going to watch our two daughters (Raina - five years old and Story - 11 months old) for about five hours...alone. But you know what? I was okay with this.

In fact, after Becky left, I slipped Story into our baby backpack, helped Raina with her shoes, and walked out the front door with my girls as we took a Daddy and Daughter trip through our little town here in South Central, Pennsylvania..

It’s nice to know that Earth Day is celebrating its 40th year today, but how much better off is the Earth today than it was 40 years ago. I don’t know the answer and if you read about the topic there are arguments made for both sides. One sign of hope is that it seems to me that the American people do seem to be more aware that are Earth is in some trouble, that’s good news…. I guess. My fear is, is it genuine concern or is it a trend people are following because it looks good and its more soci

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