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The Newtown School Shooting: Who is to blame?

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The Newtown School Shooting: Who is to blame?
Michael Magnotto

In mid to late December of 2012, the single most tragic action occurred at an elementary school in Newtown Connecticut. A severely mentally ill (young) man took most of his mother’s guns, killed her, and then proceeded to enter the local elementary school opening a spray of gunfire. Killing about twenty people, most of which where small children. This action has taken the country by complete surprise and with deep sincerity. The young man who committed such a horrible crime was, without a doubt, severely deranged to say the least. Several persons across the country have started to question whether or not the United States of America has strict enough gun laws. And with good reason, they should.
Under the second amendment in the Constitution, the government allows all citizens to bear arms for protection and in many cases, hunting. Because it is a citizen’s right to bear arms does not allow them to carry any weapon of choice. Different states have stricter laws on which guns you are allowed to carry and/or own. In the wake of the Newtown tragedy, many are pushing for a complete assault weapons ban state wide to prohibit another Newtown School tragedy from ever happening again. Obviously I would never want to have another tragedy that would cause suffering to the scale of the Newtown elementary school shooting again, however you cannot take away someone’s constitutional right to bear arms.
In the political spectrum, both sides of the argument have excellent viewpoints and opinions. Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg is a strong anti-gun advocate who believes all assault weapons should be banned and agrees with NRA’s argument that it probably won’t stop another shooting, but it’s a step in the right direction. This does sound like a good plan, except we should keep the city of Chicago in mind, where has one of the strictest gun laws (as a city) as well as the highest gun crime rate in the United States. Would having stricter gun laws guarantee lower gun crimes? Using the city of Chicago as a model, no. The Assault Weapons Ban is no more than an act of impulse to the Newtown School Shooting.
Under the Assault weapons ban, all AR-15 weapons will become illegal, a weapon that is mandatory (already federal law) that it’d be semi-automatic, meaning when you pull the trigger, only one bullet is fired out of the chamber. Shot for shot, a twelve-gauge shotgun has a far more of an impact than an AR-15 rifle. Yet, a twelve-gauge shotgun is not included in the Assault Weapons Ban bill, even though it carries a larger spray of damage with every shot.
My message to politicians is simple and clear, we as a nation should not act out of impulse and waste our time on a useless assault weapons ban. The Newtown Tragedy would have been avoided if the mother, whose guns were registered with, had been a smarter gun owner and locked her guns away.
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Comment by seamstressofwords

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Hey! I'm a college intern here at Stage of Life, and I have some pretty exciting news. Channel One News, an educational program in partnership with CBS News that reaches nearly six million students in 7,000 high schools across the US, is pulling a news story together on the gun debate.

They contacted looking for teens who are pro-gun rights and live in or near New York, preferably close to New York City, to be interviewed.

They saw your essay on gun rights. If you live in New York and would be interested in being interviewed for this national news story - let us know and we'll put you in touch with the reporter. If you're interested, please reach out to us at


Posted: Tuesday, April 9, 2013 3:51:54 PM
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