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Our mission is to create the world's largest collection of multi-generational stories.  Your story will become part of an online "life journal" for all to benefit.

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Share Your StorySimply click the "Share Your Story Now" buttons or tabs throughout the site to submit your story.  Your stories will be archived in your Stage of Life profile, creating an on-going life journal.  What's your story?

And if you really want to get involved in our global writing initiative...

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After you've uploaded a few essays or stories on, if you want to get more involved and write more regularly for the project, contact us directly and we'll consider you as a Featured Writer. 

You need to have shared a story in at least 3 of the 10 life stages before being considered as a Featured Blogger.  Send us an email after this has occurred.  We'll review your writing and will contact you.

Example:  A teen writer could submit an essay about an issue concerning their life as a high school student, an essay about a special memory of their grandparent (submitted in the Grandparents stage) and maybe an essay about their home or even under the stage parenting if say they have an older sibling who just had a baby (submitted under those two stages - home or family).  With these stories entered on Stage of Life, we can review how the writer talks about various life stages and consider him/her as a "Featured Writer"   

NOTE:  If you're looking for tips on how to promote your blog or writing, read our "How to Promote Your Blog" overview for some ideas.

Promote Your Blog on StageofLife.comFeatured Blogger Placements:

Look for this symbol [] next to the stories and essays on the site to read our Featured Writers and Bloggers.

Our door is always open for writers and bloggers who want to add their voice to our project.  Don't hesitate to contact us and please feel free to share this invitation with friends or family who may be blogging or writing and looking for more exposure.

Become a Featured BloggerIf you are interested in promoting your writing, wisdom, or your own blog in a more prominent manner on, please contact us as becoming one of the "Featured Bloggers."  But as always, anyone can share a story at any time via the "Share Your Story Now" buttons and tabs.  Help us make the world a better place, one story at a time.

  Featured Blogger Instructions - PDF

Our Featured Writers are a unique and talented bunch... 

They represent a community of writers and individuals from a wide range of life stages, each one bringing a personal touch to the site.  Most are regular people but some are experts in particular stage of life moments, e.g. wedding planners, real estate agents, financial advisers, nurses, midwives, teachers, professors, psychologists, etc.  They all add their voice to the conversation here on

Here's a list of the most recent articles and stories written by our Stage of Life Featured Bloggers...

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Home Ownership Blog
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The Problems with Romanticizing our Past
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The GOP's Shrinking Tent
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High School Blog
Written by: MariaRose, on 09/11/2013
Hyocrisy in the Syria Debate
High School Blog
Written by: awdavis2014, on 09/05/2013
[from the editor] An Apple Pie of Love
High School Blog
Written by: yiyijessicali, on 08/21/2013

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