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Questions and Stories about Living On Your Own

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Listed below is the compilation of the questions and stories that singles have shared on  Some of these essays were submitted as a response to our national writing contest for singles. Topics of these blog posts by singles range from dating, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between.

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Read Living On Your Own Questions and Stories

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A small town's high school band, with no more than 54 students, sat on the bleachers of the football stadium with the school's they'd competed against. It was the moment we'd been waiting for since the ending of my junior year.
The 2005-2006 marching contest, as the band's performed the numbers they'd been working on since summer. Premont's marching band became a Cinderella story that year as the 54 piece band took on 'Phantom of the Opera.' It was the show that ultimately restored the he

Do you ever get that feeling where you feel obligated to do something for someone else? It's almost like you don't want to disappoint anyone so you never say no to them (the one exception being your family or friends on unimportant matters). And do you ever feel like you are being watched? Because of social media, people can see what you are doing at all times, and it is a problem. I have this problem. I really don't like saying no to anyone, because I don't want people to feel disappointed or

About a girl who was told to describe herself and chose to write about it instead.

Disclaimer: This story is not based on me, and could be triggering. Also this story is not finished and is a start to a short story. I am only sharing this story to get feedback on if I should continue it or not.

Start story below:


Sometimes I wonder what no, correction, I always wonder what my future will come to be. Will I marry someone from my hometo

Everyone is an actor. We may not realize it, but we do our fair share of acting on a daily basis. The person taking your coffee order asks you how you are today. You answer "fine" even though you're dying inside. Your parent or significant other ask you how your day was. You say "good" or "okay" without really stopping to think. Sure, some parts of it may have been "good" or "okay" but surely not all of it. Or was it?

Everything happens for a reason. There is not a single leaf that f

I once heard an actor encourage people to take an acting class once in their life because it was a useful class for life. I followed this and I could not agree more with him, even with all my major psychology courses. I initially took the class to further overcome my anxiety of speaking in front of people, but in the end I gained so much more, much thanks to my Beginning Acting professor who was one of the toughest professors in the department.
My professor did warm-up exercises at the beg

I've always tried to be the best person that i could be. I have always tried to be better then the person i was yesterday and yes we can say we tried, or that we want to, but is it really true? Is it happening? Recently I have been told that I am just being a bitch and this and that and every name in the book you can think of. In reality it's pretty sad because i actually would never intentionally hurt anyone. Being told especially by your family that you are a bitch and always have been fuckin

The blazing hot side of the highway was not what Joanna had pictured when she decided to leave the dull sameness of her small home town known as Serenity in the mountains of West Virginia. She had left in the hopes of finding excitement beyond someone catching a fish as big as their arm in the small stream that the people of Serenity referred to as a river. Of course she hadn’t been entirely sure what she should picture because she had only graduated high school a week ago with no real plans ex

Goal Setting in School

My name is Tom Denning and I have 22 years experience as an educator, as both a teacher and administrator. I taught at the Elementary level for 5 years and 4 years at the middle school level. I graduated from Jersey City State College with a BA Degree in Education in 1973 and received my Masters Degree in Administration and Supervision from New Jersey City University, formerly known as Jersey City State College in 2001 . I earned my Doctoral Degree in Organiza

The eye of the storm is predicted to strike here, in Tampa, after passing through Cuba. It’s August, 2004, and for a year Hurricane Charley will be known as the strongest hurricane since Andrew pounded Florida in 1992. It will last for 6 days, cause 20 fatalities, and $16.3 billion in damages.
I load my cat Sandy and belongings inside my 2 door Mustang, fill up with gas, and head north. It is only twilight and already the sky is devastatingly dark, the highway gridlocked. Everyone

I'm Sha. It'd be nice to know who reads this stuff. I'm kind of curious about everything. Well I'm just a girl who loves to write thoughts down. Fleeting, random thoughts. People used to like my stuff in HS. Lol , how corny do I sound? Like the washed up 40 year old jock who now has a beer belly. I've never really got my full shine on though... Just kinda glistened a little bit.. I wanna shine.

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