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Share Your Story on StageofLife.comListed below is the compilation of the questions and stories that college students have shared to help make the world a better place.  Some of these essays were submitted as a response to our national writing contest for college students. Topics of these teen essays range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between.

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Freshman college year for many of us was a shot at a new start. I for one wanted to improve for the better: become more organized, less stressed, more accomplished, the usual. I bought a whole slew of objects to achieve this end, like desk planners, sticky wall calendars, dry erase boards, and a lot of sticky notes.
But as distracting as I believed cell phones were, I secretly subscribed to the idea that mobile devices and other technologies were… efficient. Yes, my parents should never

You know someone is intelligent when their presence intimidates you. And, boy did Professor Kim Cameron-Dominguez scare the crap out of me! I remember my first time seeing her, adorning her customary pair of four-inch, high-heeled shoes, she was walking up the three flights of stairs to her office. Most people would have just took the elevator, especially in those shoes, but Kim Cam is too good for that. Another time she was giving a speech, her style and diction had my eardrums following

In high school, I signed up to be a volunteer tutor for the non-English speaking staff in my community. Bertha, an old lovely lady with a black Aramark apron, was my English student for the term. At first, I thought it was slightly odd to teach someone who was much older than my own mother. Regardless, I started with a basic, “Hi, where are you from?”

She replied, “I am originally from Mexico.”

“Describe your hometown for me.”

She could not explain her hometow

Ms Sonia Álvarez, was our history teacher for 3 years and our form teacher for 2 years, and because of that I realize that she is my favourite teacher because I shared lots of good moments with her that I will never forget.

Ms Álvarez, is very affectionate with me and with my classmates, she is always asking us if we are okey, if we studied well the exam and if we had a problem she would try to help us by making us forget any problem and keep going on.

Her classes were ve

A teacher can be compared to a diver. Just as a diver dives deep into the ocean and takes out precious jewels from the ocean, similarly a good teacher is the one who can extract the best out of his students and can channelize their potential. With no second thoughts in mind, I can say that Mr. C.J. Dueman is my favourite teacher. In today’s materialistic world such a noble profession as teaching has become a bussiness for most of the people but this does not stands true in case of Mr. Dueman. H

Yes, you heard me. How to take over the world. The confusion and the sense of “is this person crazy” I imagine you are feeling is the same as mine when I was a freshman at Cass Technical High School. I miss one day of school with my new English Language Arts teacher, and come back to learn our goal of global domination. A goal that makes it seem like we were being taught to be evil masterminds. However, it was more a philosophy that instilled in my class that we are the current innovator

  Teachers play a significant role in our life. Their dedication in teaching, patience in dealing our tantrums, guidance towards success has made us this far and they will never expect anything in return. Their continuous support and faith on us will never diminish making us thank them till the end of life. In such way, my mom who is my lifelong teacher has been my backbone until now.
  From the day I born, my mother catered all my needs and ensured I had a fruitful life. I was an

There have been many moments in my life that I would consider to be highly stressful. Sometimes I get very stressed out by my family, by my friends, classmates, grades, and even at myself at times. But this one weekend stressed me out more that anything else. I am typically a very relaxed person (other than around my family, but who isn't crazy around their family). One of my many flaws is obsessive compulsive disorder. I am not crazy OCD, and it isn't in every area of my life, but I suffer fro

In my home country of Ukraine, I have been studying English from the age of ten. I studied English in middle school. I studied English in high school. I studied English by myself. I attended English courses, too. However, my English skills were mediocre. The more I studied, the less I knew. I froze at the intermediate level and could not move forward. I decided the only way to really improve my English skills was to study the language in an English environment. That's how I ended up in the USA.

A teacher holds such a place in any individual life that sometime its impossible to define her importance in our life.
I was one of the very lucky student who had the support of two teacher's, both an integral part of my life.
Sometime strict,sometime jovial but most of the they were like guiding stars. Whosoever and whatsoever I am,deep down lies of effort of them.They have helped me in nurturing my dreams and guiding me through out the life. When I was wrong,I have got scolding

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