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My thoughts on Newtown: A scapegoat for stupidity

Joined: 2/1/2013
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Throughout time, people have always been quick to point fingers and place blame; a scapegoat to throw their anger at. They never hear the truth when it's there, staring them in the face. They never want to hear that the actions were caused by another human being, or heaven-forbid another American!? People wish to believe that we all are decent, but the answer is, people are, for the most part, evil.
Blaming this shooting on gun control is similar to blaming my lack of writing this essay faster on video games. They may have facilitated it and made it easier, but the blame falls on me. I was the lazy one, and I made the decision to slack off. If I didn't have video games, I'd have read a book or played card games with some friends. These are only tools to be used by me in the act of procrastination. If you want to get rid of all these tools as a solution, you are going to be working for a long time, and once you finish my daily life will more resemble Stalin's vision than the one you had in mind.
Despite this, there are limitations you can put on guns to make them safer, without outright banning them. These can include things such as limiting access of guns to criminal offenders, high school dropouts and others. Perhaps we should require deeper background checks to obtain automatic weaponry, because those have little practical use besides to collectors or gun enthusiasts. This still doesn't stop gun violence, because everyone has a chance to snap and go off eventually. That can never be prevented, and trying to do so is a pointless endeavor.
Another ironic part of these gun ban talks is the fact that the second amendment allows guns, not for the sake of having them, but for the purpose of overthrowing and fighting an oppressive government. The fact that these talks of taking away guns, essentially oppressing our society, are coming from the government that should protect us is amazing to me. Next McDonald’s will be outlawed because it is the quickest and easiest way to cause death by obesity.
People always want something to blame. And somehow that something is always convenient to their views. It is in human nature to want to have a scapegoat to throw their blame at, whether it be video games, gun control laws, or the mental health care of the country. They point these fingers all around while the issue brews and grows out of control, but no one ever wants to point at the real issues such as their parenting habits or the mass ignorance of humans. We are all the same in the end, but we are all different, and punishing the many for the actions of the few is stupid.

"Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. " - H. L. Mencken
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