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Questions and Stories about Homeowners

Listed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that homeowners have asked, shared, or submitted as a response to our national writing contest. Topics range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. Do you have a homeowner story to share about your experiences? Click the "Share Your Story" button to add your voice to!

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Gandhi said, “If we could change ourselves, the world would also change.” I see this fitting into my life as a 30-year-old homeowner, and educator, boldly believing in a better than 2015, 2016.

2016 has to be better. Life isn’t meant to be consisted of mortgage payments and mourning.

2015 was extremely difficult. I left my apartment and teaching position abroad in Abu Dhabi, because I missed my house in the United States. I didn’t want to sell it when I was offered t

The bathroom is one of the most common areas to be remodeled. The bathrooms in older homes especially are often in need of a complete overhaul. If you’ve been putting off that bathroom remodeling project you’ve desperately needed for a while now, don’t put it off any longer. Though any remodeling project is a big project, there are some tips to make the process easier. Here are four tips to keep in mind for your next bathroom remodel.
1. Plan Ahead

It is impossible to plan too

HGTV renovation shows tend to have several things in common: a competent contractor who is at once an architect, a construction expert, and an interior designer; a home which seems hopeless to begin with but is magically transformed into a beautiful dwelling by the end; a few hiccups along the way that the contractor is able to deal with by trimming the budget elsewhere, still bringing in the final product under budget and on time.

Yes, they try to make it more realistic by includin

My husband (which, to be honest, is still a little weird to say) and I have recently begun looking for a new place to live. We currently stay in a one bedroom, one bath apartment, and were hoping to upgrade a two bedroom apartment in the winter when the prices on apartments go down. But here's the problem: prices weren't going down. In fact, they were going up. Way up.

After anxiously waiting for a price drop that wasn't coming for two months, we took a step back. What about buying?

A year ago, my family moved from the city to a more provincial town a few miles north. Our new street was full of pricey homes with extravagant landscaping. The neighborhood lived up to the name Oak Tree, and was full of mature trees.

Coming from a less "gardened" section of Oklahoma City, my husband and I were uncertain how to pep up our new yard. Following suggestions, we called a landscaper.
The man presented a complicated set of drawings. His eyes shone bright and I could'v

Moving is a stressful ordeal that disrupts the normal activities of you and your family. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, you need to create a checklist of the tasks that you must complete. As you work your way through your checklist, you will stay ahead of your moving schedule and still be able to keep track of your other obligations.

1. Purge Junk and Unwanted Items

Make your move easier on your back by reducing the amount of belongings that you bring. Work your way

Talk about the different styles of bathroom sinks today and how to choose a sink that can meet your need for both style and function.

My daughter, now a sophomore in college, was four years old when we moved into our current home. My son was just learning to walk and he is now a junior in high school. Our home is so full of memories and milestones, trees grow in the front yard that the kids helped plant and I can still see their old treehouse out my kitchen window. We have a stone pathway on the side of the house and each stone was handpainted by the kids when they were small; one with a big yellow flower, another with a rain

It's been a while since I wrote on this blog, and some things have changed. We have delayed the inevitable move south for another year, but our intention is that before the snow flies we will be in Florida.

Some medical issues cropped up, and the time just was not right for the husband to be job searching. He is doing much better now and now I am putting the plan into action so that we can get going. Another reason is that our youngest "child", Christina, who is 26, is expecting in

When you’re getting ready to move, it’s a perfect opportunity for a major purge of your unnecessary and unwanted items. Do you really want to pack up all of the clothes that are too small and out of style, the unused toys and games, and other miscellaneous junk that’s clogging your closets and drawers?

Cleaning out and organizing your items before a move not only reduces the amount of stuff you have to pack, it can also save you money. Moving companies generally charge based on the w

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