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Questions and Stories about Raising a Family

Listed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that parents have asked, shared, or submitted as a response to our national writing contest. Topics range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. Do you have a story to share about your experiences as a parent? Click the "Share Your Story" button to add your voice to!

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Totalitarian Back-to-School Night

Don’t ask questions. Don’t make a scene. Don’t be embarrassing.

For the past 15 years, these have been my kids’ orders as I walked out our front door to tackle back-to-school night. This is reverse totalitarianism.

Last night commemorated my 35th back to school night. I could attend back-to-school night every night. Countless questions fire through my mind, class after class, syllabus after syllabi.

Music class laun

Many contact me on LinkedIn’s platform, if I could suggest or introduce a website, whereby they can write articles to be paid. As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of websites that accept articles from writers, but most to promote your articles, thus; someone may hire you if interested in you as a writer, but gaining recognition as a writer to be hired doesn’t come easy.

It seems when the mind is occupied with various plans and ideas, we ignore or forget the places where we need t

The moment the GOD has created this world and living being, he also created every comfort that is required for them.

But, Every comfort is being misused, distorted and made to work against us by us...

Why because from the stone age, especially the human being is revolving around certain things only, as per Gautama Buddha (Four noble truths)

we crave for the sensuality, we crave for the acquisition of Identity, We crave to prevail and dominate over others a w

May 25, 2015

If She Could See Me Now

I wasn’t the greatest student in high school. Falling off the grid some days, really did start to interfere with my usual perfect attendance. I was intelligent, and I could do the school work. I just simply chose not to. I didn’t despise school. I actually was quite fond of learning. I was just simply going through a rough patch. I was struggling to find my identity, unaware that worrying why I didn’t have my life together

They say that death and taxes are the only guarantees in life, yet I contend that somewhere in the middle, there sits the guarantee of change, and while my personality doesn’t appreciate it’s concept, it does stand to reason that even I saw the need for it’s implementation. Change may not always be good, but change is always change, and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that change can be tolerable, if one is willing to go with the flow…I guess.
At the age of 43, I had to go back to school.

In spite of over thirty years as an educator, the proclamation of a snow day still results in whoops of joy and disbelief. As much as I love teaching, there is simply nothing like “found time” and the chance to either chill out or ramp up and finally take care of those niggling chores that never seem to disappear from my “to do” list.
Step inside any faculty room right before a predicted weather event. There’s a palpable air of fun and excitement. Business-like teachers wear a smile of

Although I am a heterosexual, cisgender woman, I have an idea of what it is like for LGBTs to be “in the closet.” I love to talk about my activities at the school where I teach, but this year, when I stepped up to co-advise the school’s gay straight alliance, I did not tell many people.I love this club, but I don’t talk about it because I’m scared of the reactions from those who are judgemental towards LGBT people.
In June 2013, when everyone changed their Facebook profile to the pink

I received the best advice in regards to parenthood the other day while attending a friend’s housewarming. It was suggested that I surround my daughter with all the things that I wanted her to have in her life as an adult. His point was that if I wanted her to learn a language I should play CDs overnight of that language mainly to give her a foundation to learn. Now, I have already begun to apply it to the game of chess, which I hope she learns at a young age. And I have applied it to many othe

I can do it! I flex my left arm muscle wearing my dingy jean shirt, rolled and tied appropriately. My paisley designed red head scarf wraps my unkempt hair. I am the new age Rosie the Riveter wielding the world wide web as her tool. I feel like Wonderwoman. And not her sidekick, either. I am the woman herself -- in all of her strength, power and badness. I can DIY and how-to with the best.

Yeah, I'm far from delusional. (I hope.) I do understand it's the 21st-century a

Words to the Graduates: Tomorrow is promised to no one, but the choice to act is yours.

There are no guarantees in life…only choices.

Today marks a step in the path of your life. A place of no real answers. In fact, often more questions than answers. You have met expectations: some were your own, some were imposed upon you. What comes next is the real deal.

This graduation ceremony is dramatic to serve a purpose: that is to etch in your mind t

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