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My thoughts on Newtown: Changing the 2nd amendment?

Joined: 1/29/2013
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Do you feel as though the 2nd amendment should be changed or should it stay as it is? The best answer is that the 2nd amendment should be changed. It could prevent shootings from happening in community and the United States. The 2nd amendment should be changed to were the police and the military can allow having access to guns. Other than those two groups of people, I feel as though no other citizen should be allowed to have access to a gun.
The 2nd amendment was adopted in 1791 and it states “Right for people to keep and bear arms.” This amendment was made over 200 years ago and the weapons that were used back than have dramatically changed. In my opinion, the police and military can be allowed to have guns/weapons of any sort. If they were only allowed to have them than the United States would be a safer place to live. The military and the police are trained to protect us; they are not trained to harm us. Even though the above mentioned can be allowed to have access to a gun, they are only allowed to use them in emergences.
People are the reason why guns are so deadly. These guns are being used in the wrong ways because people are not being careful of the use of a gun. For example, the shooting that had happen in a Colorado movie theater. The mass murder was James Eagan who was only 24 years old. Whatever he was going through he had let his emotions get the best of him and killed 12 people and injured 58 with two hand guns, one rifle and one shot gun . Those 12 people are now dead because of a careless man who was able to have access to a gun because of what the 2nd amendment says. Another example of why keeping the 2nd amendment the same is a bad idea is the mass shooting that happened in Newtown,Conn which had taken place on December 14,2012 at Sandy Hook elementary school. Adam Lanza who was 20 years old entered the elementary school and shot and killed 26 people, including 20 students and 6 teachers, then killed himself. The guns were legally purchased by Lanza’s mother according to . Those 26 people are now died because of a careless person who could have access to gun because they 2nd amendment says that he could have the rights to bear arms. Those 20 children woke up on December 14 and were excited to go to school but they lives were shortly cut by a gun.
Furthermore, these reasons and examples of mass shooting are why the 2nd amendment should be changed to only were the police and the military are allowed to have access to gun including any weapons. Every American citizen does not need a gun! What if a careless person came to your school or a movie theater that you were at and started shooting? How would you react? What changes would you want to see to the 2nd amendment?
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Comment by Dylan_Burnell

Joined: 1/9/2013
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Are you aware that the British had the same policy at one point. They used to have gun violence so they did the same thing . Now gun violence is twice as bad as it was before the ban. Did you know that more troops were killed with their own gun in the privacy of their own home than in combat last year? If guns were banned who would have access to them? Those 2 groups and criminals. The honest man would have no way to protect themselves and there would be even more shootings. on top of the fact that the government would be overthrown because NOBODY is going to stand around while it takes away our constitutional rights. Texas already has enough signatures to break away from the united states if it so wished. The 2nd amendment was put in place because our forefathers did not want its citizens to end up with a tyrant and not have a way to overthrow the government. Do a little research on guns and how they are used before you decide to get rid of them. Because without all the facts you what is known as a sheep.

Oh and you said every weapon. did you know that there have been more people killed with hammers in the last year than with assault riffles.?

And the answer to your last question. what would I do if somebody came into my school or a movie theater or anywhere and started shooting.
Here is what I would do. I would grab my friends throw them behind a something solid then as soon as the chance provides itself throw something heavy at him/her. while they are picking themselves up off the floor grab their gun and put a hole in their head.
The world isn’t a pretty place . But it would only be worse if we had no way to protect ourselves from the “bad guy”
Posted: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 7:31:17 PM
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