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Questions and Stories about Raising a Family

Listed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that parents have asked, shared, or submitted as a response to our national writing contest. Topics range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. Do you have a story to share about your experiences as a parent? Click the "Share Your Story" button to add your voice to!

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Take a moment to look around you. What do you see?
Smiling faces, friends, classmates. All of you donned in caps and gowns, ready to go into the world and take it by storm. Fearless and charismatic, you’re ready to start careers, families, and dive into bright futures.
Now, look at one another again. This time, not as the people you may become, but as the young adults your parents have raised. Looking at your peers, you may see all the possibilities that lie ahead. But as I stand here

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, commonly known as ADHD, is a behavioral disorder that affects approximately 8%-10% of school age kids, mostly boys. ADHD is most often diagnosed during the early childhood, especially as awareness of the disorder has become more common and understood. It is believed that the earlier diagnosis is made and treatment begins, the better chance an individual has of leading a normal, healthy life.

ADHD is characterized the the inability to concen

Decision making is not limited to animals like humans or birds. Bacteria also make decisions with intricate precision. Imagine being so tiny that you are literally moved by water molecules bumping into you. This is what bacteria encounter perpetually. Now, imagine having no eyes, no ears, no sense of touch, no taste or nose. How would you know what or who was around you? How would you find food now as compared to where you were a short time ago? This is where being able to sense important thing

My 4 year old daughter can tell you how old she is even though her concept of time is essentially nonexistent. She can’t wait to be “big”, which in her mind is 5 years old. However, the rest of us are not much better at answering the question about how old we are. Yes, we are correct about our legally recognized age, but we are way off on our natural age.

We’re all the same age…really old
Atomic level
Since everything is made up of matter, we all consist of atoms. These ato

We are ageless. Too often as seniors we think that we are winding down. Nope. We are just gearing up. We have a chance and a responsibility to be active in changing the world for the better.

The woman sat in her usual chair in the corner of the room. Many months before she had come to live with her daughter and her family. It wasn't her choice to move in with her family. No, it was her circumstances that brought her to this place. Her daughter sat in the kitchen with her friends. "S

Homeschooling children is a very personal and demanding decision for families. It requires a lot of dedication – and some sacrifice – from parents and kids alike. One of the most difficult parts can be keeping children attentive and engaged in the learning process while in the home environment. Here are some tips you can apply to help keep your children’s minds in the right place.

1. Create a classroom setting
Our homes are filled with distractions. From video games to snacks to

Hello Everyone,
My name is Jean Alexander. I have a new memoir title "Fear my surrounding". This is my first book and it entailed the struggles I endured as a young boy growing up in Haiti. I later traveled to the United States to a new life. I was faced with new challenges and overcame insurmountable odds to discover the reason for my existence.

"Fear my surrounding".
is the story of how a boy managed to overcome insurmountable odds in order to discover the reason for his

Here's a conversation starter for parents of teens: "What's your favorite meme?"

But what are memes anyway?

Memes are when a photo or cartoon is matched with a variety of super-imposed captions, usually around a theme. So for example, in the Bad Luck Brian meme, an identical school photo of a hapless teen in braces and plaid sweater is festooned with different bad-luck things that happen to him. On the top it might say “spends all night studying for exam” and on the bottom

As we approach our Nations birthday, we wait anxiously for the opportunity to celebrate with fireworks and potlucks. What however, are we really celebrating? Is it the birth of a nation, or is it the opportunity to show our patriotism one day out of the year? And what exactly is a patriot? The answer to me is quite obvious and easy to see. We are celebrating an idea so great, it eludes even the most educated. We are celebrating Freedom.
To love this country is to love

According to Bacon "Reading maketh a full man : writing an exact man and confrence a ready man."All over it makes education. Education pays only when we use it in right way.Once I saw a child working in the dhaba. then I went to their parents who were very poor. Then I went to his parents and told them to send their children to school. I told them that government has opened many school where eduction is free for all .By hearing this they were amazed. From that day they allowed their child to go

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