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Questions and Stories about Homeowners

Listed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that homeowners have asked, shared, or submitted as a response to our national writing contest. Topics range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. Do you have a homeowner story to share about your experiences? Click the "Share Your Story" button to add your voice to!

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Gandhi said, “If we could change ourselves, the world would also change.” I see this fitting into my life as a 30-year-old homeowner, and educator, boldly believing in a better than 2015, 2016.

2016 has to be better. Life isn’t meant to be consisted of mortgage payments and mourning.

2015 was extremely difficult. I left my apartment and teaching position abroad in Abu Dhabi, because I missed my house in the United States. I didn’t want to sell it when I was offered t

March Madness: David and Goliath

A rapid knock on the door.
An unexpected phone call.
A siren heard in the distance.
A tragedy on the news.

These things have all caused a sense of panic in various ways over the years. Madness and mental illness are such horrific twins; companions conjoined in the dark. Yet, I wonder will it always be so?

Mental illness is no laughing matter to those who have witness

I am a mere college student given the chance to live off campus. With a monthly rent check, I’m able to live in a house with two other girls. Although we rent this house, we rarely see our landlord. We signed a lease and gave him our word that this house would stay standing when our two years were up. So far, it’s stayed intact. But after a year and a half, we’ve had our share fair of memories built-up in this house – some good, some bad. After all this time, I can honestly saying being a homeo

The term Anxiety is an often quoted word that is becoming prevalent in the current era. Anxiety is the body's reaction to stress and the related symptoms which are manifested can be many, with anything from trouble sleeping, sexual dysfunction through to palpitations and nausea as well as panic attacks. It is inherently caused by increased levels of stress, which itself can be caused by external factors such as financial pressures, work issues or simply family problems. All of these circumstanc

Whether you're a fan of the Donald Trump's TV Show, The Apprentice, or not, you've got to check out this press release:


WOODBURY, MN -- Inspired by his role this season as a contestant on The Apprentice, real estate hard-hitter Wade Hanson has created his own unique business challenge designed to raise funds and awareness for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) by selling 60 homes

I was on this weekend and came across five quick, money-saving, green tips which will save you cash and shrink your carbon footprint.

1. Plug your TV, computer, cable box, stereo and game console into smart power strips. Saves 10% off your power bill.

2. Dry a load of laundry outside. No clothesline? Try a portable drying rack. Skipping the dryer can save an annual $135.

3. Put up a "shade sail" or radiant barrier over a window to block the sun’s hea

My parents want to turn the title of their house over to me and wife. They have a wonderful home AND it's paid off. The good news about this is that we could sell our house, keep the money and then live mortgage free in my parents home. There's one catch, and here's the bad parents want to continue living there with us. They are both in their 70s and in good health but they foresee a time when they can't take care of themselves and would like some help verses having to move out of

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