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Questions and Stories about Homeowners

Listed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that homeowners have asked, shared, or submitted as a response to our national writing contest. Topics range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. Do you have a homeowner story to share about your experiences? Click the "Share Your Story" button to add your voice to!

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1) Is it proper for a single man and a single woman to stay in the same hotel room for 2 nights driving out of State to watch Nascar and they are just friends, according to the woman, she is also neighbor to the guy.

2) is it also proper to pick a roommate which is a guy and the owner of the house is the woman she went out with years back, according to the woman, maybe they are still going out and it's just a show or facade.

3) is it also proper for a single woman to go o

I share a home with my boyfriend. Yes he does pay all the bills in the home. Is that reason enough for him to bring his kids over without letting me know.
here is a kingdom ruled by Queens, they are Home Makers. So this blog is not just to talk about good qualities of home makers, not just to say they cook well, their house is clean etc. Those are world – wide known facts.

Here are few tips for the home makers to make sure, they are not “just” home makers but they are “INDEPENDENT” home makers & top reasons to pat you

1. Have a hobby! It is a g

The Revolt of “Mother” by Mary E. Wilkins is a short story of a lower middle class family. Sarah is the wife of a farmer named Adoniram with two kids, Sammy and Nanny. Adoniram owns an old barn and intends to convert the remaining land into a new barn. He had formerly promised Sarah that he would use that land for the construction of a new house. However, when the time comes, he breaks his promise. He goes out of the town to fetch a horse from Hiram for the new barn. Meanwhile, Sarah shifts int

Lone Wolf
Most of the time, happiness comes from a variety of things that deal with peoples company, companionships, and love. However, these things don’t come naturally or mysteriously out of the blue, instead they randomly decide the happiness most people desire. Loneliness has an effect on people, maybe because of other peoples’ actions and feelings on certain things. These things can either be very moral or very dissolute. The world is full with so much blank walls and open doors, wh

My husband (which, to be honest, is still a little weird to say) and I have recently begun looking for a new place to live. We currently stay in a one bedroom, one bath apartment, and were hoping to upgrade a two bedroom apartment in the winter when the prices on apartments go down. But here's the problem: prices weren't going down. In fact, they were going up. Way up.

After anxiously waiting for a price drop that wasn't coming for two months, we took a step back. What about buying?

I have two cousins (a father and a son) stay with me for four months while they did a work project. I didn't ask for them to pay rent or anything. The only thing I asked is for any increases in the utilities to be paid. They bought their own groceries, but never replenished any of the items (dish/laundry detergent, paper towels, etc) in the house. They did use regular items (spices, etc) for cooking. They never offered to help with anything financially. They only assisted while I did some renov

Ritu was born to a middle class family from India. In her arrival into this world, her mother cried, her dad refused to see her and her relatives stayed away as if she had an incurable disease. Her grandmother abused her mother for giving birth to another girl. Her elder sister looked helplessly at the mother and the new arrival with sadness in her eyes and wondered what was wrong.

After much adieu, she was brought home from the hospital but the drama did not end there. Few months la

I am a mere college student given the chance to live off campus. With a monthly rent check, I’m able to live in a house with two other girls. Although we rent this house, we rarely see our landlord. We signed a lease and gave him our word that this house would stay standing when our two years were up. So far, it’s stayed intact. But after a year and a half, we’ve had our share fair of memories built-up in this house – some good, some bad. After all this time, I can honestly saying being a homeo

As World War II ended, everything was scarce--apartments, automobiles, refrigerators and money. With luck, we found a place in an old house being renovated by a friend. Our $40 per month pied a terre was part of a rear, second floor addition, probably originally intended as a solarium.

At the top of a curved staircase was a long skinny hallway, just big enough for a sink and stove and a refrigerator we didn’t have. At the end of the hallway, on the left, was a multi-windowed r

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