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Featured Blogs about Having a Baby

Parents share thoughts on babies, birth and more.

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Having A Baby Blog Archive

Video Tips for Childproofing Your Home

Posted by: Penelope on 07/11/2010

We've just added a new video to Stage of Life containing ideas on how to childproof your home.

From putting chemicals into a higher cupboard to securing electrical outlets, this is a good, high-level look at the checklist for making your home safer for your little one.

The video is sponsored by Safety 1st.... Read More

Keeping It Together After a Loss

Posted by: fidgetinggidget on 03/16/2010

My husband and I were ecstatic to learn that we were pregnant back in October. We told our parents right away (we're both very close with our parents, and our announcement was the perfect gift for both of our mothers, whose birthdays fell on the weekend we broke the news). Telling my parents that I lost the baby in early November was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I was like a zombie for the first couple days, but I went back to work and tried to carry on like everything was ... Read More

Mommy's Time for Random Unloading Part 1

Posted by: mommy9 on 02/19/2010

Okay.....Since I have been totally exhausted since this morning, I have had my fingers crossed in hopes of a nice little nap this afternoon. Sometimes the twins will nap at the same time and sometimes not. However, I really felt like I needed some zzzzs. Thankfully, the girls are sleeping peacefully so here is my chance. However, as soon as my head hits the pillow, my thoughts begin to wander, to race, to turn flips and do acrobats inside my head. Well, I guess that means it is time to get out... Read More

Amazed at how life has changed with the new baby

Posted by: tlcdoula on 01/31/2010

I have to admit that I am just so amazed at how much my life has changed once again with the addition of a new baby. Now I should say that I am not a newbie at this whole adding another baby to my life since the baby we just added is our 9th child, but holy cow the adjustment is a big one. Perhaps part of the struggles came from the many years between my seventh and eighth children (there are 7 1/2 yrs between them) and then adding this new little baby just 17 months later.

I can... Read More

Baby Shower-- Help?!

Posted by: katecaffrey on 01/12/2010

So my friend is having a baby and her shower is this Sunday!

I have no idea what to get her as I have not quite yet entered into the “Having a Baby” phase myself.

She is going to be a young little mama- she and her boyfriend just exchanged wedding vows in the beginning of December and are getting all settled in into their new home!

Her Dad actually wound up being able to give them the family’s old home, as her parents had just built a new home for themselves.Read More

Taking Away his Best Friend ... The Binky

Posted by: jenyoust on 01/09/2010

So today is the day. As I sit here in the kitchen, typing, I listen to the sound of my 20-month old and his agonizing cries from his crib. Just before nap time, I cut a small hole in the top of his binky — a tip I learned from Googling “weaning a toddler off a binky” (I absolutely love Google.) Now I am having second thoughts as I hear the pain in his little voice. Of course, I am a mom and any type of pain he feels — whether it’s physical, emotional or whatever — I feel. But I feel... Read More

Crazy - feeling a sense of loss!!

Posted by: tlcdoula on 01/05/2010

I know this is absolutely insane, but for whatever reason I am feeling a great sense of loss lately. I think I know what it is from, but am not 100% sure, but I have been feeling sad over the thought of never having another child again. Now I know that I would never want to be pregnant again so I am relieved that I don't have that fear of getting pregnant. I know that my body cannot go through another pregnancy, and it isn't like I really want more kids, but more just that thought of never feel... Read More

Sometimes the unexpected can still be good

Posted by: tlcdoula on 01/04/2010

I just recently gave birth to my 9th child and much to my surprise very little of what I expected his birth to be like really was. First of all my son wasn't due to join our family until the end of January, but as my pregnancy progressed I found myself more and more uncomfortable. This wasn't a huge surprise for me since I was pretty uncomfortable the last pregnancy, but at times it felt almost unbearable.

Then on December 18th I kept telling my dh that I was having lots of Braxt... Read More

2010 Goal Setting for New Parents and Parents-to-be

Posted by: bugcandy on 12/31/2009

As the Founder of, I wanted to wish our Having a Baby readers a Happy New Year in 2010.

To help provide some ideas on new opportunities for your life and expanding family this New Year, check out our...

"Goal Setting Worksheet." Print it here.

Feel free to complete this worksheet with your spouse, a family member or friend. You'll ... Read More

Where has common courtesy gone???

Posted by: tlcdoula on 12/13/2009

Last night I had my 7th grade daughters band concert and as luck would have it when my husband and I walked in the place was packed. We thought we had come early enough, but apparently because they were serving hot chocolate people came early for that and to socialize. Well, there were zero seats available, so my husband and I decided to stand in the back (not an easy task for someone as pregnant as I am). Anyhow, as I am standing there I also see an elderly couple standing in the back and my h... Read More

Personal Grace

Posted by: mommy9 on 12/05/2009

Tomorrow our sweet baby girls will be 4 weeks old. I cannot believe it! Where has the time gone? You would think that things would feel more normal by now. However it is just the opposite. This experience with preemie twins has turned my world upside down.

And you know what? I am truly thankful for that. For when one's world is rocked by whatever life brings, we are humbly reminded that we have no room for self exhaltation or pride. I really do aim to live a life where I know there i... Read More

9 Plus 2=Heavenly Eleven

Posted by: mommy9 on 11/19/2009

November 4th was my 45th birthday. I had an appointment with my OB and then plans for a nice birthday dinner with my hubby. I left the house at 4 p.m. and did not return until 8 days later.

My doctor sent me to the hospital on my birthday as I was in premature labor with our twin daughters. Since I was only 33 weeks along, I was on magnesium sulfate for 3 days to try and halt the labor. This drug made me very ill. I was very weak and worried how I would have the strength to give bir... Read More

Holding On To Something

Posted by: thiegsr on 10/27/2009

An old woman at our local nursing home carries a baby doll around with her everywhere like it is her real baby. A friend of mine visits her dad who suffered a stroke last year in the same nursing home on a weekly basis. During a recent visit, her daughter saw the old woman with the baby doll cradled in her arms and she asked her mom, “Why does she hold onto that baby doll like that?” Her mom explained, “It probably reminds her of when she had her babies. Maybe that was the happiest time of h... Read More

How Do I Tell the Father of Our Child I'm Pregnant?

Posted by: Penelope on 10/09/2009

Mothers-to-be all have that moment when we find out we're pregnant and need to break the news to the father.

Whether it was happy news or maybe unexpected news, how did you do it?

(Please share his reaction too if it was noteworthy!)... Read More

Under the Blanket

Posted by: thiegsr on 09/16/2009

I can actually feel my three month old daughter, Story, growing some days as I nurse her. As I cradle her close to me, I can almost hear her ligaments popping and separating. It makes me think of a balloon placed on the end of the hose for summer yard merriment. Only, I don’t like that I am the hose in this metaphor – nothing more than an instrument that spouts liquid into the rounder, cuter, more colorful object.

My husband and I sometimes refer to our insatiable infant as “our... Read More

Let Go and Let Simplicity Rule

Posted by: mommy9 on 09/08/2009

This has been my life lesson lately. Let go and let simplicity rule. I really have had no choice. And you know most of us women love to be in control. We love our security. We value consistency and stabilty. And many of us are drawn to order and creative organization. At least this is the case with me. I run a busy household full of children of different ages. I have to be somewhat organized, but I do not consider myself to be a fanatic. However, in my quest to live a balanced life, I am in th... Read More

Tales of Toxic Baby Poop

Posted by: AmyDoodle on 08/09/2009

Nothing brings parents together like a discussion of dirty diapers of the dynamic kind. When it comes to Toxic Baby Poop, We Are Family. No matter what gruesome tales are told, we all feel that our own baby would capture the prize in a diaper runneth over derby.

One friend, whose daughter is a new player on the baby poop battlefield wrung her hands (and the blouse she'd just washed out) as we discussed the adventures that come with having a baby. Her husband was no help on the field ... Read More

Post-Partum Depression Can Be Sneaky

Posted by: hairlinefracture on 07/30/2009

When my father was in high school, he watched a frog being boiled to death in science class. I never had the pleasure of this experience, but my dad described it so vividly that I felt I had. The teacher put the frog in a pan of water and placed the pan over a Bunsen burner on the lowest heat setting. Every few minutes, the teacher would turn up the heat a notch. The frog never noticed that the water was getting hot because the change was so gradual. By the time Froggy was a goner, it was too l... Read More

Thank goodness for the second trimester

Posted by: tlcdoula on 07/28/2009

As always in the first trimester of my pregnancies I have felt like I could barely function. I was so nauseous and tired and it felt like my every waking moment was spend on focusing how to get through both of these situations. I would call friends, scour the internet and do whatever I could to try and find some sort of a solution to the every overpowering feeling of wanting to throw up.

I will admit that I often would sit back and wondering why in the world they called it mornin... Read More

In the weeds

Posted by: thiegsr on 07/22/2009

In college I waited tables to pay my tuition bills. Food servers use the expression “in the weeds” which means feeling overwhelmed or unable to handle the tasks of drink refilling, order taking, food running and general table talk and maintenance. Being “in the weeds” feels panicky and stressful. During my stint as a waitress, I often woke up sweaty from “server nightmares” depicting worst case “in the weeds” scenarios. Once I dreamt that the Mall of America was engulfed in flames, but my ma... Read More

Sometimes some of the best things in life start as surprises

Posted by: tlcdoula on 06/26/2009

Over the years as a woman, mother and also as someone who works within the birth field I can truly say that some of the best things in life start out as surprises. I can't tell you how many times I have come across women who are completely freaked out when they find out that they are unexpectedly pregnant. They wonder and worry if their life will be over, whether those that love them will accept this change in their life and how they will make it through. As someone who has been there more t... Read More

Turning Worries into Actions

Posted by: mommy9 on 06/11/2009

I have just passed the 12 week mark in my twin pregnancy. It has been one of the most difficult seasons I have experienced. The morning sickness and fatigue have been more intense than any of my other pregnancies. The house is a mess and food is still not appealing. And I hesitate to mention the tossing emotions. At the same time, I am filled with more joy than I know how to adequately express.

As our family has grown and I have aged, I have been learning along the way not to get up... Read More

How I Helped Deliver My Baby – “Partner” versus “Coach”

Posted by: bugcandy on 05/29/2009

I did it.

And yes, starting out an essay about the birth of a child written by a MAN with the phrase “I did it,” is probably not the smartest thing to do if you want to win affinity with female readers…but I do this on purpose.

My second daughter, a beautiful girl weighting 6 lbs and 15 oz., was born two days ago. The labor lasted eight hours and this time, I was a birth “partner” verses a birth “coach.”

The differences, I’ve personally learned, between bei... Read More

When the Apple is Ripe

Posted by: thiegsr on 05/18/2009

I’m officially at the end of my pregnancy. 39 weeks. That means any day now I can have a baby. Each week, I get a call from my 90 year old grandmother who lives in inner city Baltimore. She calls to “check in” and see how I am feeling. When I explain to her that waiting at the end of pregnancy for the baby to arrive is frustrating, her aphorism of choice for me is “Hon, when the apple is ripe, it will fall from the tree.”

And that is what I am waiting for . . . my ripe apple to... Read More

Overjoyed! Overwhelmed!

Posted by: mommy9 on 05/12/2009

Easter Day held a wonderful surprise for our family. We found out we are expecting a new baby. Having a baby is not a new event in our family. We have nine children ages 19 to 2. My husband and I never dreamed we would have such a large crew. However, having a full house has been the greatest and most rewarding blessing ever. With each child's arrival, our hearts somehow have grown larger. And we actually enjoy our children and all the stages they are going through. It has not been and is not a... Read More

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