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My thoughts on Newtown: A Message for Gun Control and Prevention of Tragedy

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In this world today we face many challenges as our population grows and many issues once ignored come to light. With the advancement in technology and the changing in social communication, the world is moving much faster than before and information is more widely given. As newcomers to this type of society and world, I think it would be in humanity's best interest to take a step back and think everything over. In light of the recent shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, I feel this is another wakeup call for such action. We must accept the necessary precautions and requirements when dealing with the advancement of our society.
My solution for dealing with gun control and shooting prevention is quite simple. I do not think every school employee should carry a weapon, quite simply because what if it is the school employee who decides to go on a rampage. I do not think a 'uniformed' officer alone should be posted at every school because if I was a gunman that officer would be my first target. I do not think the smart gun, which only allows registered owners to use the weapon, is very smart at all. For instance, if the owner of a gun went out on a date with a woman in Texas, and a guy comes up to them with a gun asking for their money and shoots the owner as the owner pulls out his own gun; how will his date be able to use that gun to defend her own life if she is not registered for it? Is she to be left to her own demise? My own solution to the prevention of public gun violence is a sort of combination of the previous solutions, only more applicable and reasonable. The installment of armed officers is necessary for appropriate qualified protection; however, in my solution one officer is uniformed and another anonymous. Instead of 'smart guns' I think simple chips, like those placed within merchandise in a store, should be required and placed in every gun along with scanners placed at every entrance which would go off like those in stores do at the presence of a stolen item, or in this case a gun. The beeping scanners would then trigger an alarm alerting the school like a tornado drill. The uniformed officer would be the one to look over these scanners and handle any situation regarding a gun. However, as a precaution a non-uniformed anonymous officer will be in the building should the uniformed officer have been targeted and immediate assistance is needed in the event of a shooting or other incident. This model could be used in any institution such as a mall or bank or even transportation. In this way, safety can be guaranteed on both ends of the spectrum: those who need a gun for their own immediate safety in a situation can have it when they need it, and those seeking to prevent tragic uses of the gun in public places have their safety precautions for prevention.
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Comment by seamstressofwords

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Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 6:22:33 PM
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