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Questions and Stories about Married Without Kids

Listed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that couples have asked, shared, or submitted as a response to our national writing contest. Topics range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. Do you have a couples story to share about your experiences? Click the "Share Your Story" button to add your voice to!

Read Married Without Kids Questions and Stories

The secret to happiness: what is happiness, first of all. I feel it is different for everyone. What may be happiness for me, may not be the same for another. Every person must figure that out for him or herself.

In my case, the secret to happiness is a 'Christ' centered marriage. God brought us together and kept us this way. Oh, there was a short time that we didn't want to be with one another, but once we started seeking God's will for our marriage, things got back to being won

Imagine a lake created by the run off of a glacier, surrounded by cliffs on three sides, waiting for some adventurous soul to dive right in to the freezing depths. The lake is lined with pine trees and bird song, sunshine and peace, this is pure happiness. The air is clean and fresh, it’s a hot day, perfect for taking a swim.
The lake is located in a tiny valley accessible only to hikers, up three hills and past two marshes, on a well beaten path, you deserve to play. Your first sight of

My wife text and tells me that God wants her to spend 24 hours closed in with Him and he wants her to do it on her birthday coming up in a few day. so im thinking to my self ok thats fine until she tells me that on her birthday she getting a hotel room and wont be home for 24 hour so that she can spend time with God. How should i deal with this

As a child, you watched your parents go through marriage as if everything was perfectly natural, and just the way it was expected it to be. Then you married and realized they may have neglected to mention some details.

It Can Be Terrifying

Marriage isn't just the wedding: it's the turmoil afterward. It's full of change, unpredictability, and problems. It can be scary, but yo

I am staring at a naked dummy. Every year at work, we go through CPR and first aid training. The day is a waste to me, simply because I see it as a day to waste time on a skill I will never use. I will tolerate this, because it is cold outside and I can stay in this warm training center, drinking coffee and wondering what to have for dinner. Our instructor goes on and on incessantly about what we should look for in scenarios, to make sure our area is safe before approaching, and to look for

Well, it’s official: I’ve been unemployed for a month now.

My lay off didn’t come as a total shock. On the Monday before it happened, my boss pulled one of closest friends/co-workers into a meeting. The co-worker came out looking visibly distressed and quietly conferred with my manager, who then stormed out to chain smoke and didn’t return for 20 minutes.

I asked her what was going on point blank. In Suite 27, we were an open book—on my first day at this company, my manage

  Tying the nuptial knot with the hope of eternal bliss is always expected by the bride and bridegroom even if it’s an arranged or love marriage. They dream of their future together and build it by layering it with happiness, wealth and most importantly kids as a symbol of their love and also for everlasting joy. However, what if a layer goes missing?
  Everything does not turn out as we wish and it is never an obstacle to still go on in life. That’s what my beloved uncle taught me. To him

Our brother passed away a few years ago. When he was alive we would visit him at his vacation home. Now that he's passed his girlfriend wants us to visit her and none of us feel comfortable, since it's not the same without him.

I know she's trying to but when he was alive she wouldn't let him visit family a lot of the time and it really bothered him and us. Whenever a family occasion occurred he often came by himself because she was always too busy, and when she was out of town he w

I have had many teachers over the course of my life, but most of them have unfortunately had a negative impact on me. Though I have always been a good student, I also have a different way of learning and problems with paying attention. Most teachers write me off as strange or disruptive and never take the time to understand me. This is why my piano teacher, Mrs. Hadduck, has always been my favorite. She was the second of five piano teachers I had between first grade and my junior year of coll

So where to begin...... My wife and I have been married for almost two years but have been together for over 14 years. We just bought our first home and after much discussion we decided to take my grandmother in. She has lived on her own with all of my aunts paying her bills for some time now. She has always been rude and stubborn and it continues to be the case. She has taken over our house. She is very loud on the phone every night and invites family over with out asking. (family I don't

I only heard her bark once. We were walking in the park and I heard a bark, so I looked around to see another dog. Sissy never did bark, but there she was, at my feet, with the hair on her back up, at this point growling. I peered into the trees to see what she could possibly be barking at. Then I realize that she must mean business, and I didn't want to find out what horrific animal, alien, or ghost was in the trees. We turned around and walked home. Sissy was a beautiful Labrador with t

“Ba-ding” goes the sound of my husband’s Facebook messenger, and I know the next sound to follow will be my husband’s groan. Why? Because I just sent him a link to the newest puppy I found for sale.

I have wanted a puppy since we moved into our little rental home almost two years ago, but my husband has insisted that it’s simply impractical. And in all fairness, he’s absolutely right. We live in a rental and work long hours every day. Still, for me, a household is simply incomplete

My husband, Justin, and I have been animal lovers all our lives. I grew up around cats and fish, and he raised a few animals short of a domestic zoo: dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, and chinchillas rounded out his family. Together, as a couple, we’ve own two cats, a 14 year old orange tabby from my childhood named Peeps and a 2 year old long haired tortoiseshell ball of energy named Olivia.

One of our most memorable animal moments, though, doesn’t involve our pets.

Our eve

I have asked my wife not to tell other people how much money I make? Am i being unreasonable

Temperatures dipped below freezing, and the first of twenty-nine snow falls arrived three weeks before winter. I’d always welcomed the shorter days and longer spans of indoor solitude that accompanied cold weather. However, my husband worshipped the sun and the outdoors; a match not made in heaven that resulted in winter being brutal in more ways than one.

Just when we thought we’d never see the lawn again, daffodils surfaced with the delayed spring thaw, and April showers arrived

This weekend, my husband and I, along with two of our longest and closest friends, spent a day in Baltimore at the aquarium. Of course, this was not my first trip. Growing up in Maryland and North Virginia meant (almost) yearly class trips to the aquarium, where my classmates and I would press our faces to the glass and watch the fish swim. Even though I'm nearing 25, some things never change.

Of course, some of the exhibits in the aquarium have definitely changed; the city of Baltim

“Who’s going to take care of you when you get old?” Lisa asks me as we pretend we are working out at the gym. Dean and I have been married for two years now. Lisa has been married for four years and Lisa is trying to have her second kid. I am telling her again that Dean and I don’t want to have children, a concept that Lisa, and many other adults, can’t grasp.
“I don’t think you should have a child to avoid paying for a retirement home,” I politely say back as I continue to figure out

Even today almost 4 years after she passed away if you ask anyone in our family who was the best family chef the answer still remains the same - "BARDI". Bardi means Elder sister in Bengali. Although she was my maternal grandmother's elder sister she was universally called as Bardi by everyone.Be it the kids, the grandchildren or the great grand children.
She was a widow at the young age of 25 and lived till the age of 90. Being a widower in India was a very difficult ex

Aldous Huxley predicted in his 1932 dystopian book a society where traditional values have all but eroded and the value of life has decreased to the point of mass producing babies and constantly consuming pleasure-inducing drugs. Eight decades later, our society is seeing a similar pattern with Huxley’s society, where the intrinsic value of human life is slowly decreasing and we’re on a slippery slope where countries are gradually accepting policies that degrade humanity in fa

Happy marriage is every woman’s dream. A challenging one, in case of an arranged marriage. While it is difficult for the parents to find a suitable groom, it is beyond difficult for the woman to merely go through the entire phase.

Having been brought up in a society that thought beauty is priority, fair is lovely, clear face is the dear face and so on, I had begun to feel jitterier than ever, after my graduation. Every stranger, relative and friend took a good look at my face, every

I was a somewhat nervous child. One of my best friends lived literally eight houses down the street, but a sleepover there still made my stomach churn with uncertainty. I played there all of the time with no problems, but something about the idea of being away overnight gave me pause. What was it that caused me so much hesitation? Looking back now, I suppose the fear hinged on the possibility that something would go wrong and my beloved mother would not be there to come to my aid.

she was beautiful. for the way she spoke, down to her intellectual thoughts. the way she loved him, noone understood. the passion that seaps through her, inspired by what she thought may be the most beautiful thing she has yet to come across. scared at first, she weighed out the pros and cons. she listed everything she had loved about this man, everything that he has done to inspire her. the list grew and grew until it over powered any negative thought of him at all! The only thought with the s

We adopted Bailey in the Summer of 2010 from the local shelter. Passing by cages and cages of beautiful dogs, all who looked like they needed a good home, it was Bailey who instantly sprang to lick my hand when I reached up to read her BIO. Bailey was a neglected and stray Pit Bull mix that had recently given birth. Her teats were dominant, the end of her tail and ears were feathered from being succumbed by fleas, and her figure was daunting to say the least. She was on the urgent list; she had

You jump through hoops, you fight your way through battles, and winning that last fight is always your main goal. That is the life of an Olympic star and it is also the life of a married couple. You know, when I got married I didn’t imagine it to be this way. I truly did believe that by now I would have had white picket fence, a business man for a husband and the perfect boy and girl. I think I got the opposite. My husband is a crazy goofball who scratches at confusion when I work on my e

We all complain about time, especially in the morning when we are on-the-go, i have collected some of this recipes from my girl friends too, especially my Russian friend who is so busy ,she has little time for herself . she says she looks for the easiest fastest recipes especially in the morning, i had to look for easiest fast breakfast recipes because i had to start skipping breakfast which is totally unhealthy! and it reduces my performance because i will have to turn to my coffee to give m

I don't read nearly as much as I used to. Months ago Mj was showing me all these free books I could get on Amazon. I found one I liked and then he didn't save it so he went searching for it and found it again. I don't know what the point was. I don't have a Kindle and chances are I wasn't going to go out and buy the book in the store. I should have known that he would make sure I'd get to read that book.

I posted this pic on Instagram and got 17 likes. That's a lot of likes for

I am a big fan of romantic movies, especially the straight breezy ones. I love watching them. I love the whole happy ending bit. I even read a lot of Mills & Boon. But hold on. I am no starry eyed romantic soul. On the contrary I am extremely practical and prefer a chilled out evening with TH watching “who wants to be a millionaire” and trying to outdo each other than doing the whole romantic conversation bit. So why do I like romantic movies and books? I think its because they are simple , th

When I met my husband, we were living in small apartments and both of us were prior homeowners. Our apartments deceptively kept secret the growing mounds of boxes, crates, car parts and outdoor gear in our three large storage units.

In those storage units, the limits of daily functions were exceeded. For example, we had:
• A bright yellow catamaran raft (once used to float down the Colorado River), and other river gear such as a portable potty (with a seat cover even);

Being in a long-term relationship means you're already comfortable sharing your life with someone. You're comfortable with the idea of compromise, working together and communicating. But, as you settle into a long-term relationship, it's easy to reach a place where you both feel stagnant and complacent.

Strive to take your relationship to the next level by giving back to your local community, volunteering globally and getting involved in enriching the lives of others. Not sure how yo

The following is an interview I did with my sister-in-law via Facebook about life being married. I would like to thank her for all her honest answers which were probably not easy, knowing they would be posted online or that her husband’s little sister was asking the questions.

Q: How long have you been married?

A: My husband and I have been married since August 14, 2010, so 3 years.

Q: How did you meet?

A: We met in middle school. Chess club had start

I am kind of overwhelmed to say the least because this is my first attempt at joining any kind of online writing site especially one which is open to public viewing ,but then now that i have taken the plunge here we go ...

Let me tell you a little bit about myself .I am happiness anon( it’s a pseudonym of course) and I am writing to you all the way from India .I am an Indian by birth and lineage and I have lived all my life in this country .Its interesting to be in India in these tim

My goal in life in life is to have a good paying job and to have an wife also two kids. When I get out of high school. I would like to go to the military when I graduate high school. So that they can pay for my college. Also for they can make me a better man. They would teach me a lot of great things. I also can find my career in the military. So the military can start my life off great. When I get done with the college education. I would like to go find me a wife threw out the years. When I ha

Mj and I have been together for five years and we have never had an argument. I can hardly even believe that myself. We don't always agree but we come from a similar enough starting point that it just works. We push and pull each other with just the right amount of force so that it never results in a verbal altercation. Our biggest issue is that he's on the messy side and I'm a neat freak who sometimes nags. If that's our biggest problem I figure we are doing something right. We are far f

My heart has left it dwelling place and can return no more" are always a catch. The reason why they are so expensive will be repeatedly enriched, explained and enhanced through many details such as store locations, store design and display, service attitude, product quality, publishing quality, etc. A motor should run smoothly, with no screeching noises. You can plan a day out and enjoy your heart's content with your friends. To ensure quality education every semester, there are limited seats i

Two months before my husband and I got married his boss told him that he was being relocated to a small town in the middle of NOWHERE. I have spent the last fifteen years living in large cities so for me this news was horrifying. We were leaving behind family, friends and everything that was safe and familiar. We were newlyweds living in a new city with no support system to rely on.

The first day we lived in our new town we went to eat at a local restaurant. My husband grabbed both m

You’ve probably read about that statistic – your bedroom is where you spend a third of your life – 8 hours out of 24 each day. But your bedroom is more than just a place to doff down for the night. It is also your own personal sanctuary. Your sinecure for rest and relaxation and spending quality time with yourself or with that special someone.

Create the right ambience

Whether you pick a traditional style, contemporary style or a minimalistic look for your bedroom,

You faced the financial crisis and do not know what to do? This is quite a stressful situation, because in spite of all this you have to pay bills, buy food and have cash for little expenses. Of course you can not affect the economic situation in the country, but you can take some simple steps to protect your future and survive the hard times. Let's look at the main options which can afford us to cope with the financial crisis.

Assess the situation

First of all, do not pan

I never thought I would ever use the words “necessary evil” and “date night” in the same sentence. After all, a necessary evil is something that you do not like, but which you know must exist or happen. But who doesn’t like date night?

…Apparently, some couples don’t.

A few months ago, I came across an article that talked about how date night can be tedious and often stressful for some married couples, in particular parents. Date night became more of a routine they felt t

The old saying is that youth is wasted on the young. Fortunately, I was given a gift of a little wisdom at any early age as I actually listened to my elder's advice. In fact, I solicited the advice. I recall asking my grandfather what advice he would give me for financial success. He told me to be a big fish in a little pond.

As I look back, I see I followed his advice. I became a well-known author and speaker to a small niche of people (financial advisors) and was even highlighted

My Mother told me a story once when I was a young girl. A story that even as a young child carried so much weight into how I saw the world and the people in them. She had just gotten married at the mere age of 18 to a man she hardly knew; a man she had only seen around town but never had formally met. She finally spoke a few words to him on their wedding night and moved into his family home, one that occupied his older brother and his own family, complete with 5 sons and 4 daughters. In the fir

This is a True Story about my cell phone getting knocked into a concrete footing, just told in a really creative way!

I grew up in a very racially homogenous country. I remember learning about other races in school but have not really seen a person of a different race up close until I went abroad when I was 14. Croatia is not homogenous only in terms of skin color of its population, but also in terms of religion. Despite that, I was always taught, both in school and at home, that humans are humans no matter the color of their skin, their origin, language, religion, education, social class…

When I we

I don't know anyone married yet, other than adults, but I do personally know a few people that are engaged. I think, for the purposes of this blog post, I can kind of switch out "married" with "engaged."

People don't like to admit that change happens, they really don't. A lot of people actively go out and seek change in their life, others don't, but the part where people really hate to admit is that they have personally changed at one point or another. I was always one of those peopl

The British drama, Downtown Abbey, this season’s new passion for television, tells the story of the privileged family of the Earl of Grantham and of his retinue of servants. It is 1920 and the cash-strapped Earl is married to Cora, a super-rich American. With the arrival of her mother, Martha Levinson, we realize that Cora is Jewish and that their union rescued the magnificent property where the Earl was born and hopes to die. A self-confessed fortune hunter, he again needs aid to rescue him fr

A sense of urgency has come over me since moving Whitney, our youngest child, to UW-Whitewater. I’m not sick or anything serious like that; I’m merely getting old. Think about it like a bell; the bottom edge of the bell represents my school years and the role of daughter, half way up the side represents dating and marriage and the role of wife, and the top of the bell represents the childrearing years, the role of mom. I’ve moved over to the opposite of the bell; I’m back to the role of wife

I never thought I would be hooked on “The Bachelor”. The show is in its 17th season and for the last 16 seasons I’ve gone out of my way to change the channel whenever I came across it. I don’t know why, but I’ve always felt the show to be too choreographed to be reality. Is it really possible to have all that drama over one guy?

Apparently so! And now, I am officially obsessed with this seasons’ show with Sean and all that drama!

So is my husband—maybe even

I didn’t realize turning 22 also meant graduating from college in May and possibly living on my own in the near future. Not to mention, I haven’t even begun to notice the time I’ve put into my relationship. Going on two years, this has become my first long-term relationship in four years of college. But with everything coming so soon, does that mean something else should be expected in the future as well?

It has been difficult for me to focus on graduating and seeing people my age ge

I’ve been married to my husband Josh for over two years now & I never tire of telling people “our story” – the way we met & our whirlwind romance leading us down the aisle. I blog at if you’d like read more about our life together.

Josh & I grew up in the same small town in little ol’ Adams County, Pennsylvania, & we attended the same small rural school. (To give you a frame of reference, my graduating class consisted of 90 students.) Our paths crossed several

Hello All,

Stage of Life is proud to announce its latest endeavor - the development of the first mobile storytelling game! For the last three months, we have been putting our creative efforts into drafting Writing Race, a multiplayer story writing game for Apple iPhone where friends will collaboratively (or competitively) write a story together using their mobile phone.

Our idea to expand Stage of Life’s literacy initiative to the mobile realm began as some scribbling on

Why do we call ladies bitches and sluts in songs or even in general conversations......Ladies you are more than that your intellegent smart and independent,for sure a man gonna need his wife to cook for them.Ladies you dont have to wear all ther makeup to look good your gold live like it

Everyone deals with struggles in life, things that happen which are out of our control. What is most important is how you confront these life struggles. Do you continue to live your life being miserable or do you take control, find your voice, and persevere? I, like all people in life, had my share of struggles. My biggest one was my battle with infertility. I call this a battle because the process was both physically exhausting and emotionally debilitating.My body had failed me. I felt lik

In my introduction of this blog I mentioned that for about twenty years my wife and I used to attend a prayer group. It happened when we had already four children. It all began when one of our neighbors knocked at our door one winter evening. Although I knew this man and even spoke to him several times, in my eyes he was an arrogant bully, a tough guy a political fanatic. I wondered what he wanted at that time and I was almost afraid……...just a little. But he asked me politely to let him in bec

How to mak your Marriage Thrive!

Let’s face it – marriage can be hard! But it doesn’t have to stay that way. There are simple things you can do every day to make a difference. Happy couples know that doing these 3 small things can make a world of difference. Couples in trouble, usually find themselves unsure of where to go or what to do, to make their marriage really thrive. During a typical couples counseling session, you learn new ways to communicate, how to repair lost trust, and

My Stage of Life:
Hi everyone! My name is Lauren and I blog at My site is an everyday journal of all things me including my passion for fitness, health, love, happiness and how I acheive balance and purpose every single day. Like many, I have gone through years of trying to discover that perfect balance and although the road has been tough at times, I'm finding that as I grow older, life is less about trying to be and more about just being.
At th

I’m Nineteen Years old, looking at my feet, which are in all black converse. My gaze travels up to my outfit: Pin-Striped miniskirt; then pans over to my fiance (since less than 12 hours ago) decked out in a 5 piece vintage Armani pin-striped suit. We are standing at the altar in The Chapel of Love - one of the many places to get hitched in Las Vegas. To avoid being tacky, Elvis did not marry us; and oh yeah, officially we eloped... driving away from Phoenix, AZ and not informing any of our fam

When I was in eighth grade, I took a class called World Religion. It was taught by a pastor of a well known baptist church in my hometown. He had some pretty strong views on marriage, dating and relationships in general. One subject we discussed was the issue of teens getting married. While my parents have always held a more reserved view on when to marry, “Wait until you have at least finished college,” they would always say, the pastor thought it appropriate to get married at a much younger a

My daughter recently acquired two male gerbils. Their names are: Nutella (she has recently discovered the delicious joys of Nutella) and darn, I can NOT remember the other gerbil's name. SORRY, GERBIL!

That's just what I call both of them anyway. Gerbil... as in: "Hi, gerbils, how are you doing?" Sometimes I call them "guys" as in: "How are you GUYS today?" They never answer, of course. But they do venture out from their little pla

How would you like to combine 2 of the BEST treats on earth, to create a BRAND NEW treat your whole family will love?

Well! Allow me to tell you about THE COOKIE very own invention.

And no, NO cookies were harmed in the making of this fabulous concoction.

This milkshake doesn't actually CONTAIN real cookies (because hey, that would be sort of gross...soggy wet cookie pieces...NOOOO)! This milkshake just TASTES li

I remember being ten years old and curled up in my older brother’s bed, crying and praying that my parents would get divorced. It was a regular occurrence, my parents were always yelling at each other, throwing things and sometimes blows were even thrown. Most kids might have written off marriage, but not me, I knew that there was something better than what my parents had.

Finding that something better seemed like it would take forever! When I was fifteen I thought I found my fore

When you look closely at an elephant, you will see an amazing creature that weighs several tons and has something no other animal has -- a long trunk that can be used as an extra hand or for a shower on a hot day. Can we stand by and let these beautiful beings disappear from the earth? I say that we need an Awareness Month to call attention to the plight of elephants whose numbers are dwindling each year.
First of all, elephant habitat is being destroyed. The forests and jungles where t

Anyone dealing with infertility knows what true commitment it is - the emotional and physical toll it takes on your body, your mind, the doctor’s visits, and the financial burden. And as if dealing with infertility wasn’t hard enough now add work and this becomes a dangerous combination to those who cross your path.

Most people work because they have to not because they want to. Who goes to work because they love their job, enjoy getting bossed around, and then at the end of the we

Marrying each other later in life, my husband and I were mature enough to find a pretty good match. Or so we thought. I was so confident, in fact, that when we were planning our wedding and the minister informed us that second marriages rarely work, and we should tell each other all our secrets immediately, I fired him. I also fired my mother because her plans for our wedding were too demanding. We ended up getting married outside an old cabin, with little structure and even less stress. It

When someone you love dies, the sadness consumes you. Nothing can prepare you for the pain and for a while, nothing can comfort you. Fortunately, the pain does eventually stop paralyzing you and life begins again. Monday marks a year since my father died, and I can honestly say that I'm doing much better than a year ago. However I woke up this morning at 6:33 am, about two hours earlier than I usually do on a Saturday, and all I could do is think about my father and how I miss him.


Marriage is a juxtaposition: two people placed side by side in this thing called life.

In my house, we practice juxtaposition. We practice because it doesn't always come easily.

My husband gets home from work about an hour after I do. Since I've been sitting at home for an hour anxiously awaiting his arrival, I naturally get excited when he comes home. In my dream world, he would lift me off the ground, we would swing around and kiss hello and then he would juxtapose himse

Marriage itself is a lesson on grace.

My husband and I are two messy and imperfect people trying to love each other as best as we know how. That doesn’t always look pretty. It’s only been half a year since we said our vows but grace has been abundant. It’s hard to love someone completely if there’s too much room in our heart taken up by loving ourselves.

As much as my husband and I love each other and are committed to one another, there are times when we don’t show it well

Chris and I have been married for four months next week. It's been a long transition, full of expectations that have or have not been met, with surprises and lots of figuring things out and learning new things everyday.

The third and fourth month have seemed to be especially trying. I guess that we are finally getting settled in to our place and can no longer keep ourselves busy with unpacking boxes or moving furniture around. Our schedule has seemed to stabilize and has become much

"I can forgive, but I cannot forget, is only another way of saying, I will not forgive. Forgiveness ought to be like a cancelled note - torn in two, and burned up, so that it never can be shown against one." ~Henry Ward Beecher

I am trying out this concept of true forgiveness... and I have to say, it feels nice.
In our society, it really does not make a lot of sense to most people - to take something/someone and totally wipe the slate clean after pain or heartache was experienc

The truth is, I am a closet romantic. It's true.

I have always believed in love. Always.

Sure, there were a few times I got a little cynical.

For example, my first marriage. The wedding was beautiful, romantic, perfect in every way. Traditional white dress, big cathedral, 5 tier cake, champagne, candle light, pearls and white roses... all the elements for romance were there. One thing was missing - the actual romance.

I did try on several occassions

Every week I write stories about my husband who died of colon cancer two years ago. For the story purposes, I call him Hero (of course he is my Hero.)

Before I met the Hero, he had married a girl he had met where his mom worked. She was sweet, impulsive and not very thoughtful. They were married about 3 months,when she had a back injury from a car accident she had been in. She could not work, which meant the Hero had to quit school to work and care for her. The end result of th

Some of my friends grew up in a good old fashioned southern home. Mom and Dad (which they more than likely referred to as Mama and Daddy) with a few brothers and sisters, barbeques on the back porch with Lynard Skynard and the Allmand Brothers playing on the boombox, grandma bringing over the pound cake and a big Georgia Bulldog flag hanging on the front of the house.

I did not.

Words like set & lighting design, acrylics and charcoal, toe shoes and leotards, ink wells and

My wife and I had to drive into Reno (about 60 miles NW of our home) for an appointment in mid-morning this last Friday. It was lightly snowing and it looked fairly safe but we decided to drive our pickup because it is big and ugly and safe looking…bad decision. I didn’t really consider how light a pickup truck is in the rear section and how slick the roads were going to be.

The Truckee River runs through a canyon just East of Reno and Interstate 80 is

I'm starting to panic.

Lucky for me, I have been riding the honeymoon train for the past month. We are headoverheelsyoucandonowronginmyeyesever love. Everything over here is like a Disney Movie before the evil (insert your favorite scary token Disney villain here) comes to town.

However, I am a fairly logical woman and know that I am not going to be able to walk around with a golden aura for long. We’ve been dating for four years; he knows what I’m really about. I am goin

This weeks Editor piece was very well stated! I have to agree with you that some 'nicknames' or 'pet names' can well be a little less than desirable. The topic had me doing some thinking today. When I think of the many nicknames or pet names that I have heard, been called, made inference to others throughout my life, it becomes obvious that in many circles, nicknames and pet names seem to hold some kind of societal acceptance. To make it easier and less mind boggling, I will go back to the

Life was never easy for my mother growing up; her father was in the Navy, and she spent her whole childhood moving from place to place, which, as all military brats know, made it difficult to make and keep friends. At the age of nine she moved with her mother and older brother to Saudi Arabia, where her father was stationed. Her mother is a German immigrant who spoke little English and had never left her home country beforehand; she was hopelessly out of her depth in such a foreign culture. Wi

The story of the hardships my mother faced growing up and how they shaped her as a person. HEr experiences have left her with vast knowledge on life and how to interpret and deal with others.

For some months now, I have put off telling my hairdresser that I will not be going back to her. I have been going to her for three years now, following her from one salon to another, but the last two haircuts have not been as good as previous ones. I feel bad because I know she's hurting for business and she does not charge outrageous fees. But I think it's time to move on.

She has been calling me and leaving messages because I'm too chicken to pick up the phone. Any advice on how t

Hi, My name is Shannon Kail, I am 25 years old. I live in Miami, Florida with my Husband who is 28 years old. we have been together for 5 years. We own a home out in the Everglades and we have 4 dogs. We met in the Army at a leadership school and it was love at first sight. He got out of the Army about 2 years ago and because of the troop surge in Afganistan my husband has been recalled to deploy. We found out yesterday he is leaving in 45 days. I cried so hard that I got a migraine and the sad

I'd like some CREATIVE tips on how to become more attractive, a.k.a. "hot," for my wife.

She thinks I'm the cat's meow as it is but I'd like to surprise her with some other things I could do that might push me into the Brad Pitt realm of "hotness."

We used to watch Grey's Anatomy and she'd say things like, "McSteamy's hot" and with drool dripping from her lips, barely utter in a cavewoman-like grunt, ""

So yeah...I guess I'd like to surp

I was thinking about this question today while my wife and I were bopping around the house running back and forth with the kids.

Yes, we have kids, but I placed this question in this stage because it deals with heart of our relationship - how it started with just us.

My answer: I fell in love with my wife because she wasn't afraid to share a different opinion than me. That really stood out when we were made her mysterious. I wanted to know more about what

We all have a favorite restaurant for date night. It might be a little local place, or it might be your favorite national chain like Ruby Tuesday's.

What's your favorite restaurant for date night? Why?

P.s. - this post is not about me and my wife going to visit your suggestions. Rather, it's ALL about sparking some dialogue around the art of romance...good food...good wine...great atmosphere.

My wife and I go to a little place in York, PA called The Lef

She said "yes" over 11 years ago. And what a ride it's been.

My wife and I will be celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary in August. We spent five and half of those years as "Married Without Kids" and the last four and half as "Parents" of our two daughters...the youngest having been born just a few weeks ago.

But I'm not here to write about my daughters. I'm here to write about my wife. My ultimate cheerleader. My tennis partner. My holder of dreams. My soft

To celebrate Memorial Day, I'd like to buy or do something creative and unique for my wife. Something small but meaningful - not a trip to Paris. Suggestions?

I recently found out that my wife wants to start having children but I'm not ready yet. We’ve been together for 5 years (married for three) and we're in our early 30s. The discussions about this topic are now occurring daily we’re starting to fight about it more than talk about it. Any thoughts out there?

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