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Stage of Life Statistics

Statistics about Life

Statistics about Life

Stage of Life has statistics about every stage of life.  Some of these may shock you.  Others may be more intuitive.  If nothing else, it'll get you asking, "Did You Know?"  Click below to check out the individual statistics pages for each life stage.  If you have a statistic to share, Contact Us with the source and we'll determine if it should be placed on in our Statistics section.

Select Statistics by Your Stage of Life:

Statistics about High School Students

Statistics about High School Students

Example: "91% of teens have been bullied"

Statistics for College Students

Statistics about College Students

Example: "69% of undergraduates enrolled in four-year colleges"

 On My Own Statistics

Statistics about Singles

Example: "There are 92 million single adults in America"

 Wedding Statistics

Statistics about Weddings

Example: "$4,146:  Average cost of an engagement ring"

 Marriage Statistics

Statistics about Marriage

Example: "66% of divorces are linked to Facebook"

 Home Ownership Statistics

Statistics about Home Ownership

Example:  "69.2% of families owned their homes before the credit bubble burst"

Baby Statistics

Statistics About Pregnancy and Having a Baby

Example: "40% of unplanned  or mistimed pregnancies"

Family Statistics

Statistics about Parenting and Raising a Family

Example: "Two is the ideal number of children for a family, according to 46% of Americans"

Grandparent Statistics

Statistics about Grandparents

Example: "3.6% of grandparents living with their grandchildren"

     Retirement/Empty Nest Statistics

    Statistics about Empty Nest and Retirement

    Example: "40% of Baby Boomers plan to work 'until they drop', according to an AARP survey"


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