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My Thoughts on Newtown: Where Do We Go From The Shooting?

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Tayshon Shawley-Rutan
Ms. Blanchard
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As a result of the killing at Sandy Hook Elementary school, there needs to be a several part plan to prevent future life being stolen. First there needs to be an assault weapon ban, mandatory psychological evaluation for all guns bought, along with that mandatory background checks. Lastly there needs to be more education on gun violence. There is no way to ensure zero violence these will help.

Assault weapons, self evident in their name, are used for killing. There are no reasons that any civilian would need an assault weapon. The argument that assault weapons are good for hunting is bad because, if you need an assault weapon to take down an animal then you should not be hunting. Many shooting that have occurred recently have used an assault weapon which allowed them to kill that many more people. The opening of the Batman movie is great evidence for this. If they did not have them, there is a chance that, that many more people would still be alive.

If a person is capable of taking life in mass quantities they are not sane. If there were mandatory psychological evaluations then maybe, just maybe those people wouldn’t have access to guns which they used to open fire on innocent people. There are people who say that having a psychological evaluation would infringe on people’s right to own a gun. This may be true however people also have the right to safety and people who are not mentally sane owning guns is not safe. It is okay if a minor infringement of some people’s rights makes the society as a whole that much safer. On top of making people safer the people who do not pass the psych eval would then know that there is a problem and have an opportunity to seek out the help that they need to make their life better.

People who have a history of violence and people who have killed others should not be legally allowed to own a gun. I do not see how it is okay for us as a society to allow criminals to legally own weapons. While this may not keep them from doing so it will make it much more difficult to obtain one.

Lastly, and probably the most important one is education. Having police officers Go into classrooms of all ages and explaining to students their destructive and dangerous power. If we can educate our young about guns, and what they are used for and how to be safe then we can very well change our future.

While there is no sure fire way to make sure that something like this will never happen again, there are some very simple things that we can do as a society to protect our loved ones from being killed as part of a shooting. We can have an assault rifle ban, mandatory psych eval, background check and employ more education in the power and destructive power that guns posses.
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