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Questions and Stories about Having a Wedding

Listed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that those planning a wedding have asked, shared, or submitted as a response to our national writing contest. Topics range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. Do you have a wedding story to share about your experiences? Click the "Share Your Story" button to add your voice to!

Read Wedding Questions and Stories

My boyfriend of 5 years is thinking about proposing to me soon, but him and myself love my mom, but aren't the biggest fan of her. He mentioned that he didn't want my mom there when he proposes, but my sister will be there, and his parents that we are super close will be there too. My older sister is 6 years older than me, and when my parents split when I was really young, she kind of took a motherly like roll to me and my other siblings. I always felt way closer to my sister than my mom. She h

Hey! My name is Sara and I am planning a wedding that is a little less than 5 months away. Talk about stressful? Well, not really. I have an awesome support system that has helped me along this journey. I also have a blog that focuses on faith, design and inspiration.

What is the key to happiness? A positive lifestyle: Embracing positivity and remembering that at the end of the day… everything is going to be okay! Every morning when I wake up I think of 10 things that I am thankfu

Weddings are celebrations of love and joy. You can’t help but believe this universal fact instinctively, until you start planning a wedding for yourself, siblings, or children, and face the thought of the exuberant expenses that lie in its wake.

Loans have always helped individuals conveniently achieve goals like receiving an education or buying a dream home, a cool bike, or state-of-the-art electronic gadgets; marriage loans or wedding loans bring those same benefits to you. With a

One's wedding is a day to remember for a lifetime. It is said to be the most important day. Wedding planning is a tedious yet fun time for the whole family. Different members take charge of different functions such as transport, lodging, venue, catering etc. Guest entertainment is of utmost importance too.

The factor that matters the most is the cost. Everything boils down to it. Nobody wants to compromise on cost for such an important day. Thankfully, there are many easy to obtain p

After an out of town trip (6 hours there, 6 hours back) and after an argument with my husband, he let me know that our 12 year old son and I will not be going with him to his best friends wedding 8 hours away because the trip is too long and plane tickets for the three of us will be too expensive. I do not think this is okay and the delivery and timing of the message is suspect. I feel devastated! Is this acceptable? (We have been married 15 years)

As the wedding season approaches this part of the world, things cease to remain same and much of our free time is consumed in deciding gifts for the weddings and buying clothes for ourselves. In India, this sacred bond between two people is more than just about the nuptial rituals; more about the work of weeding decorators. The grand ceremonies have everything to offer that a beholder of this holiest of bondage could ever ask for: flowers, cars, lights, music, dance, cameras, flashes, rockets;

Carrie is my younger sister but also my best friend. We weren't as close until high school when we were in the same dance class and youth group at church. Before that, Carrie was considered the "good child". I was always the troublemaker getting punished. Carrie was a momma's girl, always loving to snuggle or make up funny handshakes with her, which made me secretly jealous.

When Carrie was in second grade, she started complaining of stomach pain. My parents took her to many doctors

Your wedding can be the greatest day of your life, so what do you need to do to make it really great? Have you been searching trends and ideas on wedding blogs and social networks? Why not? Because for a while, planning your wedding may become your second or full-time job. Why? Because everything should be just perfect. You should understand that to have one really

This year, wedding dresses have seen a lot of updates and new designs. Incorporating feathers, floral prints, and pastel colors, the latest trends in wedding gowns feature unique and fresh styling. Inspired by Kate Middleton’s wedding look, long sleeved wedding gowns are making a come-back by utilizing gossamer sheer or lace sleeves with lace, sequins, intricate beading, or elegant embroidery. Off shoulder styles are another fresh look coming off runways, as well as low backed gowns with artful

The color of your wedding dress isn’t white? Aren't you going to wear veil? Your groom has seen the wedding dress before you walked up the aisle? Are you insane? Your marriage is doomed. This is a bride’s worst nightmare.
There are many wedding superstitions that may spoil the happiest day of your life and make even the most logical person believe that 'married in May will rue the day', as the old saying

The best way to plan a perfect wedding is to plan the wedding banquet, designers for the clothes and the wedding photography services who will be the best to bring out the essence of love in the wedding preparations to perfection! Planned weddings are becoming very popular at present, as more and more people prefer them over the frivolous expenses in an unplanned one.

Social networking sites and dating apps have come a long way in connecting people living thousand miles away. The idea of finding love online has become popular even in the deeply conservative nation like ours. Today, we do not have to face raised eyebrows on the mention of online dating, and these dating apps have become as common as matrimonial sites.

Online dating may be more frequent than the traditional concept of dating, and may not require much preparation as well. But an onli

With the rising trend in destination weddings, people have started using overseas wedding photography services. The best way a couple can remember and cherish their pre wedding moments and the wedding day celebration is by the medium of photographs.

Photographs last a lifetime and More

It is the best gift that they can give to each other which can be passed on to the next generation too, who will love to see their parents or grandparent getting married at their ha

Two of my closest male friends married this past weekend here in beautiful Saint Andrews By-the-Sea. It was my distinct honour to be Master of Ceremonies at one of the most spectacular and beautiful celebrations of marriage one could ever imagine. There was a gigantic beautifully decorated tent, 200 guests from far and wide dressed to the nines in black tie and stunning dresses, delicious food, a 21-piece big band, perfect weather and an outpouring of love and friendship.

This much-

January 1, 2015, marked 21st of our wedding anniversary. On that day, I promised to go forward without looking back, prepared to face the rigors of marriage and settle as a responsible man. Before then finding or choosing the right woman to be my future partner was like a nightmare, taking into consideration the number of people getting divorce everyday after tying the knot.

Yes! It’s very common to see hundreds of couples at wedding ceremonies, particularly on Sundays, making vows

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