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4 Best Places to Retire Close to Home

Joined: 11/9/2011
Posts: 23
If you’re like me, in that nebulous “might retire someday” demographic I’ve written about before, you’ve probably already scoped out areas where you might head when the magic day arrives. Maybe you’ll move to Provence or Asheville, NC? It could be that you’re looking at some great all-inclusive retirement communities. (Ha! When I said “all-inclusive,” did you think cruise ship or Vegas?)

Close to Home

If you like your current location, you might consider staying put. However, you may choose to downsize if maintaining your large home starts taking too much time away from your pole-dancing classes. If you like your city or town, it probably will take on a new dimension if you live there after retirement. What if you decide to stay in your present home?

Places I’ll Retire Really Near Home

Okay, I love my house and acreage. Let’s start with that premise. So if/when I retire, here’re the four best places I’ll go:

1. My deck – My deck faces west and with no cover, when the summer sun hits it mid-afternoon, it can get very hot. But I have the perfect lounger – one of those poly/strappy things that supports you no matter how big your south end gets. I’ll retire to the lounger, watch the red-wing blackbirds return to my Back 40, grab an iced tea and enjoy!

2. My front porch – Keep in mind I live in the country. My neighbors across the street added a chicken “condo” a couple years ago. As it was being constructed (by some nice firefighters, I might add – the neighbor’s the local lieutenant), we made guesses as to its purpose. “It has to be a playhouse.” “No, it’s a deluxe equipment shed.” Actually, it turned out to be the most high-end, attractive chicken house I’ve seen. Out here with not much going on, sitting on the porch and watching the chickens when they’re allowed to “free-range” is entertainment.

So when I retire, I’ll move out to the porch, watch chickens, enjoy the breeze (when it’s not 45 mph) and have a glass of white wine. Maybe read a book, as long as I keep an eye on those chickens. I didn’t really mean to go on and on about the fowl, but it’s the country…

3. My leather sofa – When I had a husband, the fine Corinthian leather (if you’re old enough to catch that, you’re my age!) sofa somehow became “his.” I only occupied it occasionally when he wasn’t looking. Now that I possess it, I do kind of wallow in the fact and on it. But it’s the kind of sofa you never want to leave, except to refill your bowl with Chees-Ums. As I move to the retirement phase, I might just live on it.

4. The herb garden – At one time, my herb garden was magnificent. Now it’s a rabbit latrine and dead thistle repository. I was so dedicated to creating that herb bed that I incorporated not-quite- composted cow manure into that sucker. By hand. (Hint for gardeners: cow pies are the bomb!) Due to work, life and lots of other yard chores, the herbs have languished. When I retire, I’ll dedicate the time needed to bring it back. And then maybe move my lounger out there…

I’ve shared my best places to retire near my home. Where would you choose to retire?
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Comment by warren

Joined: 6/22/2011
Posts: 293
What a wonderful retirement setting! Thanks for sharing. We didn't move when I retired, which I appreciate, but we'll see what happens after my wife retires.
Posted: Wednesday, February 8, 2012 8:43:20 PM
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Comment by WriterchickNancy

Joined: 10/16/2009
Posts: 6
Thanks, Warren, for your comment. Enjoy your retirement!
Posted: Thursday, February 9, 2012 2:29:52 PM
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