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My thoughts on Newtown: Waking up From a Dream

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It was sixth period at Hamilton High School on December 14th, 2012. My friends and I were sitting on the ground, watching others play musical chairs. Suddenly, my friend looks up from her iPhone. “Look!” She calls, her face suddenly turning into concern. “Someone posted a picture on Instagram quoting ‘I’m so glad my cousin made it out of Sandy Hook Elementary safely.’” She goes on, explaining how the comments related a shooting. I paused. My mind filled with disbelief and shock. I immediately dismissed the thought- who would take a picture of their cousin running away? It must be a fraud, I thought. “I’ll look it up.” Said another friend, pulling out his iPhone. “Right here- shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.” And he showed us the article about the devastating event.

The shooting didn’t really sink into my mind until days later. I was confused- struggling to grasp onto what had happened. In essence, I was still in my dream. It is only now that I realize the selling of guns to citizens should be prohibited. The second amendment claims, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”, but the tides have turned, and this world is not what our forefathers imagined when they created that document. People can claim to know the problem, but nobody does anything about it. Slowly, the concern drops, until it disappears and the citizens try to forget, like the several times it has been done before. Reality is, no one can be 100% safe. There are always people out there who have an inane desire to hurt others, and we will never be rid of that. We can take precautions, though. For instance, in class the day following the shooting, we were discussing how none of the doors in the back of our school were locked, and anyone could enter and leave at will. During the passing period, a couple friends and I discussed how we would take care of the situation if a terrorist came into our classroom- one student would stand right next to the door with a baseball bat, while when the terrorist entered the classroom, all the remaining students would pull out their phones and put it on strobe light, blinding the attacker and giving an opening for the student with the baseball bat to hit the attacker, knocking him out. We were, of course, joking around, but if nothing is done about the gun control and security at schools, we might have to resort to letting the students defend themselves.

Where do we go from here? Gun rights is a necessity to control, but the other side is citizens taking action- waking up from their dream and realizing it’s not only up to Congress and the President to make decisions, but also us. Because the world will keep sending us lessons like Newtown’s shooting, unless we can learn from them now.
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