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My Thoughts on Newton: Its More Than Just the Weapon

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The event that happened on December 14 caused a shock wave to engulf not just the nation, but the world. The horrifying reality that someone could kill innocent people, especially children, is an idea that many cannot grasp. It is easier to pretend that that these events do not happen here at home. But, the tragedies still occur. The pain is still there. There is no denying that this evil exists around us.
After an event like this, many people don’t know what to do. What new laws can we propose to make the suffering go away? How can we prevent events like the Virginia Tech and Newtown shootings from happening? How do we find and lock the evil away so that we can live in peace?
While many people debate the pro’s and con’s of gun control, I think that these terrible occurrences go much deeper emotionally then the weapons used.
In today’s world of technology it is not rare to see young people playing games involving killing and other violence. Children beg for the newest war game and college students and older men will wait impatiently for the latest releases. Players take on the characters of soldiers and killers, choose the best weapons, and enter into a cyber world of destruction and death. They are rewarded with points as they kill others inside the game. This positive reinforcement can desensitize the players to the violence and ultimate horror they are inflicting. For the participants who become addicted to these games, the fact that they are killing for sport creates a lack of respect for human life.
Excessive gaming can lead to a warped sense of reality and time. As participants spend more time in the game world it might become difficult to see the differences between real life and make believe. This may especially be true for people who have any type of mental instability. There is a possibility that this new reality could occur without the player’s realization.
Who is to say that Adam Lanza, who was proven to be a gamer, did not realize the difference between reality and the false gaming world? Though we will never know his true mindset as he walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School, there is a good chance that his gaming tendencies played a major role.
According to TGDaily there are around 211.5 million active gamers throughout the country. Just in 2012 the top ten most popular games, found on, included seven games involving killing, violence, and horror. This means that out of the millions of players in the country, many of them are involved in playing violent, first-person shooter video games. These statistics continue to rise each year.
I believe that the real problem is not gun control but the fact that people have become numb to the violence being committed, due to gaming activities.
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