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My Love For You (part 3)

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My Love For You (part 3)

As I promised, today I am going to narrate how that summer when I met my girlfriend (now my wife) came to an end and something unexpected happened.

As I said in my previous stories that year I ended my schooling and decided to find a job till I decided what I was going to do. My wish was to become a teacher but to do that I had to go to college which meant a couple of years without money in my pockets. I wished for so many things that several of my friends who were my age already had. But we were a big family and I hardly got any pocket money and when one is growing up and has friends, he needs money. Besides, now I had a girlfriend whom I adored and I wished to be able to give her the world……but I could hardly afford to buy us a drink sometimes. Who knows how many times I actually stole a beautiful rose from some front garden, to give it to her as a present. So I decided to find some provisional work and make some money to buy a few thing I needed badly, then perhaps I will go to college.

Because of this, that summer I used to search in the classified for a job and I did send dozens of applications with my CV. In a way I did not wish to find a job before the end of summer so that I will spend as much time as possible with my girlfriend and till the second week of September, this wish was granted. But on the other hand I wished to have money to buy a car, clothes, and presents for my sweetheart. I was already earning something from my woodwork but it was never enough.

It was mid September and my parents decided that it would be better to go to our town house because my younger brothers and sisters were soon beginning school after the summer holidays.

Besides, that same week I received a letter that I could start work the following Monday. So now summer was over, that wonderful summer when I fell in love and lived for two and a half months in a dream was gone. This meant that we would not be able to stay together as much as we did because she had to attend school and I had to go to work. Moreover, the distance from my town to her village was quite long and as I did not have a car yet, I had to travel by route buses which were very slow and the last trip from her village was at 8.00pm. This meant that after work, at about 5.00pm, I had an hour’s trip to the village arriving there at about six just to stay for two hours together and then another hour to travel back home.

Those last days together before we moved to our winter house were very special. We could not believe that in a couple of days the world we knew since that day we met would change so drastically. We were sad about this but promised our love to each other and wished that next summer will be as wonderful as the one which was ending. I promised to come over to the village if possible everyday and on Saturdays and Sundays we will spend the whole day together when possible. The moment came when we had to go. At about nine in the morning my father and mother loaded several boxes in our big car. Then we all got into the car which was overloaded being nine in all and we started on our way. We had to pass from the street where my girlfriend lived. With a heavy heart I looked at the door of her house and to my surprise she was there waiting to see me for a few seconds before I left. She smiled at me but I could see that she had tears in her eyes. Without making it obvious I put may hand out of the window and waved at her…….but in a second, I could see her no longer.

It was the saddest Sunday I ever had. I was really in agony. On our way, I had beautiful memories of the recent past but I had this confusing feeling about the future. I remembered what she once told me with tears in her eyes, “I am afraid that all this will end, it’s too good to last for ever!!” These words which she said echoed over and over again in my ears. What did the future have in store for us? I was afraid too and I spent the rest of the day just lying on my bed staring at the ceiling and thinking of her.

Monday… first day at work. I guess it was OK but I don’t really know how it passed although it seemed like eternity. Then at 5.00pm I was off to the village and who do you think I found on the bus stop waiting for me? I jumped off the bus, ran the few meters to where she stood and we hugged so tight that we couldn’t let go.

It is amazing the change that occurred in that village just during the past weekend. The summer people were almost all gone and the village was almost deserted but for the few people who lived there all the year round. Many houses which were only used during the summer were now closed. Compared to a couple of days before, all seemed dull and lifeless. But this didn’t affect us the least as long as we head each other. When you are with the person you are in love with, two hours pass as quickly as two minutes and soon enough I had to go. To make matters worst, the next day I could not go because I had some urgent woodwork which I was committed to do. So the agony was on again. But this was nothing to what was coming shortly.

After only few days at my new job, I began to feel unwell. I was tired and feverish and my left thigh where several months before I was injured (see story 2) was tender and painful. I stuck to my normal everyday routine for two or three days but then I couldn’t resist any longer. At work I couldn’t even sit up properly and I had to sit at my desk holding my hand between my hands and do my utmost not to collapse. That day I didn’t do any work at all. When it was time to go I wondered how I was going to make it to arrive home. Perhaps you ask why I did not ask for help. Believe me it was a mixture of factors because I was just starting to work and I did not want to start absenting myself from work. But I think that the main reason was because I wanted to keep going to meet my girl friend. I resisted all through the bus trip and the long walk from the bus stage to our house but as soon as I opened the door I dropped as if dead on the floor.

Not to repeat what I said in a previous story, I will only say that I was hardly conscious and what I remember are just flashes. I had this great pain in my left thigh. I remember the great commotion of all the members of my family, then the trip in the ambulance and my mother crying all the way. I was posted in a singled bedded room which was kept dark all the time. Then a nurse came and put my leg in a sort of box surrounded with cotton and bandaged it all over. Almost instantly I was relieved of the pain. At regular intervals I was given penicillin injections through enormous syringes. The blood poisoning was actually killing me and later they told me that for a whole week I was on the danger list. I was unconscious almost all that time and I have this confused memory and I was delirious because of the high fever.

When I started to regain my consciousness and feel a little better I was surprise to get to know that a week had passed since I entered hospital. The first thing that came in my mind was my girlfriend. Who knows what she might have thought? Who knows how worried she was? When we met last I did mention that I was not feeling too well but surely neither one of us ever thought that something like this would have happened. I was desperate…….how could I contact her and tell her what happened. Surely my folks were out of the question because they did not know about her yet. But my prayers were soon answered. That same day my friend Jim came to visit me. He told me that he came every day for that past week. So I found the right moment to tell him to contact my girlfriend and tell her everything. Besides, I told him also to tell her that the next day I was going to be operated in my left thigh. Jim promised me that he was going over to her village that same day to give her my message.

In fact the next day at about 11o’clock in the morning they came to take me to the operating theater. There were my dear mother and father and all my brothers and sisters, who saluted and encouraged me and also promised to pray for me and wait till they brought me back again to my room. Just one word about my parents………….in moments like these, one gets to know about how great the bondage and the love of the parents towards their children are. Sometimes the children do not appreciate this that much and take things for granted. I really felt sorry for the worries I was causing them.

Of course I was afraid from what was going to happen to me. In the theater, they told me that everything will be OK and soon all will be over. They were to clean up the area where I was injured from the infection which caused the blood poisoning. But as they were talking to me I was given an injection and I fell fast asleep. When I was beginning to come to my senses I found myself in my room surrounded by all my family members. The time was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

Now what I am going to narrate in this paragraph is what happened during that time when I was still unconscious. Of course I did not remember what was going on but I got to know everything from my mother when I regained consciousness. Now fifty years ago the way the anesthetic worked was different from how they do it these days……I know because I have experiences of both. In those far away days it was much harder and the process took longer. When the effect of the anesthetic started to ware off one would do and say things that he usually wouldn’t. So as my mother told me I kept mentioning a girl’s name and saying several things that were usually only said to her. One can imagine that all those present, especially my father were greatly surprised. They asked each other if they knew what was going on between me and the girl I was mentioning, but no one knew about her or who she was.

Then I began to recover and to regain my sense. They understood that now I was getting to my usual self. It was at this time that my mother mentioned that only some time before I was calling this name and saying this and that. At first I was really embarrassed and did not know what to say. They insisted that I should tell them who she is. “A friend,” I just murmured. But someone, I don’t remember who, said that the way I talked, she was surely more then a friend. “OK,” I said, “she is a very special friend, are you happy now…….please leave me alone I just had an operation you know!” Then my mother held my hand and assured me that they all loved me and were worried about me. She told me that the most important thing was that now the worse had passed and I was recovering and soon I would be well again. As she talked she started to cry and I was also moved and tears filled my eyes when I remembered the terrible week I had just gone through. But now my secret was known and I was uneasy and a thousand questions came to my mind. But worse of all was that it was more then a week that I have not seen my dearest beloved and I did not have the least idea when I was going to see her. This thought caused more tears in my eyes and I felt that some were running down my face. Then my father came nearer and touched my head and told me to keep calm and said that he loves me too and that he wants me to be well and happy. These unexpected words from my father made me cry even more. I almost never cried in my life but that was a very emotional moment, so emotional that I could not speak.

Then as I was staring at the door of the room in front of me through the tears which filled my eyes…………… I saw her looking inside the room. I could not believe my eyes. She came over to see me. I shouted out her name. All looked at the door and I said, please tell her to come in. They did tell her to enter. I tried to lift up my head but I was still too weak. I said, “Please come near me.” And I held my arms open wide to welcome her. The others moved to make way for her to approach. She entered slowly at first but the last three paces she rushed forward and bent over me and embraced me putting her head near mine. Her long hair was all over my face and I could smell her unique perfume which I missed so very much. I held her tight in my arms too and could not yet stop from crying. She was sobbing and the more she tried to stop not to be embarrassed in front of my family, the more she sobbed. She tried to whisper in my ear but her sobbing made her speak louder than she wished, “I thought that you were gone for ever….that you had second thoughts…….I was desperate. I waited on the bus stage every day at the usual time …but nothing……then Jim came and told me everything…… how are you my love?.........Is everything going to be OK?........I don’t want to lose you ever…….I love you, I love you……don’t ever leave me please……” and she kept sobbing and forgot all about my father and my mother and the rest. I was crying too and told her that I had the most terrible week of my life but my greatest pain was that I could not tell her what was happening and that she must have been so very worried………. “But now I am recovering and soon we will continue were we left. My great love for you gave me strength to keep fighting and live to be able to love you forever and ever.”

All must have heard our declarations of love to each other and when I realized that I removed her hair from upon my face to see their reaction. They looked surprised, some smiled but father told them to go out of the room and leave us alone, but I stopped them saying, “Please don’t go. Sorry for the scene. Let me introduce you to my girlfriend. We really do love each other very, very much.” Mother who was by nature a romantic replied, “We can see that. God bless you my children.”

I was expecting what father was going to say so looking at him I said, “Please accept her as one of us.” He was out of words but after a few seconds of silence he said, “I thank God that you are still alive my son because we thought that we were going to lose you. I love you very much…….you are special to me although I do not show it. So if you say that this is a special girl for you, I will take your word for it word.” Then he looked at my girlfriend and told her, “Please take good care of him after all we all love him.” Everybody was rather moved and there were some tears too. My girlfriend then stood up and said, “Since you are my dearest love’s family, I truly love you all and I am so very pleased to meet you.” Then she kissed my mother who in return gave her also a big hug. Then she kissed my father who was really embarrassed and then she kissed all the rest. Then father said. “Now that you are here we will leave because we have been here since eight this morning. We are sure that he is in good hands, besides I am certain that you have a lot to catch up with.” And again, one by one they all kissed me and left but not before they waved at us with a meaningful smile on their faces.

We were very happy because many nice things happened that day. It was now the beginning of October. At the hospital they told me that I had still a long way to go. My beloved girlfriend used to come to visit me once during weekdays and once in the week ends. I myself suggested that she should not come everyday for the simple reason that to come over to the hospital she had to catch two route buses then the visiting hours lasted only three quarters of an hour and again another two buses to go back. So to spend less than an hour with me she had to travel at least one and half hours each way. But we used to send letters to each other by post almost daily. This kept going till a few days before Christmas. Then at last I was discharged. At home they held a ‘Welcome Home’ party and to my greatest surprise and satisfaction, my girl was invited too.

Still it was not over and I was confined to stay at home because I could not walk properly. Then in March I had to do another operation as I described in a previous story. So our meeting continued at my home and still we wrote letters to each other. In fact these letters are still kept in a box which we call our treasure chest. It is impossible to write down all these letters because they can easily fill a book. But I will pick just two at random and write them down here. (Due to reasons of identity which I do not wish to reveal at least for now, I will not write our names).

12 January

My dearest beloved (******),
It’s time for us to meet my dearest. Not that I ever stop thinking of you not even for a second all through the day, be it at school or at home or wherever, I feel a certain happiness that I am in love with you and I am being loved by you all the time. At night I sleep with a smile on my face thinking about you and of the hundreds of memories we lived together. And when I wake up in my sleep, my mind switches immediately as if it only wants to think about you. But your idea, my dearest, of writing to each other every day both at the very same time, is fantastic. It really is like meeting and talking to each other. Right now, as I am writing to you, I know that you too are focusing to write to me so we are communicating to each other with all the power of our minds.
I feel so lucky! Can it be that there is a love greater than ours?? How could there be?
You know (*******), yesterday when I came over to your house to visit you, you were not there because you had gone with you father to visit the doctor. I spent quite some talking to your mother. She is a very nice lady and she knows that I love you very, very much and that is the most important thing for her. She spoke about all your brothers and sisters and also about your father and told me that when you were critical he used to stay alone by himself suffering, praying and even crying. He is a man of few words but I am sure that he has a big heart almost as big as yours.
Now I know how and why you are what you are, you have such a wonderful mother and father. They must have transmitted to you the very best of everything they have. I am getting to know your brothers and sisters too. They are quite nice to but not as n ice as you for sure.
Now I can almost actually see you writing. I feel so close to you but I know perfectly well what you are thinking and writing to me. You are saying in your heart that this is good but surely it is not enough. Did I guess my love? I know I did because I feel the same way and I want you here near me to hold me and touch me gently as you always do. I want you to look at me with those loving eyes and smile to me whispering sweet words in my ears which I so much enjoy. Then I wish you to love me tenderly and kiss me, kiss me, kiss me. And of course I will kiss you back and hold you in my arms.
Every day I recall those terrible days when you vanished from my life and I was the saddest person on the planet. I was lost. I could not understand. I used to cry all the time. And when your friend told me what happened and how sick you were, I was desperate because I was not with you when you needed me so much. And I prayed all day long that you will be well again and God listened to my prayers because when I came to see you just after the operation you were quite well and besides that day meant so much to us because it brought us more and more together. And I am sure that you will be well soon so that we will enjoy each other as we should. I am praying for you all the time my love.
Now (*******) I must say ‘Good Night’ because it’s quite late and I have to go to dreamland and dream about you. So you go to sleep too and please dream about me too. I send you a million warm kisses and a million loving hugs. I love you and always remember that, ‘My Love for you is strong and mighty as a tree and deep and endless as the sea’
With all my love,
Your (*******)

21st March.

My one and only endless love (********),
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for yesterday’s letter which really brought tears in my eyes. You are the most wonderful person in the world. I feel much more than a millionaire because I found you, the greatest treasure which one could ever have. How lucky I was to have found you that 29th June of last year. I can’t ask for more. You are the most precious prize which one could ever have won. Thank you my love for being what you are and don’t ever change dear.

It’s more than two weeks now from the second operation and I feel really fine. Your prayers are surely being answered. Everyday in my therapy sessions the physio therapist tells me that I am improving a lot and I will soon be walking normally. You know (*********) every exercise I do I have you in mind and it makes me work harder so as I will be the (******) you fell in love with last summer and besides now that summer is nearing I am determined to be well so as to have another fantastic summer.

Yesterday I received some results of tests which I had to do. The great infection which I head is now practically all gone. There is still a little infection but it is localized and the infected bone which they ‘cleaned’ during the operation is healing well. There may be some fragments of bones and as soon as they are discharges, the wound will heal. This is very good news and it calls for a celebration. So if you are reading my mind right now as you are writing to me, go get a glass of wine as I did and let’s drink to our love. If you are not getting the message, it doesn’t matter we will do it again tomorrow this time.

(********) you know what day is today. It is the beginning of spring. Although, summer remains my favorite because it sort of brought you to me, spring is a wonderful and beautiful season and all nature is at its best. Trees growing their leaves, birds singing in the sky, colorful butterflies, plants and flowers blooming……….everything is coming to life. But believe me darling that, were it not for you, all this would not be so beautiful to me. With you everything is one thousand times more wonderful, more significant, and more beautiful. And this brings me to a song which I want to dedicate to you today. It is a very lovely song from a famous musical by Rogers and Hammerstein called, ‘South Pacific’. One of the songs is titled “Younger Than Springtime”. In the film this song was sang by an American Lieutenant who fell in love with a beautiful local girl who lived on a remote island. There is this impressive scene when these two make love in a small bamboo cabin. Then he takes his girl in his arms and sings this song which I wish to dedicate to you my dearest:

I touch your hand and my arms grow strong,
Like a pair of birds that burst with song.
My eyes look down at your lovely face,
And I hold a world in my embrace.

Younger than springtime are you,
Softer than starlight are you,
Warmer than the winds of June are the lips you gave me.
Gayer than laughter are you,
Sweeter than music are you,
Angel and lover, heaven and earth are you to me.

And when your youth and joy invade my arms
And fill my heart as now they do………

Then younger than springtime am I,
Gayer than laughter am I, angel and lover, heaven and earth am I with you.

As he was singing this song the ship’s bell rang for him to return on board and he almost had to force himself free to leave his girl and start running away. After a few seconds he stopped and looked back to take a glimpse of the cabin and there he saw her watching him go. When she saw him standing there, she started walking, then running towards him. He then ran towards her and they met and embraced on a rope bridge which was over a river. He then started to sing that wonderful so again.

This was one of the most suggestive and romantic scenes I will never forget. Someday, if we get the chance we will see this film which by the way has a nice story which I will narrate to you tomorrow when you come over to my home. I will also play this song for you because I have the album of the whole musical.

Now my love before I go to sleep I will go and post this letter just round the corner and at the same time it will serve me as exercise. So I think that you will receive it tomorrow.

Now, my love, tuck yourself cozily in your bed. Think a little of me and go to sleep. Perhaps we will meet in our dreams. And don’t ever forget that I love you and will be thinking of you.

Bye my sweetest love,

P.S. Don’t forget that, “My eager heart keeps beating just for you alone”………because…….I LOVE YOU

(sealed with a big kiss X)

By April I was ready to face the world again. I started to go to my girl’s village everyday. I also started to search for a new job while I also began to do some woodwork again. At last it was June again and my family and I went again to our summer house in my girlfriend’s village. It was another wonderful summer full of unforgettable memories which I will eventually narrate several of them some day. I also found a job.

So we made a plan. Then I was nineteen and she was sixteen. We decided that we will get married in three years time. We calculated that in these three years, we will save enough to prepare ourselves for this great event. I had practically two incomes, one from my job and the other from my woodwork. Besides, we would save a lot of money because I was going to make all our furniture myself. We also planned to buy a second car which we really needed and if we succeeded we also wished to build a 16 foot fiberglass boat with a powerful outboard. Of course, as it was the custom those days, we intended to rent a house not buy one. In fact we succeeded to do almost everything which we planned. Some furniture which we were not able to make before our marriage, we made afterwards.

As an important part of our plan we decided that after we married I would enter a two year Teacher’s Training Course which at that time was on a live in basis in college. But for those who were married, there was a concession that they could go home in the evening and return in the morning and besides, weekends we spent at home too. This solved the problem of not staying apart for a long time. Besides students who were married were given an allowance, so moneywise we were not too bad either.

N.B. So I narrated the main events which led to our wedding. In future stories I may go into detail about other episodes which took place during these years before we got married. As I explained in a previous story I wished to explain first the main events which led to our wedding, as it will be more logical to narrate the stories of our children after. But now I realize that it will be more appropriate to narrate some stories which are not strictly familiar. I think that it will be better to have more variety of topics……… but of course, soon I will come to these stories which I promised you.


This is one of several stories in my blog:
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