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Questions and Stories about Having a Baby

Listed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories those having a baby have asked, shared, or submitted as a response to our national writing contest. Topics range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. Do you have a pregnancy or newborn story to share about your experiences? Click the "Share Your Story" button to add your voice to!

Read Having a Baby Questions and Stories

The secret of happiness lies on how you act on life every day. As a first time mom, the first few months was the hardest. I thought reading books, online forums and information about motherhood or parenting was enough preparation, but it wasn't. The real challenge was when my little girl was born. The hours of sleepless nights were exhausting, but when she looks at me like telling me how much she loves me brought new meaning to my life. I miss those first few months of witn

There are so many stories I could tell you about our journey to get pregnant. In fact, I have a journal spanning 250 pages and over two years that details every little development. But I hit on something yesterday that was a sort of epiphany. As a father-to-be, I am seriously in love with my unborn daughter. I am not afraid to express it publicly. I want to participate in every aspect of the pregnancy that I can. In fact, I scan the Internet every evening, looking for contests to enter to

Achieving a successful work-life balance is vital to enjoying and making the most of your time in, as well as out of, the office. According to the latest research of HSE, nearly 39% of all work-related illnesses were caused by stress, anxiety or depression in the workplace.
Yes, you work hard, and you’re career-driven, but sometimes this can cause early burnout when you feel

First of all, congratulations on your on your pregnancy. You are about to enter the most important stage in life –Motherhood, and with it comes its ups and downs. I remember I was very excited when I learnt of my pregnancy and each day my tummy grew bigger, I could imagine having little Timmy in my arms, crawling in the living room, taking his first baby steps, running in the backyard with his playmates, his first day in school,…all the way to the time he’ll start his own family. I was so much

Previously in the society, the woman’s responsibility was bearing children and taking care of her family. But that mentality long gone and women nowadays work and take care of their families concurrently. We are not known for ‘strength of a woman’ for nothing. I was born in the 80’s and I remember my mum going to work every single day, but she still made sure I did my homework, brushed my teeth

How to make life easier for pupils and students, who enter these institutions for the first time? All loving parents raise this question. It is enough to competently plan a day of a child and read the following tips.

1. Never send a child to some circle or section while he in the first grade
The beginning of the "adult" school life is considered to b

Traveling becomes ever widespread, and today it is more of a habit than something out of ordinary. More and more people opt for individual travels, and independent trips are gaining the momentum. Independent traveling requires you to be smart, quick and dexterous – this all makes your travels efficient. To add value to your trips, read carefully the below recommendation

My favorite (and, at the time, least favorite) pregnancy moment was finding out I was pregnant.

I drank a literal bowl of alcohol the night before at a tiki restaurant (Trader Vic's) for my husband's grandmother's 90th birthday.

He asked me that night if I had taken my pregnancy test yet, and I slurred, "I'll take it in da morning, iz probly fine!"

So I took it in the morning, and it was not fine. I stared down at two pink lines while crouched, naked, over my in

Hello, I really need some advice. I lost my mother 4 painful years ago. My father started seriously dating someone about 10 months ago; to say that we haven't bonded in any way is an understatement. I am 18 weeks pregnant and in the midst of planning my baby shower.

I want to play nice and do the right thing but my gut instinct is telling me to invite who I want to invite.

The question is ... am I obligated to invite my dad's new girlfriend?

Having a baby! The emotions of a man and woman are mostly different when we see the two stripes on the test. A dad feels happy definitely, then he starts getting a more responsible feeling, he has to plan financially, he has to cut down on some fun trips and choose the best doctor for the mom and baby. He thinks about getting all nutritious info for the mom to be. He feels his shoulders are more broad, mustache more thick and little more seriousness on his face, enjoying responsible fatherhood.

It felt like I was standing at the far end of a precipice. Overlooking the vast ocean, my struggle was that of fear. Should I jump not knowing if I’d land safely or should I avoid being hurt? Sitting at the doctor’s office from what I thought had been a stomach virus, I was told the very surprising news. “You’re going to have a baby and are two months pregnant.” Quickly a myriad of emotions ran through my being as I sat dumbfounded. What do I think? What do I do? Other parents would have been t

You realize you are late, so you take a pregnancy test.

Well I wasn’t late. I got a weird feeling that I was pregnant, so I decided to take a pregnancy test. Well I took one before I went to bed, which I know you aren’t supposed to do. I waited like two minutes. It only showed one line, so I just threw it away. Well I went to bed and decided I would take another one in the morning. I woke up in the middle of the night, and I thought it was morning. So I took another test… I waited tw

I might be disabled
but don't count me out
I can play any sport
I can still scream & shout

I might not blend in
with this world full of teens
but we all still sleep
And I am still a human being

There is no difference
will you open your eyes
I am an amazing person
the one you'd want by your side

Pamela awoke with a start as a striking pain racked her body. “MOM! DAD! MARK! IT’S TIME!”, she cries. Jean, her mother, burst through the doorway taking in the scene. Pamela is doubled over her bed, one hand clutching the creme colored sheets, and the other is clasped in her husband’s hand. Pamela cries out once more, ” baby...she’s..she’s coming.”
“BOOOOM!” Jean started as the thunder quaked the house, “I’ll call the ambulance! Hurricane Lake has overtaken the streets! We c

It have been a clear evidence that having a baby is also one of the successful way of life, the name of my baby is Cain, he was born on the 6 of march, doing his mother pregnancy he behave funny mostly sighted in his mother belly and making a sign of freedom,enjoyment and wellness on the top of the woman's belly after. His birth is a freshness and relieve from pain of carrying a weight human, I know it wasn't easy, but how will we do without a child,I know how i look on that day how i looked h

Under the banyan tree by the park’s quarter, sat an old, ragged, bearded man. Every day, at the stroke of midnight, without any dally, he blew his whistle sitting in the nook of the gate. He sat there, warding the thieves away by his warnings even in the most adverse climatic upheavals. I remember being able to sleep soundly every night, thanking his presence and appreciating his sheer diligence. I was a ten year old girl then, yet that man cannot be erased from the canvas of my mind. A ‘watch

Dear Diary,
It has been a while since we last rendezvous and I must apologise for that. I have been struggling to keep my relationship together, raising my five month old daughter, being back out to work and completing my masters.
My life has changed so much in the past year. The news of my daughter was one of the most exciting time of my life and you know I have had some exciting times. The pregnancy was nothing people said it would be. They all said it would be a joy and the best t

Advantage or disadvantage using 5 or more credit cards?

Advantage or disadvantage using 5 or more credit cards?A staggering 9.2 million of us in the UK own 5 or more credit cards. I suppose this is hardly surprising given the last few years in the UK financial services industry, credit has been made far too easily available to people who either don’t fully understand the financial products they’ve applied for or simply couldn’t afford to make their repayments on mortgages, loans and

I never knew being a mother could being you so much happiness and can bring you sadness. Since I had my son he makes me want to do better and make a better life for him. Everyday I look in his face he puts a smile on my face and that's what keep me going. But at the same time sometimes I just cry my eyes out because his father is not in his life. I want my son to be proud of me. I work to make sure my son has everything he needs and wants. Having my son has made me stronger than ever and

"The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places." Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms, 1929

I don't remember much of that time in '97, but I do remember when my doctor told me I couldn't have children. The pins holding the bones of my shattered pelvis together would puncture my uterus as a child grew. I said, "That's fine; I don't want kids." I was angry they didn't jut tie my tubes while they were in there. Children were not going to happen for

So here I am, 5 days from my due date. My feet are swollen, my back is achy, i’m nauseous and plagued with indigestion. My face , neck, and back are broke out and my face looks puffy. Despite it all, I want nothing more than to hold this little baby!! To start feeling some type of pain to labor started. I want to see the little stinker who has transformed my body. You know, touch her little fingers and toes, name her, and just hold her for days.

The past 22 days have been a rol

In the past 24 hours I’ve canned baby applesauce (no sugar), normal applesauce, cinnamon applesauce, pumpkin purée, apple butter and now I have glazed spiced apples in the crockpot. Who says you can’t be productive at almost 35 weeks pregnant.

Some say I’m nesting. I say I’m being productive.

“D” and I plan to stick to a strict budget moving forward. With me going on maternity leave early and being out of work for the full 12 weeks, we need to do the best we can to save

He presented himself to the world without aid, while I was laying crooked on a gurney. It was the wee hours of the morning in a little 8 bed hospital. There was only one nurse, who was quite long of tooth. She had come in to check me, walked away saying I had lots of time but as she reached for the door handle a contraction hit and I yelled. "The baby's coming."
This was my third child and I knew the drill, I knew that it took a long time to dilate to five, but when I got there it was a m

A new mom and her demanding new baby who seems to take up all of her time… balancing home and work; ensuring that there is food on the table, older kids fed, laundry done. For many women who work outside the home, there is also the need to ensure that there are no compromises on the work front. Where is the time to try and fit in an exercise routine in all this! Or the time to plan and cook special low cal meals in the many, many other things that need doing!

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If my husband and I are going to do something "spontaneous" we schedule which night we are going to do it. We put in our calendar on July 12th, "do something spontaneous 7pm-10pm" If we are going to pick somewhere "random" to eat, we usually decide on what type of food and what area of the city, then we go pick somewhere "random." We love living with a schedule. When I became pregnant, our goal was to find a way to stick to a schedule with a baby. So, the first thing I did…go to my ultimate hel

im 14 now... but when i was 13 years old i had a beautiful baby boy named Zackary... he became adopted by a loving rich family.. the story is .. i was smoking pot when i was thirteen and, i got really stupid and i had sex with my boyfriend... then later found out i was pregnant.... 9 months later... i was giving birth.. it started when i was using the restroom and i called my mother, and i said " i cant get up " she said "WHY?" i said " Im in labor"... and here i am today alone and thinking abo

Last Saturday I got up at 2:00 in the morning and headed over to a birth center to be with my sister as she gave birth to her baby. On the Tuesday after, she finally finished the process. She gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl.
Dear Lizzy, your mom had to go through so much to bring you here. Months of carrying you inside if herself, day of painful contractions during labor, hours of attempting to push you out of her body, and finally having to have you cut out. And she did all

It was the most exciting yet terrifying experience of my life! I was immediately in love and at the same time I had no idea how I was going to be able to meet all the needs of this precious new life. Even though I had read the books and talked to others who were already seasoned vets it did not prepare me for all the adventures I was about to set out on.

The first overwhelming obstacle for me personally was the breast feeding. I did not understand why my milk was not coming in. The n


Hide the light from me
It will blind my eye
I still want to see
without you I’ll cry
opaque as can be
not reflecting nearby
produced from some old tree
remove it for a try
set the light free
eliminate the lie

"Jamie and Jon went to the hospital, she is having the baby!" Hearing the news had me making a mad dash to the hospital in hopes that I would be there to welcome my first grandchild into the world.
As I enter the room, I receive a smile from Jamie, my grandchild's mother. Overwhelmed with excitement and happiness, I fail to recognize that I had missed the birth by mere minutes. I feel like a major dope when she pulls this beautiful baby from beneath her hospital gown where he was nursing

Life changes rapidly when you become a new parent, and things that you previously put little effort and thought into suddenly become increasingly more difficult. Having another member of the family with totally different needs and their own time schedule makes life a bit more complicated, but no less sweet.

As a new mom, it is more important than ever to implement a schedule for just about everything you do. After a few weeks you will get to know and understand the needs and desires

Dear God,
Never in my life have I ever wanted anything than to have a baby.
I was blessed with three children who make my life
worth living every single day. I don't know how to describe the feeling
of having a baby. The pain IS excruciating but when you hold your precious baby
in your arms, all the pain you felt diminishes and
you're left with a love so powerful that it makes you cry but
they are tears of joy. When you look at their small

Nausea can strike at any moment when pregnant and that can be especially inconvenient if you are driving or loading groceries into the back of your car. Sunday I was riding shotgun with my husband when the urge to lose my especially tasty breakfast came over me.

"Pull over" I said calmly, yet urgently.

"I can't. There isn't enough room on the shoulder and there are people behind me."

"Put on your hazards if you have to!"

He sharply takes the next turn

I was getting out everything from the mini bar preparing my breakfast (we live in a hotel HAHA) when I saw a scorpion walking near our son, Zoárd.

I picked Zoárd up and I put him in his crib. I searched for the insect with my eyes. I was extremely scared but tried to stop the mantra in my head: "I am a city girl; I am a city girl; I am a city girl!!!"

I spotted it again. Oh. It turned out to be a friendly, brown, forest bug that got caught in my hair (my hair is alwa

As a conscientious and loving mother, you're probably always concerned about your family’s health and wellbeing. As such, you would like to know if you're doing all you can to keep your family drinking enough water – safe, healthy water. While it is relatively easy to get yourself and other adults in the family to drink water, it is quite another to get kids to drink the requisite amount of water in a day.

You probably know that many experts advise the drinking of 8 glasses of water

So, in a few weeks my first and only nephew is turning the big first digit, one year old and as his favorite (and only) aunt it is my job to get him something awesome for his birthday. As a college student and younger sibling, I have absolutely no child-rearing skills what so ever or have any idea of what babies would like to play with or receive for their birthdays. I can only go by what I see other people buying for kids and precious memories remembered from my own childhood. It was on this l

I once attended a baby shower and one of the activities was to pass around a little spiral book and write down your best piece of advice for the soon-to-be new mom. Then everyone would vote on the top three for door prizes. I won with the following piece of advice: Do not try to give your kids what you feel you missed out on or lacked in your childhood. Raise them in the moment because they are not you and will not have the same wants and needs that you did. If you try to fill your voids i

China is a large eastern country in southern Asia with an interesting climate, an exciting geography, and a rich history. China has a large population and many bordering states. And china is filled with many interesting facts.
China has a history that stretches back thousands of is one of the world’s largest countries behind Russia and Canada. In Chinese history there were dynasties. Dynasties are a long line of heredity rulers. There were nine well known dynasties, the Shang, Zho

Recently in the news, Arkansas has been noticed because of its ban on abortion after a woman is twelve weeks pregnant. People that are for women’s rights are protesting this because they say that the new law is unconstitutional. The supporters of the law say that termination of pregnancy should corroborate with the detection of fetal heartbeat. In most states, a woman can choose to terminate her pregnancy up to twenty-four weeks in which case the fetus already has a heartbeat and has a chanc

The pain was overwhelming. Excruciating. Actually, it was beyond words’ capability to describe. I was too scared of the slim chance of paralyzation to have the epidural and somehow thought feeling every last stretch and tear would be a better choice. But what was to follow this trauma of natural childbirth was what really had me scared. I knew that soon enough the pain would end and its scars fade with time, but being a mother was a lifelong challenge. The molding of the character of this

Downton Abbey, the castle, is crusted with moss and pitted with age. Its Bath-stone walls were put into place mid-nineteenth century. Grandeur is obvious yet the people within its walls face life issues just like the rest of the world.

Lord Grantham, head of Downton has problems. Stuck-up like the stereotypical aristocrat he's lost his wife's fortune, flirted and come close to having an affair with a housemaid and cannot or does not drive a tractor even though one of his daughters

Ever since I was 12 years old, I was bringing dogs into the house, hoping they could stay. Fortunately my parents let me have Buddy and Bailey, our chubby, lovely, beagles. Since one is going to be five and the other is almost nine, they’ve been in my life for a really long time now – long enough to never imagine a life without them.

Since every parent focuses on their babies’ first steps and first words, they also focus on how their baby would be with a younger brother or sister. St

Hello All,

Stage of Life is proud to announce its latest endeavor - the development of the first mobile storytelling game! For the last three months, we have been putting our creative efforts into drafting Writing Race, a multiplayer story writing game for Apple iPhone where friends will collaboratively (or competitively) write a story together using their mobile phone.

Our idea to expand Stage of Life’s literacy initiative to the mobile realm began as some scribbling on

Maraia Cochran
November 5, 2012

My Favorite Book: Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
Children Books Aren’t Just For Children

When I was a child, I could spend countless hours sitting and giggling at the extraordinary poetry of Dr. Seuss. I was always attracted to the odd ball names of the characters, and the funny events that took place in his books. I loved them all and made it my mission to collect as many of his books as possible. From The Cat

Though the popularity of reality TV shows that glamorize teen pregnancy like "16 & Pregnant" or "Teen Mom" might make it seem like the teenage pregnancy rate is rising, statistics show that the number of babies born to teenage moms is actually going down. Though teens may be more sexually active than in the past, a wider range of options are available for teens to prevent pregnancy. To obtain birth control pills, a girl can simply walk into a center like Planned Parenthood where she can receive

Teen pregnancy is one of the most common things there is in this day in age. This craze is everywhere from the television shows, to grocery stores, to even your own child’s school. Believe it or not thought this phenomenon is actually on the decline. There are still about 367,752 babies born to teenagers though. I believe that there such a decline in teen pregnancy for two reasons. One is that there is more contraception available to sexually active teens. The second is that there is more publi

First off, I’d like to say that I think pregnancy is a beautiful thing; there is just a right time for it to take place. Pregnancy of girl teenagers – from 15 to 19 years of age – has had a downfall in numbers. Teenagers that are still in school are seen by today’s society as “careless”, “reckless”, and “irresponsible.” Teenage pregnancy rates are declining because of this, because they are aware of their future, television shows teenagers the reality of being a “teen mom”, and the thought of t

Teen pregnancy has always been a serious problem, but recent tests have determined that teen birth rates have declined to an all-time low. Why? The two main reasons for this could be education and positive peer pressure.
Most teenagers in this generation have access to an exceptional education system. Schools are able to pay public speakers to share their personal experiences to students. These speakers tell about how an early pregnancy has affected the lifestyle they would have b

Teen pregnancy rates have dropped tremendously for many reasons. One reason is that more education in schools is conducted so more teens are being educated and not left to learn the hard way. Education about pregnancies in schools is very important because many teens think that nothing bad can ever happen to them but the reality of that is not true. I also believe that teen pregnancy rates have significantly dropped because in recent years the rates were very high. Because of this, it is likely

They were 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and one in the hanger. The first two were girls; the next three were boys, and the one in the hanger - we didn’t know. I just knew I didn’t want to deliver in the hospital. Baby number one was c-section birth. The following three were born at home and number five in the hospital (I wasn’t “allowed” in this new state we’d moved to to have a homebirth because of my cesarean birth. I have the scarlet C!). When I became pregnant with this last baby, number six

My new baby cousin was born less than a week ago and I just saw some pictures of Facebook of what he looked like. It kind of got me thinking about when I am at that stage in my life to have a child. I can only imagine the feeling of bringing someone into this world how emotional it must be. Also how it must be when you are not ready to have a child, good examples would be 16 and Prengant. Having a child is one of if not The biggest responsibility you will ever have; and just being a child yours

It can be very difficult sometimes to get your toddler to go to sleep. It is even more difficult to do so when they do not want to. You would have tried to establish a routine but at times that could fail too. Once a toddler decides to play and not sleep, it is extremely tough to change their mind. Parents need to be patient and try to coax them into sleeping at such times.
When a toddler refuses to sleep and no amount of convincing and coaxing helps, you should know a few tricks and techn

The Risk Takers

Who knows what made them do it? Fall of 1934, bad year for gangsters, growth time for Nazis, a gas-house gang of a different stripe than Dizzy Dean and his Cardinals who tamed the Tigers in another Clyde Beatty Depression distraction, continued in Bernie Bierman’s Golden Gophers, Giants in the Earth plowing to national success year after single-wing year, and Jimmy Braddock looking for fights, winning, losing and grabbing the Max crown that shunned him. My paren

Dear Wesley,

My name is Jacque. I hope you know my name. I am the one who created you. The one who loved you even though I couldn’t see you. The one who put my life on hold so you could be here. The one that has loved you before you knew what life was. I am your birth mom.
Wes, I specially chose your mom and dad and older sister for you. I met them, and befriended them, and they are the greatest family in the whole world, trust me, I would have never let anyone less than perfe

Dear Elliana,

My sweet little girl, I love you so much. The instant that pregnancy test had two lines I began to fall in love with you. As the weeks progressed and my belly grew I began to love you even more, if that was possible. I just knew that you were a girl, long before the ultrasound ever said so. I had bought you a cute pink baby book since I was so sure.
You loved when I read to you. You would sit still except for pushing your feet into my ribs. I l

Awareness is raised for many good, important causes. Trying to stop the spread of AIDS. Promoting racial equality and harmony. Ending world hunger.

Yet they all stem from one core cause: life. They are attempting to sustain and improve the quality of life for people.

If I could dedicate a month to raising awareness, it would be for the sanctity of human life. Every stage of life should be respected. The beginning of life is just as important as any other point in a person

Being born a premature baby is not smooth sailing. Premi's, another name for premature babies, encounter many diseases, disorders, and sicknesses because their body or immune system has not had enough time to develop. I myself was a premature baby. I weighed a mere Two pounds and twelve ounces at birth and was kept in the hospital for six months until my immune system was strong enough for me to go into the real world. Many people are not aware of all of the things premature babies go through a

They say there is a correct way of doing things. Being from a large Catholic family I am very aware of this. It has been instilled in me from a very young age. Even as a small girl in my Catholic school uniform (knee highs and all) I can remember chanting little songs, "First comes love. Second comes marriage. Then comes Amy pushing a baby carriage."

But what happens when you try that route, and it just doesn't work for you? Is that it? Is your happiness over? Do you sit around

Why now also children are found in hotels and tea stalls?
why child labour is not taken seriously? Why people are hiding crimes of the one's who doing that crime? Why some people are encouraging child labour?

The mother pressured to have an abortion. Needing love. Living without parents. Needing love. Infertile, living without children. Needing love. Adoption awareness.

Try to see it from a new perspective; all these children...So many parents, desiring children. This is a time to look for the opportunity for love when the situation, as a whole, seems so desperate. Adoption awareness deserves its own month, because it is the answer to three main questions, being, "This is a child

her beauty is that of an angel her love can make any one want to run mad but yet i keep thinking not the thought of her beauty nor the single smile that i wish i could keep away from the memories of last night oh how i wish it could just be washed like the very rain that drops with the cold hands of the night, oh dear if there was an atonement of words i would have seekerd for one to atone for the past event of last night still which is very fresh in my mind like the beautiful love song be

What this summer brought me was joyous cries and not so joyous cries. This summer I found out I had an addition to my family, haven't found out the sex yet. We are drastically hoping for a girl. I found out it was time for me to fly out the nest and be fully grown with little to no help at all. What this summer really brought for me is stress. My family is usually all together and synchronized,but this summer we have had so many arguments and complications. It gets to be stressful and painful

I struggled with infertility for 14 years. After long years of heartache, disappointment and fears of never being a parent,we were blessed with the gift of life from my best friend. Her and her husband came to Jon and I as a family and offered to be a surrogate for our remaining embryos. Sharing the journey of surrogacy is a whole different tale that perhaps I'll tell later. This however, is the story of our daughter's birth.

Ántonea's arrival into the world was much anticipated

When My daughter was first born I had no clue what I was doing or what the difference in one product could mean for the health of my child. I had a wonderful mother growing up but she never had time to teach me basic things that may seem natural to most people. She was a divorced single mother who worked around the clock. Johnson and Johnson’s sensitive skin formulas have been a lifesaver over the years for my two children. I had no idea how many allergies and sensitivities I would soon pas

This school year I was pregnant with my now 5 month old son Daniel. Being pregnant changed my life as a teenager for good. I couldn't do what I wanted anymore because I knew there would soon be someone that I would have to care for besides myself. Everything from my mental to physical state changed from the moment I found out I was pregnant. My body went through many changes that I didn't expect to happen so quickly! I was sure in for a big surprise and reality check of how being a

I think that Marriage isn't ffor everybody.To get Married I believe you should be in love and be happy together, Because you have the rest of your life to live with him/her.Marriage is very easy to get into but hard to get out of.My suggestion is to make sure that you and your spouse is happy with each other and in love,if not you and him/her are not a good match.Teen Marriage , I don't believe in that , I think that they shouldn't get married young even if you get pregnant for him because you

Dear New Mother To Be:

Just like you; I read and reread every What to Expect book, notebooks prepped for diapers, hair ties ready for breastfeeding reminders, clothes washed in Dreft & organized, "Baby Einstein" movies queued up, and LaLeche League on speed dial. I was ready to receive Mommy of the Year Reward before my sweet Ella even entered the world. All of the TLC Baby Stories, books, and birthing classes did not prepare me for the near death experience after delivering a healt

When I was in the recovery room, the childbirth class was on their tour of the hospital and stopped at the room next to mine. We said hi to the teacher as she led her poor unassuming victims by and I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming "everything she tells you is a LIE!" Here's what I would say if I taught that class.

1. When you enter the hospital, you will be strapped down with about 15 different cords. I had wires coming from nearly every body part, including my hoo-ha. Thu

The gift I would really like this holiday season is peace of mind. I am the husband to a pregnant wife, who is really picky about how everything should be. The issue at hand is that in the condo we are renting, we are preparing to get the baby room ready, yet there is a problem. There is an odd smell coming from that room. It doesn't really bother me, but it extremely bothers my wife. She gets paranoid that it could be something hazardous and perhaps a mold is hiding somewhere. She has ri

Looking at those little arms flailing about, that joyful little baby expression and those bright eyes makes my heart melt. Literally. It's in a puddle on the floor right now so I don't even know how I am typing this! If this pic doesn't make you want one of these I don't know what will. That's just the thing though. Babies are more then just a cute picture. I am not a kid person. Never have been. I absolutely did NOT expect to be this enamored by my little nephew. I can't stop talki

When you break it down,there's really no easy choice.

Abortion? Adoption?

Keeping and raising the baby when you, yourself are so young in life? Either way, whatever decision you make will effect your life forever,right? It was just about three months ago that I learned that I'm pregnant. I'm turning seventeen next month and a few months ago that would've seemed like the coolest thing in the world. Getting my license and growing up,huh?

But now all I can thin

Does anyone have suggestions for baby feeding? My doctor is concerned about my daughter (10 months old today!) because she doesn't like mushy baby food. She will eat a few different kinds of finger foods (mostly cheerios and bananas) and we have experimented with all kinds of food with her (we started trying solid foods when she was about 5 months old). When given baby food she turns her head and she will gag if it gets in her mouth. Because she has was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy

My best friend just had her first baby this summer, and since October she's been gushing about the boy's Christmas outfit, his picture with Santa, and showing him off to family. And as a close friend to this new family, I'm excited as well, but, I can't help from thinking of the lurking H1N1, and I can't forget that I was bedridden for three days just last week, despite a yearly flu shot. What I'd like to know: is it impolite to keep the newborn from being held or kissed in fear of him or her g

One of my co-workers is pregnant and due right around Christmas. Our office is going in on a group gift (thankfully I'm not in charge of that effort) but I'd like to get something small for her too - like $20.

Since I'm not in this stage of life, I'd love any insights on something that might be meaningful or helpful and show that I had some forethought.

Any suggestions?

My question is, "Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe that there is divine intervention in your life? Have you ever been in a situation where you were in danger and you probably should have died? Have you ever been healed from a sickness or disease with no rational explanation of "how"?

And did you see today's headline story on Yahoo? It is titled, "Pregnant Woman Gets Pregnant". Most of you who know a bit about me here on Stage of Life already realize I am child lover to no e

My husband and I have two answers for this question (and we asked it!):

1) The Chicco LITEWAY stroller

2) The Aquarium Cradle Swing by Fischer-Price.

Both have been invaluable products for different reasons.

The Chicco LITEWAY stroller is the BEST quality we've owned and was one of the few that is rated for both newborns and older kids.

The Aquarium Cradle swing gave us another "station" for our children when they were infants. A place

Today was a bit nerve wracking. We are expecting twins and I had an appointment with a specialist to do a level two sonogram. One of my blood tests came back positive showing that the babies could have Down's Syndrome. My husband had car trouble so he could not meet me for the appointment. As I lay on the table a bit nervous about what the doctors might find, I just began to pray for people.... especially sweet mommy friends who are either expecting or want to have a baby and are not pregnant y

With our baby on the way - I'm curious to hear what people think about the company that makes the best diaper and why?

Should I buy Pampers? Huggies? Luvs? Cloth diapers?

Who should get my business when I buy that first batch of diapers?

If any of you read my post called, "Turning Worries Into Actions", you will remember my honest sharing about things I have been concerned about with twins on the way. I also wrote about some ways I was dealing with those anxious thoughts....prayers, positive thinking, making lists, etc.

A couple of days after writing the post, a new friend of our family here in AZ showed up on our doorstep. I was taking a nap so my teenage sons answered the door. When I awoke, I walked in the living

As a twenty-year-old female who has been surrounded by infant nieces and nephews for the past ten years, maternal instincts have kicked in. Although, I personally have not been pregnant or given birth to child, I have first hand witnessed the birth of an adorable baby boy into this world and I have forever been changed.
Getting “the call” was one of the most anticipated things for me, being away at college, missing the pregnant best friend and sister-in-law in her final weeks. As the t

My wife and I are about to have a second baby in five weeks!

We're not expecting a baby shower this time around (we're having another girl - just like our first child so we really don't need stuff), but I was curious on what the "social norm" is regarding showers for second children?

We wouldn't throw this ourselves obviously but are curious. We've been to showers for second babies and then we've heard people say it's not exactly kosher. Both seem right.

My wife and I will be having our second child at the end of May. The interesting part about having this baby is that I'll be performing the role of the "doula."

Yes...Daddy the Doula.

For those that don't know, a "doula" is a childbirth coach that specializes in helping the parents, in particular the mother, have a comfortable, natural childbirth with as little pain as possible. We're defining "Natural Childbirth" in this sense as...

No medicine.
No e

If I had the option, I would stay home. But as it is with our budget, I must work. However, my employer doesn’t provide either a private place or a time for a breast feeding mother to pump during the work day. I’ve asked about this one-on-one with my boss but she refuses to budge on providing “special privileges” for some employees but not others. I don’t get it. I have coworkers who leave to walk outside for a smoke break but I’m seen as some trouble maker for requesting a place to pump. Am I

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