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Questions and Stories about Having a Wedding

Listed below is the compilation of all of the questions and stories that those planning a wedding have asked, shared, or submitted as a response to our national writing contest. Topics range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between. Do you have a wedding story to share about your experiences? Click the "Share Your Story" button to add your voice to!

Read Wedding Questions and Stories

Looking for Affordable Flower Girl Dresses

I felt honored when my best friend asked me to be the matron of honor at her wedding. I was also thrilled when she asked my daughter to be the flower girl. However, I felt a bit leery when I realized that I had to buy two gowns for the occasion. Fortunately, the bride reminded me that the present market offers a lot of affordable flower girl dresses.

To be honest, I wanted my best friend to reconsider her choice in flower girls be

Wedding Hymns

It is undoubtedly true that the wedding ceremony is followed by the wedding reception party where live music bands or disc jockeys may be employed to play the musical accompaniments. This allows the wedding guests and revelers to groove on the dance floor.

There are also certain rituals during the wedding ceremony itself when hymns and musical pieces are played by the church orchestra or music bands and are essential for the completion of the ceremony. In the

Wedding Reception Planning

The wedding reception is to most attendees, the big event. In many cases, where it is possible to do so, the wedding ceremony is held at the same venue as the wedding reception. The wedding reception can be as simple as inviting all guests back to the home of one of the parents of the bride and groom. Or, it can be as lavish as having the wedding ceremony and reception at some romantic getaway and paying airfare and lodging for the entire list of invitees.

Types of dresses that can never fail are called party dresses. In fact the party dresses can be as varied and different to each other than to call a category of dress is something bold, yet its importance we will give you the best advice that you succeed fill your wardrobe of the Top party dresses.

When properly choose, and is so easy to make a mistake it's best to go for parts and distinguish different types of gowns that may exist.

To begin we have to choose a party even

Wedding Master Of Ceremonies - 10 Sure-Fire Tips For Success

Most people are so thrilled when a friend or family member asks them to be their wedding master of ceremonies. It's only later that they wonder what does a mc do at a wedding?

The wedding master of ceremonies is basically responsible for ensuring the various events that take place during the wedding reception run in a smooth and orderly fashion and on time.

It is at this point many a prospective weddin

What Are The Duties Of The Best Man At Your Wedding?

Most people assume that the only task of the best man is just to hand the ring to the groom and then give a speech at the reception. This is just the tip of the iceberg! The best man is an important part of the wedding.

Just like his counterpart, the maid of honor, the best man is not just a sibling of the groom. He is the best friend of the groom. He is the one that the groom feels has been with him through thick and th

Maui Honeymoon Resorts

Each of the dozens of Maui honeymoon resorts can be considered a work of art. You are destined to discover a haven that presents everything you seek in the perfect vacation. Hawaii is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world, which means a lot of expertise has gone into the design of Maui honeymoon packages.

The oceanfront beaches, hazy mountaintops, and lush, green vegetation are the canvas and the stage of your honeymoon vacation

Some Tips For Finding The Highest Quality Autumn Wedding Decorations

Finding the perfect autumn wedding decorations can be one of the hardest parts of planning a fall wedding, but it is important to give this decision the time and the care that it deserves.

Finding the perfect decorations can set the tone for the wedding, so it is important that the decorations you choose be of the highest possible quality.

Make Sure The Decorations Match The Theme Of The Autumn

Las Vegas Banquet Halls - Las Vegas Catering Halls - Las Vegas Reception Locations and Sites

You have been wanting to get married in Las Vegas for a really long time. You have most of your planning done for your Las Vegas wedding. Everything is going as planned. Although you have not yet found your banquet hall in Vegas yet. So below I have compiled a list of locations in the Las Vegas area that you can have a fun, extravagant, formal or what ever type of wedding theme and location y

Top Wedding Songs

For many years now, the list of top wedding songs selected by the bride and groom have included some of the most outlandish, ill-fitting and simply awful songs to ever grace the radio waves.

There seems to be an unwritten rule that certain songs must make the list of wedding songs played by a DJ or band. The "Chicken Dance" and "Macarena" immediately come to mind. Yes, the upside is that they are easy songs to get anyone dancing and there is absolutely no

Choosing a Wedding Ring

The most important task to do is to choose the wedding ring that symbolizes your love for one another. It is important that both of you engaged to do this portion.

Design of the ring

What sort of design should you go for? Modern? Classic? Contemporary? Is there a particular design which can be a token of love?

Should you go for a custom made ring or to buy it off the shelf? How much does it take to get a designer to design the

Wedding Ring Inscription Tips

So you purchased your wedding rings and you want to have the rings personalized with an inscription but you do not know exactly what you would like to have engraved. Well below we have put together a list of several inscriptions you can use to make your wedding rings more personal.
# Love is forever and ever

# Til death do us part

# Mine forever

# Dreams do come true

# Wishes do come true

# This

Men's Cheap Wedding Bands

Jewelry or ornaments are commonly associated with women, as men usually don't feel comfortable wearing them. However, men do wear engagement or wedding bands as a symbolic gesture of commitment towards their beloved. The bands are primarily a sign of everlasting love for a successful marriage. Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for men's wedding bands that are made of metals such as silver, gold, titanium, or platinum. The purpose of men's we

Top Ten Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding

You and the one you love are dreaming of an enchanted getaway, to do nothing less than tie the knot. Why should anyone want to go away, you say? Check out these reasons for taking a sandy route to the altar with a destination wedding.

1. Nearly stress-free planning!

Getting married is quite a big step, so we don't ever want to say any wedding is completely and totally stress free. But, not having to worry about the s

I met edmund in 2003 at a non profit for economic startegy's for urban community's and thing swe can do to stay out of the red. I took one look at him and his associates which were all entreprenuers fro the arts. I thought to myself he thinks he's hot stuff.I kept my distance fro up to five weeks and then bam we were put together in a group to talk acout what we learned from the group. I liked him because he was the first to answer questions and to come up with the solutions. I liked his charmi

Should I ever get married, I want to have a simple wedding. In fact, were it up to me-and if I didn't have the obligation of doing my best to avoid familial disappointment-I'd get married in a pair of dark blue jeans, a Roxy shirt, converse shoes and a short white veil just to add a bridal touch. I'd spend my last hours as a single woman with my best friends, not toasting or dancing, but just talking. I'd order a Subway sandwich on the big day,let my hair air-dry and read a book while on my wa

For me marriage has always been mystery waiting to unfold. The more I try to unveil it the more it seems to shy away from me.

For a girl it all starts since the day she is born. She is brought up with one gnawing fact to be accepted – Her marriage. Her every act is somehow connected to her marriage. Look beautiful. Study well. Be good at household things. All this and more only for a nice groom.

And then she is put up for display once she attains the marriageable age. Near

Why is that after marriage the "YOU" seems to take a back seat and that individuality is lost somewhere. It never ever remains about what we want to do or like to do......?

My parents raised me to be thrifty with money, so in my pre-wedding planning stages I've been looking for reliable wedding cost calculators. I found one from This is the link:

What I like about this calculator is that you can enter your number of guests, budget, and your zip code for comparison costs. Then the calculator breaks down each cost for you based on your budget, and the "average" budget in your zip code. My


A boy was born to a couple after eleven years of marriage. They were a loving couple and the boy was the apple of their eyes. When the boy was around two years old, one morning the husband saw a medicine bottle open. He was late for work so he asked the wife to cap the bottle and keep it in the cupboard. The mother, preoccupied in the kitchen, totally forgot the matter.

The boy saw the bottle and

As the title reads, I am newly engaged (and super excited to start wedding planning)! My fiance (weird to write) and I are planning for a late June 2013 wedding... so we still have some time.

I'm just curious to see what the average cost of weddings nowadays is. Google tells me that it is anywhere between $25,000-50,000. That is a semester in college; a new car; a down payment on a house. My friend's wedding cost him $7,000. (I bet him I could go cheaper; he laughed.) So, what is mo

Meeting your uncle's fienc'e parents should'nt be nerve racking, but none the less it was we were in orlando and they were an hour from us so my uncle drove us there ( we didn't know where we were going.) Well to shorten the storie my uncle was so nervous that he turned so quickly that we couldnt turn and had to go through the light.We got really lost.

When we got there I met my aunts family ( I liked her dad, cousin, and grampma, not so much her brother, mother and aunt.) I didnt

Before I get to the heart of the essay, I should preface my thoughts by saying that I’m an atheist. This does not mean, however, that I’m intolerant of other peoples’ beliefs or traditions.

This weekend, two friends of mine were married in Sleepy Hollow, NY. The ceremony took place in the oldest church in town (circa 1600’s, or some the groomsmen—and the lack of indoor plumbing—told me), complete with the largest cemetery I think I have ever seen/wandered through. It was a chilly Oc

This is something that has been in my mind for quite some time now.

As an eighteen-year-old young man, I may be too naive to understand the notion of marriage. However, I want to ask: what is special about marriage? It is a tradition, yes, and religions require it. Still, is it truly necessary? Do all couples hit an indestructible ceiling when in love for too long, and is marriage the only way to destroy that ceiling? Also, do you believe that it is more financially beneficial to be

My best friend got married last weekend, in a beautiful hotel over looking the ocean. A live cellist played the theme song from the notebook, and people's eyes filled with tears, but what stole the show was the ring bearers. The grooms nephews are 3-year old identical triplets. The first one came forward with the pillow in his hand, and with one look down the aisle caught a bad case of cold feet and stood frozen. The second triplet, trailed in behind him, and froze as well. The third triplet, w

Laurie and I met at the Atlanta (Briarcliff/LaVista) Whole Foods Market on December 28, 2009. It was truly an amazing meeting where we learned we had an incredible amount of things in common. Our relationship quickly evolved and on September 28, 2010, Laurie and I returned to the Whole Foods store where I proposed at the exact spot where we met. Soon afterwards, while in Chicago (making wedding preparations) our engagement story was recorded at a Whole Foods store there for a local morning te

Two people that found not only love but a best friend and roll dog as well. We met the way every cute couple meets.. Myspace...well maybe not every couple. Neither one of us is the type that hunts for love on the Internet but i guess that are best friends were. One day, my girlfriend told me she really wanted to meet some cute guy she met online. I said do it,being the spontaneous one I am and she said she needed a ride. Bummer I thought,but I have been a good girl lately ( which is totally ou

There have been two weddings I have attended that had extremely memorable moments… I’m about to celebrate my own wedding in just a couple of weeks, so I’m hoping that neither of these two events happen on my own big day… knock on wood. Though, God willing, I’m sure something will go wrong, in the event of which I need merely to smile, nod, and move on with the day… 85% of it will be sunshine and roses anyway, I’m sure!
So the first ‘unique thing’ would have to be when my dad made the groom

It is hard to say when everything started to unravel. I got home to Santa Cruz California to plan my wedding on June 4th, 2011. It was going to take place at this private waterfall where no one has gotten married before. Everything was going smoothly except for my health. It was eight days before the wedding when the doctor said I was having a colitis flare up due to all the stress. I was diagnosed with ulcer colitis when I was twelve, but haven’t had a flare up or been on medication for the pa

I'm twenty years old and my older sister is getting married June, 2012. We've been planning for this since January, 2010 and I'm finally excited about it. Of course I'm ecstatic for her, but she's my best friend. To say the least, I don't share all that well and I never wanted to share Jess. But I've had five years to adjust to Kris and really do like him.

So now that the wedding is right around the corner, we're starting to look into flowers and bridesmaids dresses (all that fun st

I can see it now. My wife and I are on the dancefloor surrounded by 50 of our closest friends/family when all of a sudden the DJ plays an upbeat song. All eyes are on my wife and I as people wait to see what dance moves we have. I sway my head back and forth,shake my hips, and flail my hands up in the air. In my head I'm thinking, "Dancing is a breeze! Who knew I was such a good dancer!" But when I look around, all I see are horrific stares from everyone, and someone utter (in slow motion) "Oh

I don’t know about anyone else who has ever been married, but I can say that after going through nearly a year of preparations for my July 23rd wedding, many, many things have frightened me. Between gaining winter weight (how will the wedding dress fit?!) and finding shoes for my poor bridesmaids… fears have dominated my mind and have made me question every decision I’ve made thus far.

However, I’m happy to report that the one thing I have never questioned is the most important decis

Approximately 5,918 couples are married in the U.S. daily (2005 survey). Of that amount, on average 330 of those couples said their vows in the center of the entertainment capital of the world: Las Vegas, NV. One of those 2005 couples stood out amongst the rest.

The story begins with Dr. Damon DeBois and Nichelle Coleman*. The two had been dating for almost two years, but Damon said he was traditional and he didn't feel right about living with a woman before marr

Weddings are beyond overrated in my eyes. Could it be because it costs so much to have one when a good percentage of marriages nowadays end in divorce anyway? Or maybe it's the fact that when one throws a wedding the people that show up, unless actually in the ceremony, are usually unknown by the new happy couple? Maybe it's a mix of the two, I don't know for sure. Personally speaking, I've never even been to a wedding. Not my sister's, not my aunt's (which was scheduled purposely one week

I have secretly dreamed of my wedding day for as long as I can remember. I was always a tom boy growing up, and, well, still am a little bit. I have always longed to be the girly girl next door but I was raised by my mother who was always a tom boy herself and hated the likes of a dress. Only learning to wear high heels just a few years ago, I have a great fear of falling on my face in them. Although I have lots of fears for the big day, this is the only one that would be truly devastating to

When my husband and I got married we had both just gotten out of college, and didn't have much money. We got married in the church were he grew up. At most weddings you have something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. The something blue at our wedding was my maid of honor, but this something blue had incredible significance. You see my husband was a firefighter when I met him and he had been for a while. It was something that scared me about him, but I supported him in

Brindy Merchant
The Plan
Boys have always been a pain. I never had much luck when it came to relationships. This was all right with me; I didn’t care to date. Boys always got me into trouble, and I was happy to stay away from them.
My opinion of boys did not sit well with my mother. She was eager to see me married. My three older sisters were married by age eighteen. I am twenty-one years old. My mother just could not understand why I was going against the Merchan

"What is (or was) the single most important aspect of your wedding and why?"

I got married 4 weeks ago to my husband, Jonathan, on the same day and at the same time that my little sister married her husband, Tim. We had a double wedding. It was something we had dreamed about doing since we were young, but we realistically thought it could never happen. They were engaged a month before we were and when we got engaged, we realized that this was becoming a litte more realistic than w

My fiance and I are really interested in having a photobooth at our wedding. It would print out a copy for us, as well as the people who are getting their pictures taken in the photobooth.

We are trying to operate on a budget - so could the photos people can take from this booth be considered favors?

We definitely don't want to go all out on favors, because honestly, unless it's something edible... it's useless after the day of.


What is everyone's thoughts on combining the bachelor/bachelorette party? I'm certainly not okay with strippers and overly sexual parties for either of us, so I thought the entire bridal party going bowling, or to a concert, or all out together would be a good time.

Have any of you considered doing this? It's not that I don't trust the groom and his friends, but I don't see why all of us going out for a party would be a bad thing.

What are your bachelor/bachelorette though

Forget everything you think you know about weddings, which if you are like me, isn't much. You may be aware of the many TV shows about weddings: Bridezillas, Say Yes to the Dress, something about cakes, even Redneck Weddings. It's all quite amusing; the freak-outs, the incompetent vendors, the hours and hours that go by in hyper fast-forward to fit into the 30 minute program. When you are experiencing it in real life though, let me tell you, it is much different.

Don't get me wrong,

Hi, everyone my name is Tommi, and when I realized that I really wanted to spend my life with my now fiance Chuck was the night he first proposed to me. For the longest time I thought he was very predictable, a planner, and I loved that about him. He always went anywhere I wanted because it made me happy even when I didnt ask for it. This night he took me to a local bar where we listened to our faviote local band. Everytime we went to see them Chuck always had a blast and this time was no difff

If someone told my sister that her boyfriend would propose on her childhood bed-- while she was wearing no makeup and pajama pants with dogs on them--she wouldn’t have believed it!

“Is this really happening?” she wondered, as she was presented with the beautiful ring.

Her heart was racing, time had stopped, and here she was—with the man who is everything she never knew she always wanted—and he was asking her to marry him!

Their backgrounds are different, their l

The wedding itself is nothing, filled with glitzy tawdriness and for some reason tears, I can never understand why – perhaps I’m too young. Anyone can be married – it’s a ring, a few words and a statement of your undying love. Of course, sometimes it’s a duty, for religion, sometimes even for money. But aside all that, marriage itself is two people being together as long as they both can possibly be. Sometimes it’s endurance. Other times it’s the ease of being together that two people have mana

I was all excited to visit my boyfriend who had recently come back from Iraq. My suitcase was packed, but I stopped at the doctor to change my allergy meds the day before I left. While I was there the doctor noticed my glands seemed swollen. Odd, I felt great. He checked my throat and stepped back asking if I had been around anyone with strep recently. I almost fainted. He did a blood test and it showed I had mono. I was going to cancel my trip, but the doctor thought I should go seeing a

Consequently marriage is a bonding of a man or women who seemingly believe that they love each other.God allotted marriage to show his love for us between a man and woman.Its a blessing for both the man and woman.As it was stated in the bible that Adam received his wife as a gift from God. In a sense it is still true that a man receives his wife from God. Solomon says:
"Houses and riches are an inheritance from fathers,
But a prudent wife is from the Lord" (Proverbs 19:14).This bond

Marriage: What Does God Say?

February 19, 2o11

Dear Journal,

There's been a lot of talk going on about marriage lately, and honestly? I've had about enough. Journal, I don't think it has anything to do with me being jealous of people who are in love, or even with my decision not to date until my senior year of high school. No, I think people today are too quick to jump into something that shouldn'

America has always been a bit of a prejudiced country. The dislike for certain races and social groups have always been apparent, but America has evolved. It is no longer illegal for a black man to marry a white woman or vice versa, but unfortunately, a man of any color is still unable to marry another man.

America is thought of as an accepting country, yet the thought of Gay Marriage still makes people squeamish. We, as a Country, have gotten over Racism for the most part, but are s

A friend of mine recently asked my advice for dealing with an overly-critical mother-in-law. No matter what my friend does, it is never enough, and she is growing tired of even trying to make this woman happy.

What follows are a few guidelines I gave her for living at peace with demanding personalities. This strategy works equally well with difficult bosses, neighbors, or spouses, so give it try next time you find yourself dealing with anyone who seems impossible to please.

You look down on the gleaming ring on your finger, look up at your new wife in her beautiful dress, at your new brothers and sisters in law, and kiss your spouse. That is the dream shared by many people share in life. To be wed to someone they feel is just absolutely perfect for them, someone who they feel that they could spend forever until the end of time with. That is an integral part of the greater American dream. But, not everyone can find the perfect man or wife the first time around. I f

The proposal that wasn't ended up as an I DO that has lasted for over 21 years.

Our lives started with a haircut, a fierce thunderstorm and a trip to my home. The man of my dreams that I met merely by chance would become the love of my life forever and a day, yes infinitely! Our life together started strangely enough but has progressed into a book waiting to be written. A brief trip down memory lane leads me to believe that on bended knee is no longer necessary for a romantic such

Marriage is a very controversial subject and has many answers from many different people. Some think that it’s the most wonderful thing in the world and count down the days until they meet the one, while others shudder at the mere thought. That would be because there are ups and down to being with someone the rest of your life, at least, that’s the goal.
So what do I think? You know, if you had asked me that a year ago I would have told you that I couldn’t wait to be married. I use to th

I think some people just know when they are going to marry each other. And there doesn’t have to be all this bustle and waiting for the perfect time to “pop the question”. I am not saying that it is overrated to flash “Will You Marry Me” at a sporting event on a huge screen, or trailing behind an airplane, or even putting it up on a billboard as your girlfriend drives by. I’m just saying that not everyone has the luxury of making it so magical.
I never really proposed to my wife. It

Marriage; you may know it as the thing that joins two people who are meant to be together forever. But what happens when the thing that used to bind people for life can be taken away with the simple signing of a document? Does marriage loose its value?
Many people may think that marriage simply shows the love you have for someone. But about fifty years ago spouses didn’t even sleep in the same bed. I think our society has misused the meaning of “love”. The word love has been used to def

I woke up on that particular Wednesday feeling no different than the day before. Just loved, like I had felt the previous few months.

In the afternoon, I talked to my then fiancé, Chris, online. He wasn't acting his normal self and was saying some things that were a little off. I was slightly suspicious. At about five o'clock, I started to pack up to head home. Two of my co-workers separately grabbed my attention to go over projects that they were working on. It was getting close to

Although a beautiful part of life, marriage has become insanely complicated. As the technological age progresses, human relationships suffer. We can no longer speak face to face for more than 5 minutes without checking a text message or updating a Twitter or Facebook status, and in such actions, fail to see that slowly our way of relating to others is becoming more mechanical. In views of marriage, a fair percent of couples now meet online, through a machine calculating the chance that two peop

Marriage: Together for Ever
Marriage is a wonderful gift, yet so many abuse it. Let’s discuss some aspects of marriage.
First of all, is living together before marriage wise, or will it damage you future marital relationship? I believe that it is foolish. If you are living with someone before marriage, how do you know that the love they feel is actually for you and not just for physical qualities you may possess? If your partner feels comfortable living with you before marriage, how

Valentines Day of my Sophomore year of college and I didn't even receive a card or any sort of gift from my boyfriend of almost 3 years. I called my mom throwing myself quite the pity party. I had spent a lot of time thinking out a college budget friendly, yet sweet gift for him. Apparently, the boyfriend planned a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant near our hometown for the weekend following Valentines Day, though.

We traveled back to the hometown of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, on F

In June of 2010...She will be a beautiful bride... And the man who will be waiting for her at the altar...Will be my son...

Planning a wedding is no easy task... They have already booked a photographer...A reception hall...A DJ... And a church... She has chosen her bridal attendants; He has chosen his best man and groomsmen...

Emails were sent a couple of weeks ago... Inviting us to go gown shopping with her... And last Saturday... I was honored to watch her try on gowns..

There is something about a wedding celebration...The love..The joy...The happiness...The gathering of families and friends in the celebration...When two wonderful people...Marry...

Though the planning...Began...Over a year ago...Wedding week...With all of its last minute...Running around...Decorating the reception hall...Etc...Officially began...Friday evening...At the church...For the Rehearsal...And afterward...The Rehearsal Dinner...And this is where I begin...

The labo

I have a slight problem. I've been born in the wrong decade. Or at least that's what i tell myself most of the time. You see, i find myself wishing to don on an old poodle skirt instead of some overpriced gucci item that most girls my age pray for. And although I'm 17, i think i would enjoy my wedding most if it were a 1940's or 1950's theme. Black Table cloths, cherry red plates, and white napkins. Then when i think about it, i love simplicity and elegance so i would love to have little Christ

So I am in the process of making one of those wedding websites. You know, those kinds that have a page about "how we met" , "about our ceremony" , and so forth and I just got to the page that says "gift registry."

My fiance and I live in Los Angeles, but we are flying to Elizabeth City, North Carolina to be married.

My question is, and I don't want to sound rude but,what is the best way of going about saying "Please don't show up to our wedding with a 30lbs box of pots

My wedding dress came in the mail. Its the best thing ever. Eeepppp!

Planning your wedding need not turn you into the wicked witch of the west. Learning to designate tasks to others will help you in keeping the stress down and the arguments to a minimal. If you are being told by members of your bridal party that you are becoming "too much" to deal with, maybe you should listen.

It is quite easy to get completely wrapped up in the planning of a wedding, so much so, Bridezilla inevitably emerges as your alter ego. Here are 3 signs that you are tur

Almost 3 months ago, my boyfriend of 2 years asked me to be his wife while the sun was setting in the Grand Canyon. I said yes.

Tradition Plays a Role in Informal Weddings

When asked what essential elements I would recommend be included in a wedding of today, and what traditions might be appropriate I thought, wow, traditions - that's an ideal way to help structure a contemporary wedding. And here I am in the glorious Catskill Mountains away from my library of reference books. What follows therefore are my raw and unresearched thoughts about old traditions and modern informal weddings.

The guidelin

My brother Seth is getting married this June, and the past three Saturdays I've been at and/or hosted showers for my future sis-in-law Ali. I thought I'd share two fun ideas from the family shower we had for her.

My dad is one of 8 and lots of his siblings live in Southern CA, so we had about 12 of us, including aunts, cousins, my grandma, my mom, and the bride, Ali.

I came up with a game that would give Ali a little more insight into our family. Each person was given a c

Pretty much all the couples we work with are thinking about price these days, even the ones who are blessed enough to be working with an above average budget. I'm seeing a lot more do it yourself projects, cutting back in decor and flowers, and putting more focus on meaning and personalization.

How are you dealing with the stresses of staying on budget for your wedding in this economy?

Early on on the planning stages my Grandmother came up with an idea for centerpieces, she wanted to collect little frames with our pictures and put them on each table. I liked the idea at first but now seeing the frames she has bought I have changed my mind. How do I tell her I want something different without hurting her feelings?

Your wedding minister/officiant is your direct link to planning your wedding ceremony. He/She will have certain duties to perform that are required by law while other actions are performed to carryout your wishes.
The wedding officiant is the most under rated vendor, yet without the Officiant, your wedding is just a wonderful party.

Initial Interview
• Get to know your consultation – will talk to you about what you see as your dream ceremony. Will go over your do and do

My future mother in law is driving me crazy! She has way too many, "opinions" that are surely not opinions or suggestions. She never actually comes out and says I need to do what she says, but the underlying tone tells it all. How do I get her to back off and stop trying to plan my wedding? I wouldn't mind involving her in things but at this point I just want to keep her out of everything because I can't take one more demand!

I'm looking for ideas on where to have my honeymoon? Any suggestions? Where did you have yours? What was the best thing about the location?

You’ve heard this phrase in the bridal magazines. Everyone has it – let’s find yours.

As with everything in a wedding each element most flow into the other. When you attend a wedding that has been properly planned and choreographer you tend to say – that was a very nice wedding; when this doesn’t happen you can feel the difference thoughout the entire wedding.

Every element of your wedding is very important and must be treated as such. You shouldn’t pay more attention

This is a quick one for you all...should I shove cake in my husband's face after the cake cutting or play it nice and sweet?

I have attended weddings in which both occur - both have their merits. My husband has a sense of humor so I'm leaning the cake smashing route.

Any insights or stories to share? I'm actually open to suggestions on this...

We decided to get married and then he left the country. I haven't felt his touch since December 27, 2008. I finally meet the man of my dreams and just as quickly he is snatched away. Our whirlwind adventure of amazing dates, getting to know each other and falling madly in love was to be rudely interrupted. One minute I'm day dreaming about what it would be like to marry him and the next I find out he is leaving for what feels like forever. I knew he was in the Army National Guard but that

I've been asked to sing in a family member's wedding. I've done this before for friends and family, but this time, the bride and groom (a cousin of my wife), would like me to play 30 minutes of pre-ceremony music while people are taking their seats, etc.

I have some ideas but I'm looking for some new suggestions for songs that a single singer-songwriter could perform on his guitar in this type of situation. Respond with some song picks. Thanks for your help!

This is a quick little piece of advice to all you soon-to-be brides out there...

Have a heart-to-heart with your parents about financial expectations verses reality when it comes to paying for your wedding. Talking plainly with them before you start your planning will save a lot of tears.

Let me explain...

I have a daughter, in her mid-20s, who will be getting married this summer. By cultural protocol, as you all know, the bride's family "typically" pays for

We're working on a tight budget for our wedding and everyone I've talked to that has gotten married all have one piece of similar advice, "If there was one thing I wish I didn't scrimp on it was the photographer."

Does anyone know any good photographers that have great packages, people skills, and photos but won't break the bank?

My financee/boyfriend and I want to have a destination wedding.

However...because of the location and travel needed to get there, my father won't be able to attend.

He's always wanted to walk me down the aisle but he says he's okay with that because he just wants me happy. Honestly, I REALLY want to have my wedding at this particular location (it's been my dream) but I can't seem to shake the guilt of not having my Dad a part of it. What would you do?

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