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"My Thoughts on Newtown:" Love Will Always Conquer

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“My Thoughts on Newtown:” Love Will Always Conquer
How do you look into the eyes of a sorrowing mother and tell her everything will be okay? How do you look into the weeping eyes of a father, a brother, a sister and find the right words to say? To them December 14th, 2012, will forever be a day these families will never forget. On that horrific day, innocent, precious, and young lives were violently taken away. Not only will the victims of this devastating travesty remember the 14th of December, but our nation as a whole will always remember the tragic events of the Newtown School shooting. As our world and the devastated families constantly search for answers, we often ask ourselves, “Where do we go from the Newtown School shooting?” Asking this question brings more questions than it answers. Can our world pick up the pieces behind the upheaval and injustice that was seen on that day? Do we expect these heartbroken families to accept this tragedy in hopes of moving forward? Where do we go from here?
Many people believe that a stricter screening process would be more beneficial. Many people feel that a more detailed background check should be issued so these heinous weapons will be harder to possess. Others suggest that schools and other public areas should have more security for the safety of the children and for others in the community. More alarms should be added to the windows and doors of schools and other public places, so they will immediately notify security at the moment of break ends, further securing the area and maintaining safety for each individual. Others even suggested that an armed individual should be placed in each school to further protect the students, faculty, and staff in the event of a shooting.
Personally, I do not believe one should fight violence with violence. Fighting violence with violence is like adding more grease to the fire, and because of violence and injustice many people begin to question whether humanity is truly good at heart. Even in the events of great tragedies and devastations, like the Newton School shooting, there is more good present in the word than there is evil. One quote that truly divines the goodness in humanity is “Love lights more fires than hate extinguishes.” This quote by Ella Wilson Wilcox proves that at the core of humanity there is more kindness and love than hatred and evil. During the time of the shooting, many kind people should their love and support to the mourning families by offering prayers, gifts, and having memorial services in honor of the victims. Their love and condolences prove that people are truly good at heart, and their love will continue lighting more fires. Even though there is injustice and evil present in the world, I do believe that love will always prevail. Moving forward from the horrible Newtown Shooting is very hard to do but offering these mourning families and our world love and support during this devastating time will show that “love lights more fires than hate extinguishes.”
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Comment by seamstressofwords

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Hey! I'm a college intern here at Stage of Life, and I have some pretty exciting news. Channel One News, an educational program in partnership with CBS News that reaches nearly six million students in 7,000 high schools across the US, is pulling a news story together on the gun debate.

They contacted looking for teens who are pro-gun rights and live in or near New York, preferably close to New York City, to be interviewed.

They saw your essay on gun rights. If you live in New York and would be interested in being interviewed for this national news story - let us know and we'll put you in touch with the reporter. If you're interested, please reach out to us at


Posted: Tuesday, April 9, 2013 4:29:05 PM
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