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My Thoughts on Newtown: A Change Through Tragedy

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The shooting in Newtown, Connecticut was a cry for help, a scream for control, an instant resort for a distorted plea. Adam Lanza was one of many Americans who suffer from a variety of mental illnesses and personality disorders; although Lanza was living with an illness it will never explain this great tragedy. In America there are no spotlights on mental illness and disorders only medication given to hide abnormality and create a “normal” human. In a fast pace world filled with instant gratification, we learn to solve our problems and live our lives through the easiest and fastest way possible. Gun laws remain highly attainable, I believe more extensive background checks should be asserted as well as laws to keep guns in protected areas where only the owner may have access too.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, a news report claimed that approximately one out of five Americans live with a mental illness. There are nearly 311,215,000 people who live in American according to the U.S. Census Bureau, so that means about 62,243,000 people suffer from a mental illness just in the U.S. Many of these people are prescribed medication or supplements to idle the side effects of their illness. This does not take care of their issue, but only sheet the real problem. I believe people with mental issues should have special care and help in order to better not only themselves, but also the society they reside in.

We drive too fast, eat fast food, text message in seconds, medicate when feeling ill, and use high speed internet. Americans live in a fast pace world where instant gratification is just about all we know. Considering the last few generations have only seen a fast paced America that is precisely how we live our lives. Adam Lanza was merely 20 when he shot all those people. Resolving issues has come to using guns to solve problems rather then talking matters through. I believe the fast pace comes with a price, and the prices odds are rarely good.

Guns are far too attainable to those in the United States. Considering all of the issues that have occurred in the past few years in tragedies that have been brought on by guns, there should be a much more extensive background check for those who would like to be a registered gun owner. In the second amendment it mentions the right to bear arms, I do believe American’s should have the right to be able to have a gun for security. Although, I believe the extent of the process in order to acquire a gun should take more precautions and steps to be sure that the owner is suitable for having a gun in their possession.

America will always be fast pace, but I believe our society needs to recognize those with mental disorders rather then simply medicating to hide their issues. America needs to extend the gun laws and make more extensive background checks on those who wish to buy guns. Those who do possess guns should be instructed to keep in a safe and/or locked place in order to sustain them in only the hands of the registered owner. With more effort put into these issues I believe we all could live in a safer and healthier America.

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Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 6:17:19 PM
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