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Questions and Stories about Having a Wedding

Listed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that those planning a wedding have asked, shared, or submitted as a response to our national writing contest. Topics range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. Do you have a wedding story to share about your experiences? Click the "Share Your Story" button to add your voice to!

Read Wedding Questions and Stories

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Hey! My name is Sara and I am planning a wedding that is a little less than 5 months away. Talk about stressful? Well, not really. I have an awesome support system that has helped me along this journey. I also have a blog that focuses on faith, design and inspiration.

What is the key to happiness? A positive lifestyle: Embracing positivity and remembering that at the end of the day… everything is going to be okay! Every morning when I wake up I think of 10 things that I am thankfu

Carrie is my younger sister but also my best friend. We weren't as close until high school when we were in the same dance class and youth group at church. Before that, Carrie was considered the "good child". I was always the troublemaker getting punished. Carrie was a momma's girl, always loving to snuggle or make up funny handshakes with her, which made me secretly jealous.

When Carrie was in second grade, she started complaining of stomach pain. My parents took her to many doctors

The color of your wedding dress isn’t white? Aren't you going to wear veil? Your groom has seen the wedding dress before you walked up the aisle? Are you insane? Your marriage is doomed. This is a bride’s worst nightmare.
There are many wedding superstitions that may spoil the happiest day of your life and make even the most logical person believe that 'married in May will rue the day', as the old saying

With the rising trend in destination weddings, people have started using overseas wedding photography services. The best way a couple can remember and cherish their pre wedding moments and the wedding day celebration is by the medium of photographs.

Photographs last a lifetime and More

It is the best gift that they can give to each other which can be passed on to the next generation too, who will love to see their parents or grandparent getting married at their ha

Two of my closest male friends married this past weekend here in beautiful Saint Andrews By-the-Sea. It was my distinct honour to be Master of Ceremonies at one of the most spectacular and beautiful celebrations of marriage one could ever imagine. There was a gigantic beautifully decorated tent, 200 guests from far and wide dressed to the nines in black tie and stunning dresses, delicious food, a 21-piece big band, perfect weather and an outpouring of love and friendship.

This much-

I am writing this story in honor of one of my best friends who recently got engaged to get best friend! Her and I have been through the best and worst in life. There was a time when I had no address and she gave me hope. She gave me the determination to go back to college and get my degree.. Because of her constant faithful presence in my life I am now a nurse with a very promising future. I have a home and more then anything, I have a sister and best friend who I know I can always depend on an

Every girl dreams of a dashing man sweeping her off her feet and carrying her away into the sunset! So, why don’t you give your wife-to-be something along similar lines? Wedding car hire has been making dreams come true for ‘GUYS and GALS’ for many years now and you too can benefit from such services.

What is Up for Hire?

The choices for the wedding car rentals are too many to mention! You can choose from an expansive fleet of shiny and eye-catching 4-wheelers to make your

Hello All,

Stage of Life is proud to announce its latest endeavor - the development of the first mobile storytelling game! For the last three months, we have been putting our creative efforts into drafting Writing Race, a multiplayer story writing game for Apple iPhone where friends will collaboratively (or competitively) write a story together using their mobile phone.

Our idea to expand Stage of Life’s literacy initiative to the mobile realm began as some scribbling on

My Love For You (part 3)

As I promised, today I am going to narrate how that summer when I met my girlfriend (now my wife) came to an end and something unexpected happened.

As I said in my previous stories that year I ended my schooling and decided to find a job till I decided what I was going to do. My wish was to become a teacher but to do that I had to go to college which meant a couple of years without money in my pockets. I wished for so many things that several of

Premarital counseling is the best way to become better prepared for the many challenges you will face in your marriage. During counseling we will help each partner to express themselves on each topic.

Premarital counseling will teach you the techniques needed to prevent, better deal with, or discontinue any difficult habits and unhealthy patterns that can be hard to break once they are well established.

Subjects covered
▪ Conflict Resolution <

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