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My Thoughts on Newtown: Does everyone deserve to own a gun?

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Honestly, at first I was on twitter tweeting and all of a sudden everyone tweets, "R.I.P for everyone is Newtown." I was confused at first because I don't watch the news, but then after everyone tweeting that I went online and found out. It was depressing hearing that this man went to this school and shot a whole bunch of kids, teachers and his parents. Their was so many different stories from people, heroes that died protecting their students, and parents crying for their loss. After reading from everyone's perspective I was angry at this pathetic sick man. Who goes to a school and shot everyone because he was mad at his parents? They have no right to do that, it's immature and crazy! Sometimes I wonder, why do people even have the right to own a gun after all of these shootings and murders? I mean, you can own a gun because you have rights, but their should also be laws where, how, and why you'll use a gun. Furthermore, people should be checked if they have guns or any weapons as if we're in the airport. If we become protective of guns and start becoming cautious of our surroundings, their would be most likely less violate in the world.
Another point we should be more careful about are video games. Kids love to play it 24/7 because they get to kill people, learn how to survive and think it has great violence! Many of my friends tell me those exact reason for playing video games. I once saw my cousin stay up for 2 days playing that game. He didn't shower, only ate junk food and stayed in the dark until he finished. He told me, "If I stop now, I'll die. I'm almost done though, I have to kill at least 50 more people and I'm done. If I die, I have to do everything all over and I just can't do that!" It was shocking that he only cared about not dying and killing people in the game as if it weren't bad. Some kids get so used to the violence that they think it's normal and better if they kill the ones that they don't like. How do I know this? My cousin and friends tell me this all the time. "It's fun killing everyone that's ugly, annoying and in your way. Less people, more chance you have to win and survive!" They say it like it's nothing and it's the best thing in the world. Think about it, if we let them continue. how would they be in the future? Would they kill people just because they're annoying and say it's funny? Video games, television shows and movies are highly effective now.
People usually ask me if I play video games, and how was my reaction to the shooting. I don't play video games because I don't find it interesting in my opinion. I do like watching action movies but I've never thought about doing anything violent or act like they do in the movies. How was my reaction to the shooting? I was angry that someone would have the audacity to do such a thing! Little kids die because of the action of one man? I felt as if he had mental problems so I knew I couldn't blame him for everything. I just felt so bad and sad for everyone that witnessed that and lost someone through the event. I hope the police and government decide on what to do for guns as for our safety. Rest in peace everyone that has died, I swear you would never be forgotten.

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