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Questions and Stories about Having a Baby

Listed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories those having a baby have asked, shared, or submitted as a response to our national writing contest. Topics range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. Do you have a pregnancy or newborn story to share about your experiences? Click the "Share Your Story" button to add your voice to!

Read Having a Baby Questions and Stories

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The secret of happiness lies on how you act on life every day. As a first time mom, the first few months was the hardest. I thought reading books, online forums and information about motherhood or parenting was enough preparation, but it wasn't. The real challenge was when my little girl was born. The hours of sleepless nights were exhausting, but when she looks at me like telling me how much she loves me brought new meaning to my life. I miss those first few months of witn

Achieving a successful work-life balance is vital to enjoying and making the most of your time in, as well as out of, the office. According to the latest research of HSE, nearly 39% of all work-related illnesses were caused by stress, anxiety or depression in the workplace.
Yes, you work hard, and you’re career-driven, but sometimes this can cause early burnout when you feel

I might be disabled
but don't count me out
I can play any sport
I can still scream & shout

I might not blend in
with this world full of teens
but we all still sleep
And I am still a human being

There is no difference
will you open your eyes
I am an amazing person
the one you'd want by your side

He presented himself to the world without aid, while I was laying crooked on a gurney. It was the wee hours of the morning in a little 8 bed hospital. There was only one nurse, who was quite long of tooth. She had come in to check me, walked away saying I had lots of time but as she reached for the door handle a contraction hit and I yelled. "The baby's coming."
This was my third child and I knew the drill, I knew that it took a long time to dilate to five, but when I got there it was a m


Hide the light from me
It will blind my eye
I still want to see
without you I’ll cry
opaque as can be
not reflecting nearby
produced from some old tree
remove it for a try
set the light free
eliminate the lie

"Jamie and Jon went to the hospital, she is having the baby!" Hearing the news had me making a mad dash to the hospital in hopes that I would be there to welcome my first grandchild into the world.
As I enter the room, I receive a smile from Jamie, my grandchild's mother. Overwhelmed with excitement and happiness, I fail to recognize that I had missed the birth by mere minutes. I feel like a major dope when she pulls this beautiful baby from beneath her hospital gown where he was nursing

Hello All,

Stage of Life is proud to announce its latest endeavor - the development of the first mobile storytelling game! For the last three months, we have been putting our creative efforts into drafting Writing Race, a multiplayer story writing game for Apple iPhone where friends will collaboratively (or competitively) write a story together using their mobile phone.

Our idea to expand Stage of Life’s literacy initiative to the mobile realm began as some scribbling on

Awareness is raised for many good, important causes. Trying to stop the spread of AIDS. Promoting racial equality and harmony. Ending world hunger.

Yet they all stem from one core cause: life. They are attempting to sustain and improve the quality of life for people.

If I could dedicate a month to raising awareness, it would be for the sanctity of human life. Every stage of life should be respected. The beginning of life is just as important as any other point in a person

The mother pressured to have an abortion. Needing love. Living without parents. Needing love. Infertile, living without children. Needing love. Adoption awareness.

Try to see it from a new perspective; all these children...So many parents, desiring children. This is a time to look for the opportunity for love when the situation, as a whole, seems so desperate. Adoption awareness deserves its own month, because it is the answer to three main questions, being, "This is a child

her beauty is that of an angel her love can make any one want to run mad but yet i keep thinking not the thought of her beauty nor the single smile that i wish i could keep away from the memories of last night oh how i wish it could just be washed like the very rain that drops with the cold hands of the night, oh dear if there was an atonement of words i would have seekerd for one to atone for the past event of last night still which is very fresh in my mind like the beautiful love song be

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